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Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews

Have you ever had a big headache after a busy workday and needed some sleep to get well but couldn’t fall sleep because of the said headache? Seems like a frustrating cycle, right? Imagine experiencing that the night of every workday and you will have an idea of how my life used to be before I got into the habit of taking a CBD gummy every night before going to sleep. Just as it is the case for most of the people who work, I’m usually under a certain amount of stress and pressure at work and the long train ride to home does not help with the physical and mental frustration either. A good night’s sleep that would wash all the exhaustion and stress away is the thing I need the most at nights. My partner knows it, all of my friends know it and no one dares to mess with my sleep schedule. Every night I used to go to sleep on time, after taking a shower to relax, drinking an herbal tea and even lighting some lavender scented candles and still couldn’t get enough quality sleep at nights. This had affected my every day mood so much that I was even considering changing my career until I found out about CBD products which claim to help with your sleep as well as being a stress reliever. CBD products sounded like exactly what I needed at that time but I was still a bit skeptical about them. There are many Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews by customers for you to see how well this product has been received by the public.

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Purekana CBD Gummies

Purekana is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Purekana reviews.

 Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews in 2020

The reason why I wasn’t taking any medication despite all the sleeping issues I had was that I didn’t want to get hooked on any form of sleeping pills, I was greatly concerned about the side effects and didn’t want to become dependent on them. However, as I researched more about CBD products, I found out that I had nothing to worry about since they don’t have any chemicals in them and are purely made from hemp oil. Still, I wasn’t a big fan of taking oil drops or softgels since it would somehow feel like taking medicine and I didn’t like the idea of that. And that’s when PureKana CBD gummies saved the day. According to Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews, these CBD gummies were the perfect product for me since they feel like a tasty treat rather than medicine and still work perfectly. Isn’t that great? If you are still not sure if you should use CBD gummies for anxiety or pain, I should tell you that I had a really great experience with them; just go check Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews to see for yourself!

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If you are picky when choosing medicines just like me, CBD gummies would be the best option for you since they’re the most easy and pleasant to take. Although these gummies taste so great and are easy to eat just like regular gummies, you should know that usage of CBD gummies for kids is NOT suggested. There are a few companies that offer this product and I tried a number of them only to find out the best CBD gummies are the ones from PureKana based on Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews.
PureKana CBD gummies are made from the best quality industrial hemp grown in the United States as per Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews. These gummies and other PureKana CBD products are completely legal since they contain less than 0.3% THC. So, you can be certain that using these CBD products wouldn’t be considered drug use. You might wonder, if CBD is not going to make you high what is it going to do with your body then? Well, CBD products more than anything, makes you relaxed and you can use these tasty CBD gummies for anxiety but that’s not all. They are also good for pain, depression, skin problems like eczema and inflation and some illnesses like epilepsy.

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Each PureKana CBD gummy contains 25 mg of CBD and you can easily take 1 to 2 every day, according to Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews. Taking CBD products does not have any serious side effects and normally they don’t cause any allergic reactions in your body but it is best to talk to your doctor before starting to use CBD products on a daily basis. You should be especially more cautious with them if you are already using other medications. Also, do not forget that usage of CBD gummies for kids and pregnant women is NOT suggested. 

Why Purekana?

If I want to tell you why I chose PureKana CBD gummies, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s simply the most delicious one compared to other CBD gummies, based on Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews. According to Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews, These gummeis are also made from pure organic and GMO-free hemp with the best quality, as well as being vegan and cruelty free. The other thing that I really like about PureKana products, is their convenient and easy to use website in which you can see all the information you will need about their products as well as the Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews by customers, before purchase. They also have great customer service and will ship the products in the same day of your purchase. 

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CBD gummies, just like other CBD products, can be used for decreasing day to day anxiety. But if you suffer from any serious form of anxiety, you must visit a doctor since CBD products are not useful for treating any serious issue or illness.  
CBD products can help with your sleep, minor pains, anxiety, depression and skin problems like eczema and inflation.   
CBD gummies take a bit longer to be absorbed into your body and after that its effects will last almost 8 hours.  
It is best to start with half a gummy a day to see how your body will react to it and after a while you can increase it to one or two PureKana CBD gummies a day.  

Customer Reviews

  • Cecelia

I ordered these gummies because I thought they would help me quit smoking and help my arthritis. I have been taking them for about 4 days now. They were supposed to be $60.00 plus shipping .Ended up charging me $79.00 plus shipping and handling, First thing I noticed they are covered in sugar. Not acceptable for me. The flavors are not appealing and leave a sour aftertaste in my mouth. The only thing I am having with these is I am hungry all the time. They are THC free. I will finish the bottle, because they cost me so much. I was really hoping they would start to show some improvement , but nothing. I am disappointed in these and I will not order them again. 47

  • Cal Blanchard

I've suffered from tinnitus for 30 years so I decided to give the gummies a try. Not only do they not work, but the condition also seems to be worse, I guess because I'm concentrating on it more waiting for this $70.00 scam to do its magic. I had no intention to sign up to receive monthly products, but Purekana decided that they would do it for me. I just received an email telling me that the next shipment was on the way. I replied for them to stop the shipment and cancel further shipments. I also called. Hopefully, I will not be charged. Do not believe the reviews. if you want gummies, go to Walmart they're about $3.00 versus $70.00. Scam, con, scam. do not buy. And shame on the sharks for taking advantage of elderly folks on fixed incomes.

  • Cal Blanchard

Bought the gummies for tinnitus. been taking them 3 per day for 5 days and I might have just as well have chewed on my $70.00. There's been no reduction of tinnitus and in fact, it's more pronounced because I'm listening and waiting for a positive result. I'll not watch or purchase any product endorsed by the Sharks again. It appears that since all of them jumped aboard this scam that the morals of all of them are. compromised. It's good to make money, but not by conning people in this fashion. Especially those of us on fixed incomes Shame on you, killer sharks.

  • Kevin

A lot of people take CBD Gummies for health or when battling cancer. I tried these and they did seem to help but when my stool turned red from the dye it was terrifying. I will never eat anything with Red Dye #40 in it again. Red in your stool is a warning sign of colon cancer and when that is what you are trying to treat to see anything red is just awful.



  • Mitch

I placed one order last month. The company overcharged me $164.15 and has yet to refund the money on my credit card. They also shipped the same 3 bottles ( only 20/bottle) on 11/16/21 of which I did not order. They claimed that it was a "subscription". I did not order a subscription and they claim that they only will refund 1/2 of the order I did not place. They also said someone will call me back from the "escalation or dispute" department but I never received a call. I will report PureKana to the BBB and the FTC if I don't get am immediate resolution.

  • Reba

I bought gummies from this company and when I realized how much they were charging me for them, I tried to cancel my order. They would only give me a partial credit and aent the product anyway. I wanted a refund on the product, not the product. The representative I spoke to said that was the best they would do for me. I am beyond disappointed in this company. Buyer beware.

  • Terri Dobbins

I ordered on Facebook that was buy 2 get 3 free. Total was supposed to of been 54.00 + tax. When I clicked for the purchase togo thruI was charged$211.62!!!! I called to try to cancel the order and I was told that it was an answering service and someone would call me the following day. No one called!! I received 5 bottles of gummies. I called again. Telling them it wad wrong. All they would do was wanting to refund me $105.83. Half of my purchase price!! After arguing for 10 minutes I took the 105.83. It better be in my account in 7-10 days or I am reporting fraud!! This is BULLSHIT!!

  • Brenda

It said that each one would be a specific one price but I noticed as I hit enter it was almost $50 more than what it should have been. I contacted the company that same day via email and they said that they had to look into it. They sent an email the next day saying it had already shipped and I replied saying that I contacted them early enough to cancel the order but now they only want to refund me 50% off the order or I could send it back paying the shipping and restocking fee so I would be better off taking the 50% of the cost!! I told them no I want the whole refund and I am waiting for a response. I am pissed off about this!!! They are probably ripping every customer off with every order!!

  • Kimberly

I intended to buy one bottle of CBD gummies but it kept prompting me to buy more products and I clicked no thanks to every prompt. I just wanted to try one bottle before buying anything else. But when I got to check out, I saw that I was going to be charged for all the other things they were suggesting. I tried to go back to the beginning to get rid of all the extra products I didn't want, and thought I had been successful, because I got no confirmation email telling me about my order. However, when I checked my bank account balance, it said I was charged over $200! I want my money back!

  • Mary Hanby

I’m nearly 75 and plagued by extremely painful arthritis and old horse-related injuries. I’ve tried everything except joint replacement. I’ve tried other CBD gummies. Purekana gave me very good relief in both hips, knees and shoulders. I will continue them no matter the cost.

  • jennifer

I tried the CBD gummies, but I didn't see any difference in my pain levels. I was really hoping they'd work.

  • rose

These gummies are THC-free, putting to rest all of my (probably silly) anxieties of a negative side effect.

  • melissa

My favorite gummies are these. They work well, taste great, and are small enough to carry everywhere with me.

  • jack

They have a wonderful flavor and are convenient. I wish they came in a larger bottle or were less expensive. Two a day at $20 per bottle means you'll go through it in ten days and the bottle will set you back $40. These are too costly to consume on a daily basis. That's why I'm giving them a two-star rating. Otherwise, I have no issues.

  • alena

These are fantastic! I only wish there were more of them in a bottle! Please put more in a bottle!!

  • eriks

Capsules are effective, but they are costly. I believe I would prefer to purchase the oil in a dropper. It would be cheaper, but these are simply more handy.

  • cindy

These are simply more convenient; no one can persuade me to return to oil after using these. These are my all-time favorite CBD consumption methods, and they're so simple. They are also flavorless, so you don't have to be concerned about that.

  • ashley

They are useful and beneficial, however the bottle is too little for me.

  • mandy

I've been seeking for a sugar-free gummy that's also free of artificial colors and flavors. From the photographs, I assumed this gummy was that, however they are sadly covered in a thick layer of sugar.

  • Noahh

Bought these for my hubby but unfortunately was not even able to try these. Just opened the box and it’s a big gooey mess. They are all melted and still in the container with the plastic wrapping. Would definitely like another shipment to try or refund.

  • Anna Bertiz

I didn’t notice any benefit at all. Super disappointing because there were so many good reviews. And because I’ve opened it I can’t return.

  • Hull Ge

They are ok. Not strong enough for pain relief. But I do relax a bit.

  • Jesika

I've tried various CBD gummies, but these have the best taste of all of them without a doubt, with almost no after taste. Some of the other labels had such a bad after taste; I could still taste it after brushing, flossing & using mouthwash! I take 2 gummies before bed for knee pain, and to improve my sleep quality. They work wonders for me ~ the other night I got a sleep score of 87 on my Fitbit!!!

  • Heather K.

The gummies seemed like a very popular product from here so I thought I'd try them out. Loved them and they taste amazing. If I could take gummies every day I would definitely do it but they are kind of expensive so I mostly take capsules or oils and use these as a treat for every once in a while

  • Nancy Chlapecka

I love these!  Just wish they came more to a bottle!  Please put more in a bottle!!

  • Miranda Brooks

they’re good for taste and convenience. i wish they came in a bigger bottle or the price was lower. 2 a day at 20 per bottle means you go through it in 10 days and the bottle costs $40.. too expensive to have these daily. that’s why i’m knocking them 2 stars. otherwise i have no complaints.

  • Hannah

Absolutely brilliant! I ordered these and a similar product from another company, the gummies highly surpass the other product. This is the first alternative product that has really made a difference!! Please keep these in stock as I’ll be ordering every month. A heartfelt thank you to you for an amazing product!

  • Carole Zimmer

Love these

  • Mary Thompson

These little gummy bears are so tasty I really wanted to eat more than I should take. They are also vegan so they are perfect for me. I just love how the dose is measured in each gummy and there is no messing with oils which are not always exact.

  • JS

I am very impressed with your product. It definitely takes the edge off joint pain. The product arrives promptly and your customer service is excellent.

  • Keith Stanton

Great products and customer service..!! Highly recommend the Topical Cream 600 mg ...!! It’s the real deal..

  • Miranda Brooks

they’re good for taste and convenience. i wish they came in a bigger bottle or the price was lower. 2 a day at 20 per bottle means you go through it in 10 days and the bottle costs $40.. too expensive to have these daily. that’s why i’m knocking them 2 stars. otherwise i have no complaints.

  • JS

I am very impressed with your product. It definitely takes the edge off joint pain. The product arrives promptly and your customer service is excellent.

  • JS

I am very impressed with your product. It definitely takes the edge off joint pain. The product arrives promptly and your customer service is excellent.

  • KATIE . g2

I started with PureKana and have found them to be good. At the time I didn’t know about the lab reports, but now that I do that has me a bit worried. I use their 600 mg sublingual oil. I also use their mint vape pen. It was the first vape pen I tried and it works really well for me. I’ve been trying some others because it is expensive, but it was a nice to use them first. Cumstomer service and shipping have been good too!

  • Douglas R.

Loved the flavor and texture of the candies. They are really great to have around when you don't feel like taking your oil sublingually. I don't take these every day but just sometimes. Love them.

  • Teresa cob

These little gummy bears taste quite amazing. They are super flavorful and delicious. They are also great because they give you a set amount per gummy bear, no guessing like with oils. Love these!

  • Amber S.

Love the texture and flavor of these gummy bears. They're so fruity and delicious. I take my CBD through gummy's usually so I always get the right amount of CBD. They're perfect.

  • Paul

These cbd gummies are made from isolate cbd so that means there is not a trace of thc in these which is good if you work a job that frequently drug tests randomly. Eventhough you might live a drug free lifestyle ingesting some of the other cbd products that are full spectrum or broad spectrum can show traces of thc which can get you terminated so why risk it. Stick with isolate to get that wellness from cbd without risking your benefits and career.

  • Aniyah

I have to drive a lot during the day and that means I’m required to be alert all the time. I bought PureKana’s CBD gummies for my severe back pain and my chronic anxiety and stress. My anxiety attacks occur mostly when I’m about to head off to my first destination and that means driving all the way to there. And sitting straight for long hours of day really worsens my back ache, so I take one to help me bear the pain. It actually works and helps calming my nerves and I’m really grateful. Without them I couldn’t keep on living but my only complaint is that they make me very drowsy which is very dangerous considering my state. That aside, I really love their flavors and the fact that they’re THC-free. Will buy again.

  • Lilliana lovly

I mostly use PureKana’s CBD gummies for my stiff joints. I like them more than common pain relievers like Aleve simply because they are easier on stomach. Besides, they’re so easy to take and I was so surprised at how fast they relief my pain! I even take one when I’m feeling stressed out and they seem to work just fine. Also, surprisingly my mental clarity has increased and I can focus on what I’m doing easier than before. I prefer gummies over oils as well; considering gummies are much tastier option than oils. They also have no side effects, whatsoever, other than they tend to make you a bit sleepy.

  • Ember

Due to my stressful job and the fact that I have to stay up working late hours at night, I go to bed in the early hours of morning. Because of this situation I have, sleeping is like a torment for me. I can’t shut my eyes and easily drift to sleep. So to keep my life going, I searched for sleeping pills, which worked but they irritated my stomach, so I looked for a substitute. When I first found PureKana’s CBD gummies, I was a bit hesitant only because it was my first experience with CBD and I really didn’t know what to expect. But I’m happy to say they really surprised me! I tried for the first time just a week ago and 15 minutes later not only did it calm me down but also I slept soundly! I just wish they came in more flavors but definitely recommended.

  • Cali

I have hyperthyroidism and I’m so hyperactive which basically means I can’t sit at one place for longer than 2 minutes! It has been like this since I can remember and that’s really a shame because it makes doing anything ten times harder. My mom noticed I have so many difficulties at work, so she bought me a bottle of PureKana’s CBD gummies and told me they would help. I was always against CBD products and at first I refused to take them. But I was being so annoyed by my situation that I just gave them a chance. Two days passed and I fell in love with them! The way they calmed me down and helped me get on with my work was something I searched for all my life! They tasted so good and were so helpful I didn’t notice when I ran out of them. I just wish they came in bigger bottles. Can honestly endorse this tiny treasure of relief.

  • Stephanie Valerian

I had an accident two weeks ago while skate boarding. I tried common pain killers, but sadly they were way too strong that they would prevent me from doing my tasks. On the other hand, I was looking for something easier to take and the pain was driving me nuts! One day my friend brought me a bottle of PureKana’s CBD gummies to try for a week and see what happens. It’s the fourth day and I don’t really notice pain being lessened but I’m giving it time considering how much pain I am in. Overall, they taste so good and I can feel I’m a bit calmer these days, but I’m still evaluating them so I don’t have a final opinion about them yet.

  • Briella

I’m in love with PureKana’s CBD gummies. I had a big wedding coming through and a bunch of planning, calls and a lot of arrangements to make and before I had time to slow down, I ended up in the emergency room. Turns out, I was under a lot of pressure that I just fainted. I knew I couldn’t go on like this, considering there was a lot left to do; I searched a bit and got myself these gummies. I decided to give them a go for a week and three days into using them I could feel the difference. Anytime I felt things are a bit too much, I would take one and that’d do the trick. My wedding went perfect, as planned, and it’s all thanks to these little delicious chewy friends.

  • Miriam

I’ve used other brands of CBD gummies and honestly I was disappointed, they all were either of low quality or they just didn’t contain any CBD despite of what was written on the product, so when I bought PureKana’s CBD gummies I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst. And I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised! They taste so fruity and delicious and they also smell so good! They don’t taste “earthy” at all and they’re so easy to take! That aside, they also brighten up my mood and help me sleep like a baby! And the calmness they bring every time I take one has been such a great relief especially for a person like me who stresses over every little thing. 10/10 recommended and will DEFINITELY buy again!

  • Elaina

Since teenage years of my life I’ve been having this severe depression. At those years it was hard but when I became an adult it became unbearable. Everything was too much; anything could trigger it. Even my dating life was downhill. I couldn’t even JUST go out. I was fed up so I bought PureKana’s CBD gummies, but I wasn’t really expecting much from them. At first, they just calmed me down a bit but still wasn’t helping much. I was losing hope in it, but wanted to wait long enough to make sure it wouldn’t help. And then I felt it. I would feel calmer and way more relaxed in triggering situations. I even got a grip of myself and expanded my social circle. Will be continuing to use it in the future.

  • Jane

I always had social anxiety and panic attacks at the most vital moments of my life. I simply couldn’t even give a presentation to my team. Even when I was standing at the queue to cash register in a mall, I would get panic attacks out of nowhere. I’ve tried prescribed pills, but I always looked for something more at hand. One day, doing my daily research for a substitute, I found PureKana’s CBD gummies. At first, I was a bit hesitant but I decided to give it a go. And now, one month from then, I don’t regret it at all!! I’m in LOVE with this product! Now if I feel I’m about to have an anxiety attack I just take two and I’m good to go! 100% recommended!

  • Zara

It’s been some years since I started suffering from a chronic insomnia. At first it was just a simple sleep deprivation, but as it went on, it felt as if I was paralyzed. I couldn’t do any of my simple life tasks. My life was a mess! My friends and family were worried to death about me. I was so discouraged and depressed, I was about to give up on my job! But one day my sister sent me a package containing a bottle of PureKana’s CBD gummies and my life changed all of a sudden! Since then I’ve been having the best night sleep ever! And it’s all thanks to PureKana’s CBD gummies!