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Overall Customer Reviews: 3 out of 5 with 40 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3 out of 5 with 40 Votes

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Overall Rating :

Trufora Night Serum

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Trufora Reviews

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  • VG

Products gave me contact dermatitis

Products gave me contact dermatitis. They could have not cared less when I called customer service to let them know about the issue. They were very rude. Never had allergies to anything prior to using this line. Very disappointed.


  • spellotape

Not buying again, caused breakouts, does not do anything for my skin. Just trying to get over with it because its quite expensive.

I absolutely LOVE the trufora clay product; but nothing else in their line is good or suits my skin. I have normal to oily skin, no allergies, have been able to use most products easily.

  • josie

It's ok

It's ok no Different than any other serum at Walgreens.


  • Kerolyn

Worth a try!

I've used this for about 2 months in conjunction with the Trufora night treatment. I've seen a definite improvement in my skin. There seems to be less wrinkles and blemishes but I've also had no pimples at all. I'm 35 with fair and generally clear skin. I feel like this product did shave off a few years. I am very skeptical of any aging products but I have to admit I've seen improvement and bought more.


  • Monica

Didn’t notice a huge difference

Didn’t work any better than anything else I use at night.
I didn’t really notice a difference but I do love the exfoliated they make.
I went back to using my regular conditioning oil.