Paula's Choice Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 3.7 out of 5 with 72 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3.7 out of 5 with 72 Votes

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Overall Rating :

Paula's Choice Toner

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Paula's Choice Reviews

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  • Ty


Not bad but it's not the greatest. It's good for hydrating the skin but I didn't see much improvement in my pores. I wouldn't purchase again.


  • Salwa

Good product but I wasn’t blown away

This a good toner overall. It does just what it claims on the bottle. However, I do not think I will repurchase because I wasn’t blown away. The seller is fantastic, I got my order before the delivery date.


  • Sekhmet of Seattle

Love Paula!

Been using Paula since the beginning. Love this soap for blackheads and large pores. Both nasties are shrinking. It doesn't do too much for the oily chin.


  • onika l mcclary

Not the same formula

I don’t think I’m going to order this through Amazon again. I usually order this toner through the Paula’s choice website, but decided to order from here because I’d get it faster through prime shipping. Something seems off about the formula- definitely not what I’m used to when I order from PC. Doesn’t glide on as smoothly and it doesn’t make my skin smooth. I think it may be a fake *shrugs*


  • Miyami

Broke me up

Though I don’t have an acne prone skin but this thing just broke my skin horribly!! .. it leaves a greasy residue that I cannot stand .. wouldn’t recommend


  • Lawrence

I love this stuff

This is a really nice toner. It helps my other products absorb better and the ingredient list is wonderful. My skin feels soothed and balanced upon application. This can honestly be a tiny bit drying but if you apply moisturizer over it, it's not really a big deal.


  • Naperville

I feel like my face is a little bit burning (quite hot) and irritate whenever apply this toner on my face. Not just because I have sensitive skin, my two other sisters also feel the same.


  • Torrance

Been using this for 15 years or so

An excellent, non-alcohol toner for normal-oily skin and part of the reason why my skin is clear and fresh-looking a majority of the time. I love the fact that it's dye and fragrance-free, too.


  • Baltimore

Finally, a toner for oily skin

I've had a hard time finding a toner for my skin as it runs oily, but also gets dry in some areas due to retinoid/retinol usage. This toner is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin. It leaves me skin feeling plumper and brighter. I find the key is to apply a small amount.