Purekana Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 3.6 out of 5 with 968 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3.6 out of 5 with 968 Votes

CBD is available in a variety of forms, including candies, capsules, and beauty creams. In 2017, Americans spent about $360 million on goods containing this cannabis component. Devotees believe that it improves health and provides all the euphoric effects of marijuana without the paranoia.
Based on PureKana reviews, anxiety, sadness, and post-traumatic stress disorder are all said to be relieved by CBD. It's also advertised as a sleep aid. CBD's appeal stems from the fact that it is "nonpsychoactive", meaning that users may benefit from the plant's medicinal advantages without getting high or the midnight munchies. 

What is Purekana?

Purekana is a well known CBD manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona according to Purekana Reviews. This brand produces high quality and natural CBD products giving consumers great organic ingredients derived from USA-grown hemp plants based on Purekana Reviews. Not only does it ship its products throughout the United States, it also ships its products internationally as per Purekana Reviews. 

According to PureKana reviews, PureKana is one of the most well-known CBD companies in the United States, with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality goods. In fact, they've been awarded the finest edibles on the market by multiple industry-leading CBD and cannabis review sites. Based on PureKana reviews, it is committed to developing CBD products that are as natural as possible.
When you purchase hemp CBD oil from PureKana, you can be certain that you're obtaining high-quality items. According to PureKana reviews, it is one of the few companies that produce CBD-rich hemp oil. Its hemp CBD is non-GMO, pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and chemical fertilizer-free. According to PureKana reviews, it is the only solution to the issue of where to get CBD oil. 


What are the Purekana products and what are they used for?

According to Purekana Reviews, Purekana offers a simple ordering experience and always strives to make their products the best on the market, so that you can order any type of CBD product you like,  such as oils, vape, lotioncapsules, topical creams and of course, CBD gummies. For instance, if you suffer from insomnia, you can use CBD gummies for your sleep problems, or if your pet suffers from pain you can buy CBD oil for pets as per Purekana Reviews. Based on Purekana Reviews, they claim that their products are reliable and safe. The owner uses the products to treat his own anxiety issues as per Purekana Reviews. Which alludes to the fact that the owner believes in the real potency and strength of the products produced by the company. Each and every one of purekana products is made from non-GMO, organic, USA-grown hemp -- simple, pure, and effective based on Purekana Reviews.

Purekana Reviews  

The customer reviews speak for themselves, just take a peek to see the positive Purekana reviews and understand the great potential this brand has to offer. Thousands of customer feedback reports and purekana reviews show that PureKana excels in quality-assurance, as well as day-to-day results. So make sure to check Purekana Reviews.

Purekana's CBD Oil potency

One of the first things that you’ll notice referenced in a lot of Purekana reviews is that the CBD oil provided by this company has become beloved by the industry newbies. The reasoning behind this lies within the potency of the oil. Purekana’s CBD oil comes with around 10mg of CBD per serving according to Purekana Reviews. 

it’s important to point out that PureKana is made from hemp, and is not the same thing as marijuana-based cannabis oil. Hemp contains CBD which is another compound found in Cannabis which is non-addictive and doesn't give you the "high" effect like THC. 

The company does everything correctly, such as using organic and USA grown hemp, which offers various flavors and potencies according to Purekana Reviews. To ensure that all of the hemp within their products are safe and within legit parameters, they provide customers with the third-party lab test results for 100% transparency based on Purekana Reviews. 

Purekana's prices

PureKana prices aren’t the cheapest based on Purekana Reviews by customers. As you might suspect, this reflects the quality of their products. Prices start at $54 for an entry-level 300mg CBD Oil bottle and range upwards of $400 for their potent 5,000mg tincture.

Customer Satisfaction

It's really not that difficult to see how well Purekana is approved by customers. Based on various and honest Purekana reviews by customers, it can be said with certainty that this product has gained customer satisfaction among various people with different backgrounds. There are many before and after pictures online (for CBD creams and topicals) to see how well this brand has positively changed the appearance of so many users. 

Customers can't determine whether to choose this brand or MedAims. This brand, based on ratings and customer feedback, is one of the greatest leaders of CBD manufacturers around the world and has a lot to offer for its customers.

Top PureKana CBD products

PureKana intends to offer high-quality CBD products to consumers and provide the opportunity for people all around the world to experience the benefits of CBD products. In order to reach its goals, PureKana produces a wide range of CBD products including CBD gummies, CBD oils, CBD softgels, CBD lip balms, CBD vape pens, CBD bath bombs, and so forth. In fact, PureKana sells high quality, affordable products made from hemp-derived CBD in the form of capsules, beverage enhancers, edibles, vape devices and topical salves so that consumers could choose their favorite form of CBD products and enjoy its benefits. Here, there is a list of the top PureKana CBD products to help you purchase the best CBD product that suits you most.

Purekana CBD gummies

PureKana CBD gummies are available on the market in many flavors and varying strengths to be suitable for different individuals. PureKana CBD gummies are fun and a great option for customers to get their daily dose of CBD in a delicious way. What makes PureKana CBD gummies special is that they are 100% vegan and do not include any THC, and then they are safe and do not cause intoxication.  PureKana CBD gummies, just like other CBD products produced by PureKana, have stress-relieving properties and help consumers deal with stressful situations better, if they add these CBD gummies to their regular wellness regime. PureKana gummies include the purest CBD-rich hemp, and there are no artificial harmful ingredients in these gummies. You can choose PureKana CBD gummies with a wide range of potencies, such as 25mg CBD gummy option, and flavors, including mango, apple cider, raspberry, etc., in 20-count, 40-count, and 60-count bottles.
PureKana offers a wide range of CBD gummies, including PureKana sleep-aid CBD gummies, PureKana immune gummies and PureKana calm CBD gummies. Each of these CBD gummies are designed for a special purpose.  PureKana sleep-aid CBD gummies could lead to better sleep at night, if consumed approximately an hour before going to bed; it may help you experience a restful night's sleep. PureKana immune gummies help you take control of your wellness by supporting your immune system. PureKana calm CBD gummies help you manage the adverse effects of stressful situations and keep calm while also enjoying these tasty gummies. 

Purekana CBD gummies

Purekana CBD oil

PureKana CBD hemp oil is one of the most trusted CBD products offered by PureKana. PureKana oils are offered in varying strengths and different flavors to meet daily wellness needs. What makes PureKana CBD oil unique is that it does not include chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. As PureKana CBD products are tested by third-party laboratories, then you can confidently buy PureKana's CBD products, including CBD oils, without being worried about safety issues. Moreover, PureKana CBD oils include a blend of active cannabinoids to provide consumers with the maximum benefits. To keep customers with different needs satisfied, PureKana sells CBD hemp oils in varying potencies and flavors. There are seven potencies for PureKana CBD oils, and they are offered in five flavors including vanilla, mint, citrus, fruity, and natural that is in fact unflavored and has a subtle taste of raw hemp. There are no artificial ingredients in PureKana CBD oils, and their delicious taste originates from natural flavors. PureKana CBD oils have stress-relieving properties and they could help people feel more relaxed and less stressed.  

PureKana CBD oil

Purekana CBD capsules 

By taking PureKana CBD capsules, you can take advantage of CBD benefits, such as achieving a sense of calm or focus, in an easy way as the capsules are tasteless, and they are easy-to-swallow. Therefore, it is true to say consumers prefer PureKana CBD capsules for their convenience. PureKana CBD capsules also include ingredients such as caffeine, zinc and melatonin to make the products more satisfactory and boost your overall wellbeing. PureKana offers a wide range of CBD capsules with different strengths and benefits, such as PureKana AM CBD capsules, PureKana PM CBD capsules, and PureKana CBD Immune capsules.
PureKana AM CBD capsules are specifically for use in the morning; they contain CBD and caffeine to give you a boost of energy needed during the day. PureKana AM CBD capsules also include vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, and you can take two capsules daily to spend your day focused and full of energy. Just like the majority of PureKana CBD products, its AM capsules are certified non-GMO, meaning that no pesticides, solvents, or herbicides are included in them.   
PureKana PM CBD capsules are produced for evening use. Each PM capsule contains 25mg of CBD, and it should be taken before bedtime. Melatonin, calcium, and magnesium are some of the ingredients in PureKana PM CBD capsules, and they all work well to help you have a healthier sleep cycle. Since melatonin might cause drowsiness, you should not drive after taking PureKana PM CBD capsules.
PureKana CBD Immune capsules are a bit different as they contain rice extract and rice concentrate. In addition, they include the recommended daily amount of zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C.   

PureKana CBD lip balm 

High quality hemp is extracted to be used in PureKana's various CBD products, including CBD lip balm, to keep customers satisfied. Not only does PureKana CBD lip balm include hemp extract, but it also contains ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil to provide consumers with benefits for dry, cracked, and chapped lips. As the ingredients are authentic, they provide long lasting hydration.  Similar to other PureKana CBD products, its CBD lip balms appear to be available in a wide range of flavors so that customers could enjoy their flavor along with their actual benefits for lips. 
PureKana's Vanilla CBD lip balm, Menthol CBD lip balm, and Cherry CBD lip balm, each including 25mg CBD, contain effective ingredients that work well even in the coldest and driest climates to keep lips deeply moisturized.  
PureKana CBD for pets 
PureKana also sells CBD products for your pets. Since pets can also benefit from CBD in the same way that humans do, many customers tend to help their pets enjoy CBD pet products. PureKana CBD for dogs is suitable for dogs experiencing separation anxiety, aggression, etc. 
PureKana CBD picks 
PureKana CBD oil toothpicks, though they might look a bit weird at first, provide a perfect way to consume cannabidiol. PureKana CBD oil toothpicks have ten tasty flavors, and each toothpick contains 25mg of CBD. Not only do PureKana CBD toothpicks taste better than CBD oils, but they also provide the same benefits when you suck them. 

PureKana CBD vape pen

The number of people who enjoy vaporizing cannabidiol is increasing, and that is why PureKana offers its CBD vape pens in four flavors to meet the demand. PureKana CBD vape pens deliver high-quality CBD in a convenient way. They are designed for different purposes. Some might help you feel relaxed and experience a better sleep while some others will give you a burst of energy.

PureKana CBD bath bomb

PureKana CBD bath bombs are produced by the company to help those who treat themselves with a bath.  PureKana CBD bath bombs are various, and each of them contains 50mg of CBD. These CBD bath bombs include natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. 

Is PureKana a good product?

PureKana produces this one-of-a-kind and pure product with a natural taste. Based on PureKana reviews, it’s something that brightens your day by assisting you in recharging your batteries while also providing you with the medicinal advantages of CBD. According to PureKana reviews, it's an excellent cannabis product with a wide range of health advantages.
Where is PureKana shipped from?
As far as state laws allow, all goods are transported for free. Within 3 to 9 business days, you should get your PureKana product. Based on PureKana reviews, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to seek a full refund of the purchase price. 

PureKana side effects

According to PureKana reviews, its CBD Products are completely safe and devoid of any severe side effects, thanks to its chemically tested and scientifically confirmed components. However, you may suffer a little headache or cold as a result of a change in body function, but if you encounter anything else, you should see a doctor.
There are several advantages to be in one's everyday life. Based on PureKana reviews, this CBD solution provides several advantages without causing any side effects. You may be certain that you are receiving pure recuperation as the brand uses the finest quality blend of natural substances. In fact, according to one study, CBD may help with stress and anxiety as well as other health conditions. However, according to PureKana reviews, the longer you wait, the more likely this fantastic bargain may expire or supplies will sell out before you can try them.

PureKana is publicly traded

Based on PureKana reviews, it is a publicly traded currency that may be used everywhere. They send CBD products to all US states except Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota due to federal laws. These are the states where they do not ship.
PureKana CBD gum for diabetes
According to PureKana reviews, CBD was shown in one trial to reduce chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain, which affects hands and feet. Diabetes risk is reduced. Another research indicated that CBD may help to prevent Diabetes.

PureKana is a good company

PureKana has been a respected CBD firm for the last four years. Based on PureKana reviews, it has a reputation for being one of the best-selling CBD hemp oils in the United States, delivering quality, dependability, and so much more.

Does PureKana Really work?

According to PureKana reviews, PureKana CBD products are all-natural CBD-infused oral candies that help you live a joyful life free of worry, tension, and chronic pain. It works effectively and organically.
Ingredients of PureKana CBD gummies
Blue Raspberry, Mango, Apple Cider, and a delectable blended fruit taste are all available in PureKana CBD candies, which are also vegan-friendly. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD in it. Based on PureKana reviews, the potency difference is determined by the number of gummies received.

The owner of Purkana

According to PureKana reviews, to provide you with the greatest services, the firm employs many skilled and talented employees. KATHY CASEY is the company's CEO, with 30 years of expertise in the CPG sector and a track record of growing successful companies, proven sales executive leader and general manager.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
What is the best CBD medication?

Based on PureKana reviews, capsules are preferred over oils by some since they are pre-dosed and have no flavor. CBD oils can be flavored, but if they aren't, they might have an earthy flavor. Capsules may take longer to provide an impact than oils applied under the tongue.

Is PureKana FDA approved?

According to PureKana reviews, the products fulfill the highest degree of quality and all safety regulations set out by the Food and Drug Administration, and are legal in all 50 U.S. states (FDA).
How much THC is in PureKana CBD oil?
Based on PureKana reviews, CBD has a far lower effect than psychoactive THC. Therefore, customers are sometimes surprised to learn that their CBD products also include trace levels of THC. CBD products typically contain less than 0.3 percent Delta-9-THC.

PureKana how to use?

According to PureKana reviews, PureKana CBD products come in a range of shapes and sizes. They sell CBD oils, which are taken by putting drops under the tongue, as well as CBD pills, CBD gummies, CBD vapes, CBD beverage enhancers, and other CBD products.

Overall Rating :

Purekana CBD Oil

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Overall Rating :

Purekana CBD Softgel

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Purekana CBD Gummies

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Purekana CBD Lip Balm

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Purekana Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Cecelia

CBD gummies

I ordered these gummies because I thought they would help me quit smoking and help my arthritis. I have been taking them for about 4 days now. They were supposed to be $60.00 plus shipping .Ended up charging me $79.00 plus shipping and handling, First thing I noticed they are covered in sugar. Not acceptable for me. The flavors are not appealing and leave a sour aftertaste in my mouth. The only thing I am having with these is I am hungry all the time. They are THC free. I will finish the bottle, because they cost me so much. I was really hoping they would start to show some improvement , but nothing. I am disappointed in these and I will not order them again. 47

  • Cal Blanchard

cbd gummies SCAM.

I've suffered from tinnitus for 30 years so I decided to give the gummies a try. Not only do they not work, but the condition also seems to be worse, I guess because I'm concentrating on it more waiting for this $70.00 scam to do its magic. I had no intention to sign up to receive monthly products, but Purekana decided that they would do it for me. I just received an email telling me that the next shipment was on the way. I replied for them to stop the shipment and cancel further shipments. I also called. Hopefully, I will not be charged. Do not believe the reviews. if you want gummies, go to Walmart they're about $3.00 versus $70.00. Scam, con, scam. do not buy. And shame on the sharks for taking advantage of elderly folks on fixed incomes.

  • Cal Blanchard

Scam or scam?

Bought the gummies for tinnitus. been taking them 3 per day for 5 days and I might have just as well have chewed on my $70.00. There's been no reduction of tinnitus and in fact, it's more pronounced because I'm listening and waiting for a positive result. I'll not watch or purchase any product endorsed by the Sharks again. It appears that since all of them jumped aboard this scam that the morals of all of them are. compromised. It's good to make money, but not by conning people in this fashion. Especially those of us on fixed incomes Shame on you, killer sharks.

  • Kevin

Red Dye #40

A lot of people take CBD Gummies for health or when battling cancer. I tried these and they did seem to help but when my stool turned red from the dye it was terrifying. I will never eat anything with Red Dye #40 in it again. Red in your stool is a warning sign of colon cancer and when that is what you are trying to treat to see anything red is just awful.




  • Jessica Sullivan

Kept charging and sending after canceling

Followed their cancelation procedure exactly only to find them in my bank account the very next month taking money. Customer service claimed they had my email address wrong even though they send me emails constantly somehow when i went to cancel suddenly have it wrong. Refused to reverse charges saying there is product in transit and if I want a refund I need to wait until I get it and send back but refusing to pay return postage. pay by check if you need product but dont trust them with your credit information.

  • Mitch

Buyer Beware-Company has very poor business practices!!!!

I placed one order last month. The company overcharged me $164.15 and has yet to refund the money on my credit card. They also shipped the same 3 bottles ( only 20/bottle) on 11/16/21 of which I did not order. They claimed that it was a "subscription". I did not order a subscription and they claim that they only will refund 1/2 of the order I did not place. They also said someone will call me back from the "escalation or dispute" department but I never received a call. I will report PureKana to the BBB and the FTC if I don't get am immediate resolution.

  • Reba

Company doesn't want to give a refund

I bought gummies from this company and when I realized how much they were charging me for them, I tried to cancel my order. They would only give me a partial credit and aent the product anyway. I wanted a refund on the product, not the product. The representative I spoke to said that was the best they would do for me. I am beyond disappointed in this company. Buyer beware.

  • Terri Dobbins


I ordered on Facebook that was buy 2 get 3 free. Total was supposed to of been 54.00 + tax. When I clicked for the purchase togo thruI was charged$211.62!!!! I called to try to cancel the order and I was told that it was an answering service and someone would call me the following day. No one called!! I received 5 bottles of gummies. I called again. Telling them it wad wrong. All they would do was wanting to refund me $105.83. Half of my purchase price!! After arguing for 10 minutes I took the 105.83. It better be in my account in 7-10 days or I am reporting fraud!! This is BULLSHIT!!

  • Brenda

Charged incorrectly

It said that each one would be a specific one price but I noticed as I hit enter it was almost $50 more than what it should have been. I contacted the company that same day via email and they said that they had to look into it. They sent an email the next day saying it had already shipped and I replied saying that I contacted them early enough to cancel the order but now they only want to refund me 50% off the order or I could send it back paying the shipping and restocking fee so I would be better off taking the 50% of the cost!! I told them no I want the whole refund and I am waiting for a response. I am pissed off about this!!! They are probably ripping every customer off with every order!!

  • Kimberly

I got charged for much more than I wanted

I intended to buy one bottle of CBD gummies but it kept prompting me to buy more products and I clicked no thanks to every prompt. I just wanted to try one bottle before buying anything else. But when I got to check out, I saw that I was going to be charged for all the other things they were suggesting. I tried to go back to the beginning to get rid of all the extra products I didn't want, and thought I had been successful, because I got no confirmation email telling me about my order. However, when I checked my bank account balance, it said I was charged over $200! I want my money back!

  • Mary Hanby

Purekana has performed well for me!

I’m nearly 75 and plagued by extremely painful arthritis and old horse-related injuries. I’ve tried everything except joint replacement. I’ve tried other CBD gummies. Purekana gave me very good relief in both hips, knees and shoulders. I will continue them no matter the cost.

  • Phoebe

These capsules are so pricey that I can't see ever paying that much for them again. I bought these because I believed it would be easier to take them, but they are simply too expensive when oils are available for a fraction of the cost. With these, you truly do pay for the convenience.

  • Luna

These are simply easier; I have yet to persuade anyone to return to oil after using these. These are my all-time favorite CBD-intake methods, and they're so simple. They also have no flavor, so you don't have to be concerned about that.

  • jennifer

I tried the CBD gummies, but I didn't see any difference in my pain levels. I was really hoping they'd work.

  • rose

These gummies are THC-free, putting to rest all of my (probably silly) anxieties of a negative side effect.

  • melissa

My favorite gummies are these. They work well, taste great, and are small enough to carry everywhere with me.

  • Amy

I'm going to share some good news. One of my daughter's thumbs has undergone surgery. In the other, she's been getting cortisone shots. I sent her some Purekana CBD capsules so she may test them. She finally gave it a shot and then phoned me later to say she was very taken aback by the product.

  • karen

I really like the CBD oil and the pain relief topical cream; they're both high-quality and helpful. My rating is based on the fact that I am never alerted when a product is dispatched, which is why I gave it a low rating. I'd say I had trouble receiving/locating my package the majority of the time. It took me four days to find my delivery this time, and you can't communicate with the carrier. I strongly advise using UPS or the post office.

  • diann

For almost a year, I've been using CBD oil for joint pain. It's effective. So, many thanks!

  • Dianne

I just got drug tested for a new job and it came back positive. I take 1 dropper of 2500mg before bed. BEWARE!

  • jack

They have a wonderful flavor and are convenient. I wish they came in a larger bottle or were less expensive. Two a day at $20 per bottle means you'll go through it in ten days and the bottle will set you back $40. These are too costly to consume on a daily basis. That's why I'm giving them a two-star rating. Otherwise, I have no issues.

  • alena

These are fantastic! I only wish there were more of them in a bottle! Please put more in a bottle!!

  • julia

Capsules are effective, but they are costly. I believe I would prefer to purchase the oil in a dropper. It would be cheaper, but these are simply more handy.

  • alexandra

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  • niurka

I went ahead and ordered an unflavored variety of oil without ever trying it and it's definitely got a unique taste. I don't really like it so I'm hoping I can find another flavor that suits me better.

  • vanessa

This 1000 mg CBD bottle is a fantastic product that I've been using for approximately three months. I was merely relieved that it lasted longer than my other older bottles, which had only lasted a month. I wish I had tried a flavored version, because the taste of this oil was just too strong and unpleasant for me at the end of the day. I was getting a little weary of it. It's too earthy.

  • eriks

Capsules are effective, but they are costly. I believe I would prefer to purchase the oil in a dropper. It would be cheaper, but these are simply more handy.

  • cindy

These are simply more convenient; no one can persuade me to return to oil after using these. These are my all-time favorite CBD consumption methods, and they're so simple. They are also flavorless, so you don't have to be concerned about that.

  • ashley

They are useful and beneficial, however the bottle is too little for me.

  • mandy

I've been seeking for a sugar-free gummy that's also free of artificial colors and flavors. From the photographs, I assumed this gummy was that, however they are sadly covered in a thick layer of sugar.

  • Lara


I've had CBD oil, pills, gummies, etc. a few times so I have an idea of how it works. But by far, this product has done not much of anything. I'm bummed about my experience and was hoping this product would be one in my rotation.

  • A.E

so disappointing

If I could leave negative stars, I would. so disappointing. Buy elsewhere.

  • Noahh

All Melted

Bought these for my hubby but unfortunately was not even able to try these. Just opened the box and it’s a big gooey mess. They are all melted and still in the container with the plastic wrapping. Would definitely like another shipment to try or refund.

  • Melaniee Sta

Awesome product

Awesome product! It was shipped fast and packaged extremely well! 
but is smelld bad

  • Maricela Gram

Had issues with droppers

Had issues with droppers. Both that I used were difficult to open or leaked. Will try a different company

  • Marcya W3

I was hoping it would help with some…

I was hoping it would help with some anxiety. Maybe just feel more calm. It doesn't seem to be helping very much.

  • Nitta M

Fast service, but costly

Fast service, good gummies! I’d like to see the prices go down though so those of us on limited income can afford them easier.

  • Oddesa 20

Pricey but a Great Product

A great product that seems to be made with quality in mind.
A bit pricey but otherwise would recommend.

  • Shaww

Poor !

Poor I am inexperienced and this product did not meet my expectations nor would any of these types of products help.

  • Anna Bertiz

I didn’t notice any benefit at all

I didn’t notice any benefit at all. Super disappointing because there were so many good reviews. And because I’ve opened it I can’t return.

  • Norma Fg

Low quality

Low quality. Customer service refused to replace.

  • Katie

Takes a while but good

The capsules take a little bit longer to start working, but they last longer. I like them for that reason. They are pretty easy to swallow as well.

  • KIM

very bad

They’ll charge you and never deliver the product.

  • Hull Ge

They are ok

They are ok. Not strong enough for pain relief. But I do relax a bit.

  • Ashlee west

It’s just okay

A just ok product. After a few weeks I have noticed an improvement in my arthritis in my hands. But not a cure.

  • Staci Bi

No relief

If I could give zero stars, I would. Thought I would try to see it this would help with migraines... no relief, very disappointed because I had no results at all ... as if I had not taken anything.

  • Mack

One Star

It really did not help me at all.

  • Elena Kety

This is my third time ordering

This is my third time ordering this product. I've increased the dosage. I always order the vanilla flavored one. LOVE it!!! The only thing that was rather disappointing is I never received my first bottle. But the customer service was great. My second order is on the way, so I hope I would get it soon!! Love this stuff!!! Works tremendously!

  • Jesika

The most delicious gummies I’ve ever tried

I've tried various CBD gummies, but these have the best taste of all of them without a doubt, with almost no after taste. Some of the other labels had such a bad after taste; I could still taste it after brushing, flossing & using mouthwash! I take 2 gummies before bed for knee pain, and to improve my sleep quality. They work wonders for me ~ the other night I got a sleep score of 87 on my Fitbit!!!

  • Mary

Have tried to order CBD for my senior…

Have tried to order CBD for my senior canine for weeks without success.
Even though I've ordered CBD for him before as well as CBD oil for myself, the website and personal agents called can't seem to process my order.
After calling my bank 25 times, there is no record Pure Kans is trying to debit my account for this canine CBD.
He's in so much pain, I'm going to have to put him down. Using the Pure Kana canine CBD alleviates is pain and he is so happy.




  • hsia

This bottle has a rancid and oxidized flavor.

This bottle has a rancid and oxidized flavor.

  • Preston Witzel

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  • Karen Dunn

Natural flavor

Nothing beats the natural flavor of CBD oil in the raw. The flavored oils are great for some people, but I really like how earthy this tastes. This is a winner.

  • Heather K.


The gummies seemed like a very popular product from here so I thought I'd try them out. Loved them and they taste amazing. If I could take gummies every day I would definitely do it but they are kind of expensive so I mostly take capsules or oils and use these as a treat for every once in a while

  • Nancy Chlapecka


I love these!  Just wish they came more to a bottle!  Please put more in a bottle!!

  • Miranda Brooks

good enough

they’re good for taste and convenience. i wish they came in a bigger bottle or the price was lower. 2 a day at 20 per bottle means you go through it in 10 days and the bottle costs $40.. too expensive to have these daily. that’s why i’m knocking them 2 stars. otherwise i have no complaints.

  • Laura Brown

Minty and fresh

This mint flavored CBD oil is so dreamy. Every time I open the bottle I get this wonderful and herby mint aroma that is so refreshing. Putting it under my tongue is even better. Couldn't be happier with this in every way!

  • Cory Morris

What a great alternative

I really just do not like using oil tinctures because of how much of a hassle they are. The capsules take all this out of the equation and make taking my CBD so much easier. I can remember and actually do take my CBD with these as opposed to the oils.

  • Joe Taylor

I like capsules better

I really like the gel capsules better than the sublingual oils. They are just so much more convenient and easy to take. They are nice and small and go down pretty easily too.

  • Hannah


Absolutely brilliant! I ordered these and a similar product from another company, the gummies highly surpass the other product. This is the first alternative product that has really made a difference!! Please keep these in stock as I’ll be ordering every month. A heartfelt thank you to you for an amazing product!

  • Carole Zimmer


Love these

  • Mary Thompson

Yum Yum

These little gummy bears are so tasty I really wanted to eat more than I should take. They are also vegan so they are perfect for me. I just love how the dose is measured in each gummy and there is no messing with oils which are not always exact.

  • Carrie Rey


I am a huge fan of this brand and the unflavored CBD oil. I bought the stronger bottle because I take CBD all the time and need a bottle that keeps up with me. I don't like refilling it constantly so that's why I bought this.

  • Sam G.

Wish I would've liked the flavor better

I bought the natural kind because I don't really like any added flavors, but I really think that I should have bought a flavored variety. I just don't really care for the taste of CBD oil. So make sure you know what it taste like before you buy it.

  • PJ Ramirez

Easy to take, but I still prefer tinctures

I really like taking these and they are easy to take but I think I still ultimately prefer the tinctures. I enjoy the taste of CBD oil but these are good for on the go and when you are traveling.

  • JS

I am very impressed with your product

I am very impressed with your product. It definitely takes the edge off joint pain. The product arrives promptly and your customer service is excellent.

  • Keith Stanton

Great products and customer service..!

Great products and customer service..!! Highly recommend the Topical Cream 600 mg ...!! It’s the real deal..

  • Nicole S.

Full spectrum CBD oil

I love the CBD oil so much. It is full spectrum and full of great things that make it the most effective in my opinion. The taste is really good too, I do not mind the natural flavor at all and the strength is also just on point

  • Miranda Brooks

good enough

they’re good for taste and convenience. i wish they came in a bigger bottle or the price was lower. 2 a day at 20 per bottle means you go through it in 10 days and the bottle costs $40.. too expensive to have these daily. that’s why i’m knocking them 2 stars. otherwise i have no complaints.

  • Dvonne Pitruzzello

Great product worked immediately

Great product worked immediately. Definitely will purchase again.

  • makayla

Pure Kana never disappoints!

I have gotten both the CBD gummies and the CBD oil, they are both amazing products that help me sleep and help me recover from workouts. I would highly recommend their products!

  • Sharon Chambers

My sixteen year old granddaughter uses…

My sixteen year old granddaughter uses this product fire anxiety. I had changed her life. Thank you

  • JS

I am very impressed with your product

I am very impressed with your product. It definitely takes the edge off joint pain. The product arrives promptly and your customer service is excellent.

  • JS

I am very impressed with your product

I am very impressed with your product. It definitely takes the edge off joint pain. The product arrives promptly and your customer service is excellent.

  • KATIE . g2

good Purekana CBD

I started with PureKana and have found them to be good. At the time I didn’t know about the lab reports, but now that I do that has me a bit worried. I use their 600 mg sublingual oil. I also use their mint vape pen. It was the first vape pen I tried and it works really well for me. I’ve been trying some others because it is expensive, but it was a nice to use them first. Cumstomer service and shipping have been good too!

  • Douglas R.

Perfect Pruducts

Loved the flavor and texture of the candies. They are really great to have around when you don't feel like taking your oil sublingually. I don't take these every day but just sometimes. Love them.

  • Bonnie Adams

Pure kana is the best!

Pure kana is the best! Easy ordering online!
Discount emails...
prompt delivery... easy to start or stop automatic delivery!
Very user friendly website! You have a very satisfied customer for life!

  • Jeff P.

Natural tastes best

Perfect strength for those who take it often. If you use CBD oil daily, it's better to get the higher strength such as these, it'll last a lot longer. I like the unflavored one.

  • peter c.


This oil is really natural inside and out. The flavor and the quality are unparalleled in the industry and market. I'm so glad that I found purekana and am a loyal customer for life.

  • Jane Wilson

Lifelong, loyal customer of PK

I've been a big fan of purekana since day one and this only solidifies my loyalty

  • Lynch

Just an idea

Why not have bundles with different products with different taste and quantity options

  • Teresa cob

Great tasting CBD gummies

These little gummy bears taste quite amazing. They are super flavorful and delicious. They are also great because they give you a set amount per gummy bear, no guessing like with oils. Love these!

  • Amber S.

Delicious and chewy

Love the texture and flavor of these gummy bears. They're so fruity and delicious. I take my CBD through gummy's usually so I always get the right amount of CBD. They're perfect.

  • Paul

Isolate CBD

These cbd gummies are made from isolate cbd so that means there is not a trace of thc in these which is good if you work a job that frequently drug tests randomly. Eventhough you might live a drug free lifestyle ingesting some of the other cbd products that are full spectrum or broad spectrum can show traces of thc which can get you terminated so why risk it. Stick with isolate to get that wellness from cbd without risking your benefits and career.

  • Elena

Calmness and relief with the best quality but pricing?

I’m a university student and during the finals I get the worst stress ever causing me to stay awake all night and end up screwing up my exams. I tried prescribed medication but guess what? Insomnia was one of the many side effects of my drug and basically didn’t help me. So I searched for a substitute and ended up finding PureKana’s CBD soft gel. Ordered one bottle and it was shipped surprisingly quick. The first two days it really helped calming down my nerves but I was still stressed out a bit and my insomnia haven’t had gone away. I kept on using them and now I can’t go without them. They’re so convenient and calming and the quality is really great. The only thing that is bothering me is that they’re a little too expensive comparing to my wage and the fact that I have to pay rent and all these daily expenses. Other than that, it’s a pretty impressive product. 

  • Ricardo Maldonado

Natural pain relief! Never imagined I’d ever find it.

I’m diabetic and I have neuropathy. My neuropathy started some years ago and since then walking has been a nightmare for me. Imagine how annoying it would be not to be able to do one of the easiest things a human can do. So since then my journey to find the best pain killer started. I tried the first thing that came in my mind which was common pain killers. They did the trick for some time, but soon they started to irritate my sensitive stomach and I moved on to massage therapy. It felt good but was of no help. I was about to give up when my mom suggested trying PureKana’s CBD soft gel. I started using them last week and now I can happily say I’ve got the relief I was searching for! They absolutely work and I’m happy I tried them but my only problem is that they make me groggy and well that’s understandable.

  • Ray P.

Trying them and noticed some difference.

I have clinical depression and panic attack. My prescribed pills’ side effects include suicidal thoughts and I’m really not in a good place in my life and this worries me. Also most of the times when I get panic attacks I blackout and there were times I hurt myself during these blackouts like punching the wall and so on. So I needed something to help me during triggering situations but also not being too strong because I’ve got to attend my classes during the day. My roommate had experience with CBD products, so she recommended PureKana’s CBD soft gel. It’s the second day into using them, and I see some noticeable effects like I’m not triggered that easily anymore and my mood is a bit lightened up. I’m gonna give it a bit more time and then make up my mind about them. 

  • Drew T.

Just started and worth the money!

I have a shoulder injury from a car accident just a year ago. Since then I’ve tried all kinds of pain killers and any product I could find. Even massage therapy wasn’t of any help. One day I was a bit cranky and my co-worker noticed. After explaining my situation, he recommended the brand PureKana. I didn’t know which product I should use so I bought one tincture. For a while I used it and I was very pleased, but decided to go with a lower dosage now that my pain isn’t that extreme.  So I bought a bottle of PureKana’s CBD soft gel. I just started using them four days ago and they work very well, but honestly, I prefer the tinctures for their taste. But definitely recommended, especially if you need a more on the go option!

  • Naomi

Will try for a while and see what happens.

I’m a traveler and that means being always on the way to somewhere. Recently I started having these severe headaches which makes the whole traveling unbearable. Considering the fact that traveling is my life and I can’t just quit, I looked for some relief in pain killers. They worked but made me a sleepy couch potato and that’s not really ideal for my detailed schedule of going around places and doing a lot of sightseeing. So, I talked to some people I knew who had the same problem before and some of them recommended PureKana’s CBD soft gel. Today I took my first and they haven’t worked completely yet, but so far, I like their design and that they’re an easy on the go option.  Also, they’re of great quality. Gonna give it time to show its effects.