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Too Faced

Too Faced
overall rating : 8.8

Too Faced

overall rating : 8.8

We are all human and we all need to be seen, heard, and most of all, we need to express ourselves. Throughout all human history, we have used colors and shapes to express what we feel to those around us and, most importantly, to ourselves. In today's world, we have the largest encyclopedia of colors and products to choose from; products that go with our personality, our way of thinking, and our needs and purposes. The Too Faced reviews will amaze you. 

I know it can be hard to choose the perfect product that serves our skincare and make-up routine needs. We all know that there are a lot of brands out there that create new products every day, and they all claim that their products are the ones we are looking for, but we all know that is not the case because we cannot lower our standards in choosing the products and choosing the brand. We need a brand that is cruelty-free, a brand that uses the best ingredients to produce the best, safest, and most effective products. Too Faced reviews are an indication of its quality. 

And when you think about all the things that I said, what is the first brand that comes to your mind?  It was Too Faced, wasn't it? Too Faced is a highly famous brand with products that have been users' favorites for the longest time. Their Better Than sex mascara has been chosen by the customers as the best mascara among all other brands, according to Too Faced reviews.

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The Too Faced company is located in the United States of America.
You can buy Too Faced products from or their own website,
Yes, Too Faced is a highly professional brand that uses the best ingredients and makes the highest quality products.
Yes, the Too Faced Company is completely legitimate.
Yes, Too Faced has all its products tested clinically and the quality of its products are proven.
Yes, Too Faced is a real company with a big team of designers and a large number of fans and followers.


  • PROS
  • All products have a natural and beautiful look

  • High quality of the products

  • Cruelty free products

  • Great customer service

  • Amazing international return policy

  • Fast shipping

  • Suited for all skin types

  • Too Faced products do not cause any irritations or any skin discomfort

  • Amazing colors and a great feeling on the skin

  • CONS
  • Some of the products may not be available in some countries



Remy Sharp
Karen BucholtzTue Mar 08 2022
Karen BucholtzTue Mar 08 2022
Make up lover since a pre teen. I'm much older now, but still enjoy many products. BTS Mascara did not work for me. At the end of a sweltering day, I looked like a raccoon. Also wore on vow renewal day and noticed very clumpy. Just constructive feedback. Will continue to try other products.
Remy Sharp
Catherine MountainTue Mar 08 2022
Catherine MountainTue Mar 08 2022
Customer service awful. Returned 3 items and was only refunded for one. Takes ages to get a response from customer services and was just told I need to wait longer. All the items were in the same parcel, so why was only one of them scanned when the parcel was opened. Truly awful experience.


Too Faced

Too Faced is a highly experienced brand that uses all natural organic ingredients to produce some of the market's best and most wanted skincare and makeup products. This brand has been around for a long time, and it has been the customers' favorite for as long as it has been around. Too Faced reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.

Too Faced Company

They believe in empowering users to discover the best ways to express themselves through color and makeup, as well as to rediscover their inner beauty and regain their confidence. Too Faced reviews

Their "born this way" eyeshadow palette is one of the best eyeshadow palettes on the market according to Too Faced reviews. It uses healthy minerals and natural ingredients to enable the users to accentuate their natural undertones and colors for a beautiful and natural look. The Too Faced reviews are definitely encouraging and inspiring.

Too Faced Reviews

There are reviews after reviews about the Too Faced brand and their products, and they are written by happy and satisfied customers who report that they have loved working with Too Faced products and that the Too Faced products are effective and do what the brand has promised they would do. Too Faced reviews show that users are happy with this brand.

Too Faced Before and After

Users of Too Faced products have reported that they have experienced a more beautiful eye line, longer-lasting makeup, a healthier feeling in their skin, and a great boost in their confidence. The users of their mascara have reported that they have experienced longer, thicker, and more beautiful eyelashes as well as a more nourished feeling in their eyelashes. Too Faced reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

Too Faced Product Company

The Too Faced brand is cruelty-free. All their products are designed by the most innovative and creative group of artists who each have their own unique voice and style. All designs are turned into high quality products which are carefully, continuously, and clinically tested, and they are proven to be working, safe, and effective. Too Faced reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.

Most products of the Too Faced brand are among international best sellers, and for a good reason too; the quality of their products is exemplary. Their shadow primer is known as the best eyeshadow primer among all primers on the market. It is incredibly lightweight, and it makes the makeup last longer and waterproof, and it makes for a great foundation for makeup. Too Faced reviews are mostly positive.

The Best Too Faced Products

1. Better Than Sex Mascara

This Too Faced mascara uses high-quality synthetic beeswax, and after using it just once, it makes your eyelashes curly, more lengthy, and thicker, and it adds to the volume of your lashes. The Too Faced reviews are absolutely inspiring. This product is the number one best-selling mascara in the United States of America and it is the best mascara on the market according to Too Faced reviews.


2. Shadow Insurance EyeShadow Primer

The superlight Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer protects the skin against unhealthy light damage, it combats excess oil, and it helps the eye shadow to stay soft, waterproof, and long-lasting. The Too Faced reviews are great. 

This Too Faced eyeshadow primer is among the best-selling products, and it helps you keep your eyeshadow for more than one day. According to Too Faced reviews, this shadow insurance eyeshadow primer is the best eyeshadow primer that is currently available on the market.


3. Born This Way The Natural Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

The Best Too Faced eyeshadow palette is enriched with coconut water and hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin to regain its natural moisture and gives the skin a softer, younger look. The Too Faced reviews speak for themselves. 

It has sixteen amazing colors, ranging from matte colors to highly vivid shimmering and metallic sparkly shades, to help you improve your own unique and beautiful undertones or give your skin a sexy glow, all of it in the most natural way. This eyeshadow palette is considered to be the best shadow palette among all other products on the market according to a high number of Too Faced reviews.

Too Faced Customer Service

The Too Faced customer service is one of the most interactive and responsive customer services among brands. You can call them, all days of the week at 855 866 3223, or you can send them an email or use the chat service available on their website. The Too Faced reviews will amaze you.

Too Faced Return Policy

Too Faced has an international return policy and they want to make sure that their customers are fully and totally satisfied with their products. If you're not  completely happy with your Too Faced products, you can return them to the company and you will either receive a full refund of your purchase price or get a replacement product.