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Peter Thomas Roth Collagen Serum

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Peter Thomas Roth Stem Cell Mask

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  • Helen Moody

Love it

I absolutely adore this mask! I can see immediate results. Haven't tried it as an overnight treatment yet, I apply a generous layer and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Whatever bad has been happening with your skin, it will look much, much better after this mask. Skin tone gets even, hydrated, plump and fresh. I tried it on my boyfriend with tired 35-yo skin and the result was just WOW! Got younger within 30 minutes :) I rarely see such immediate results from skincare and I am very much impressed. I highly recommend this product and will be repurchasing it again and again.

  • Alice

Great all-rounder

I can't quite put my finger on what this does for me but when I'm using it, my skin just looks great overall (clear, glowing, plump). I stopped using it for a bit and am repurchasing now because my skin is now looking a bit meh.

  • Sharan

Refreshing treat!

I love the Peter Thomas Roth sulfur mud mask and started looking for a cooling moisturising alternative and chose this one. Such a lovely treat for my skin....pretty jelly like texture like a lush Turkish delight...I kept it in the refrigerator and applied at bedtime...makes my skin soft and supple... glowing too. Love it!

  • Em

Calming, hydrating and divine smell

Got a sample with one of my orders, tried it and I was blown away so the next day I ordered the full size. I used it at night after the Odacite mask and my skin is so much better in the morning. The smell is lovely too, really loving it.

  • Marta - CB Staff

Lovely Mask

Lovely mask, the smell is great and it left my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I kept it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect and it worked a treat!

  • Selena

So refreshing and calms down my redness

Amazing! Can really see the results after one use. Gentle enough to use regularly.

  • Bron

Okay for redness, but not moisture

I have extremely dry skin, and bought this thinking it would make a great evening intensive mask or overnight skin protector. While my skin looks calmer afterwards, it doesn't really feel moisturised at all! Maybe it's more hydrating than moisturising - I think it would be fantastic for oily skins, and might be a good option for the acne-prone, it's definitely not the moisture miracle I thought it would be. I put a really thick layer on in the evening and leave it for maybe an hour or so before washing off, and repeat 2-3 nights a week. One thing nobody's touched on is that when it dries it behaves sort of like a peel-off mask, but with an oily layer under the peeling bit so it doesn't damage the skin. It 'pills' if you use it over oils or serums overnight, and I HAVE to use a serum if I don't want the skin to fall off my nose and chin

  • Helena

nice and sweet

I like this mask - I adore the smell of rose, the colour is sweet, the texture is pleasant and it really refreshes the skin. Maybe I do not get enough moisturising with it but as I have and use different masks for me it's ok. I can say I could use this mask even just for my pleasure. I think I will buy it again.

  • Min Ahmad

Major L-O-V-E

This is my go-to mask in the morning. I apply it after cleansing while I'm getting ready, rinse it off, followed by morning skincare routine before applying makeup. My pores don’t look so obvious under makeup and makeup looks fresh for longer. It’s not moisturising mask per say but it makes the skin looks fresh, cool & calm. Also, it erases the fine lines around the eyes. This is my second jar, I will keep on purchasing it.