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Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath
overall rating : 7.8

Pat McGrath

overall rating : 7.8

The media is everything in the modern world. One of the biggest types of content found on all the various social media platforms is makeup tutorials. No matter what your gender is and how old you are, there's something for everyone in the makeup section. By only clicking on any app, like YouTube, Pinterest, or whatever, there's a big chance at least one makeup tutorial will be suggested to you as a new user. The makeup industry and makeup culture have come a long way and definitely changed over the course of years. They have challenged gender stereotypes, taken part in various demonstrations and are now available for anyone looking to show a little bit of their artist side. The Pat McGrath Labs reviews are very positive and encouraging.

But when talking about makeup, the health of the skin lying beneath all those layers of powder and dye is quite concerning. Even though the intensity of use and how often one may use makeup differs based on the individual, using makeup in general can have side effects that may or may not, based on the brand and their formula, appear whilst using the makeup products. The thing that makes makeup tricky is all the chemical components it's made of and how to particularly design a product to fit them all. That's when the ingredients make their appearance. In particular, Pat McGrath Labs products are designed to fit the majority of skin types, and the comments about any side effects are almost non-existent. Pat McGrath Labs reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Pat McGrath Labs reviews are full of high praise and all seem to be quite satisfied, if not having their expectations completely exceeded, and all agree in unison that Pat McGrath Labs products are  one of the most professional products that they have ever purchased. From the lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss to mascara and eye shadow, everyone in the review section of Pat McGrath Labs reviews is all fanning themselves over the bold choices of color and how well the formula sits on their faces. The brand Pat McGrath Labs also offers various combination sets that might look good together, and the prices are quite fair considering the whole razzle dazzle. Pat McGrath Labs reviews show great customer satisfaction. The Pat McGrath Mascara is among the best mascaras you can buy today.

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The Pat McGrath Labs brand has various branches all over the world, but the main headquarters of Pat McGrath Labs is located in New York, the United States.
Other than the official website available at where you can easily purchase both domestically and internationally, there is a list of various stores provided for you based on your location that you could purchase your products at.
Pat McGrath Labs are ensured to be safe and you shouldn't encounter any health problems while using the products, but we do suggest discussing the use of Pat McGrath Labs with your physician before use if you're pregnant or have any special allergies.
The answer is a definite yes. Pat McGrath Labs is a legit brand that has been quite active in the cosmetics and beauty industry and has had various collaborations with many famous high-end brands.
The brand Pat McGrath Labs does not test their products or their ingredients on any of our furry friends.


  • PROS
  • Completely cruelty free and doesn't test their ingredients on animals.  

  • Has a 30-day full money-back refund policy on gently used items.  

  • The official website offers the option to purchase E-gift cards in case you'd like to give one as a present to your friends and family  

  • Offers various subscription plans on their products that come with a 10% discount  

  • CONS
  • Unfortunately, doesn't offer any professional discounts due to a limit on their stocks and quantities  

  • Doesn't fully disclose their customer service and might take some time for them to process your request   



Remy Sharp
AgataTue Mar 08 2022
AgataTue Mar 08 2022
I ordered an eyeshadow palette and a lip gloss directly from the Pat McGrath website. The products are of good quality and the eye shadows are really pigmented and beautiful. My only gripe would be the delivery time which took 4 weeks and when I sent an email to customer services asking for a dispatch date I didn't get a response which was disappointing.
Remy Sharp
GraceTue Mar 08 2022
GraceTue Mar 08 2022
If I could give zero stars I would. 32 days waiting and no real assistance and or solutions provided by customer service. Worst online shopping have experienced.


Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs is a well-known luxury makeup company that makes you feel like a million bucks, complete with gold and diamond gems. Pat McGrath, the brand's founder, CEO, and namesake, is a globally recognized fashion makeup artist. She created her own beauty line in 2015 after decades of working on the runway. Pat McGrath Labs, based in New York, is on a mission to capture "The Power of Transformation, The Power of Beauty, The Power of Makeup." PML and their creators have been continually recognized for the luxury quality of their products, which include makeup for the lips, eyes, face, and even brand merch. Pat McGrath Labs reviews show that users are happy with this brand.

Pat McGrath Labs Company

The start of this big empire in the makeup industry was all thanks to one artist, Pat McGrath. Pat McGrath's path to success all started to be laid down in front of her feet when this now globally recognized makeup artist released her debut product, GOLD 001, and was highly favored by the masses, which ended up breaking records due to how fast it sold out in 2015. Ever since her debut, she has continued on following her purpose of moving the foundations of the makeup industry and improving it to a whole other level. For over 25 years, Pat McGrath Labs has kept up the world-changing quality of their products, and for over 25 years they have done many collaborations, such as the makeup sets produced in collaboration with the famous TV show "The Bridgerton". Pat McGrath Labs reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

Pat McGrath Labs Reviews

What do Pat McGrath Labs reviews reveal about the brand? Depending on the product you purchase from Pat McGrath Labs, the Pat McGrath Labs reviews are going to differ. That being said, the majority of the reviews will confess that the pigmentation of these products is flawless and the texture is otherworldly. Even the skincare products are all designed to bring both health and beauty into the game. Pat McGrath Labs reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.

Pat McGrath Labs Before and After

The before and after process of each individual varies based on the product they've bought. The lipsticks are sure to guarantee a long-lasting hue to your lips, and the mascara never smudges or runs down. Other products like Pat McGrath Labs concealers and foundations will definitely conceal everything you don't wish to exhibit, and Pat McGrath Labs Highlights will surely bring out your best features. Pat McGrath Labs reviews are mostly positive.

Pat McGrath Labs Product Company

Over the years of their activity, the brand Pat McGrath Labs has been making luxurious, high-quality cosmetics and has been honored with various prizes and nominations. One of these honors worthy of note is becoming the biggest selling brand in the makeup  and beauty industry in Selfridge's history in April 2019. Pat McGrath Labs has been collaborating with world-famous brands such as Valentino and Versace and has even had collaborations with the Star Wars series. The Pat McGrath Labs reviews are absolutely inspiring.

The Best Pat McGrath Labs Products

One can really get to know a brand and what the majority of their customers are interested in based on the best-selling products of the brand, and we figured Pat McGrath Labs' best products could be a big help for any first-timers.

Mothership X: Pat McGrath Eyeshadow Palette: coming ten different hues that all complement each other and can make up various combinations, one of the best selling products of Pat McGrath Labs is 

Mothership X: Moonlit Seduction eyeshadow palette. Pat McGrath Labs reviews of this product highlight the fact that these eyeshadows are quite easy to blend and are perfect for advanced usage. 

Pat McGrath Mascara: one of the other best favored by the customers products of Pat McGrath Labs is FetishEYES™ Mascara and words fail to capture their enthusiasm about this mascara. According to various Pat McGrath Labs reviews, FetishEYES™ Mascara could lengthen their lashes to an extent that their lashes would look like falsies. 

MTHRSHP: Belle of the Ball eyeshadow palette: last but not least, MTHRSHP: Belle of the Ball eyeshadow palette, which is produced in collaboration with the famous TV series "The Bridgerton" and is quite popular on the YouTube platform after the second season of the show.

Pat McGrath Labs Customer Service

Although customer service is not disclosed fully on the official website of the brand Pat McGrath Labs, the brand has happily provided their email, [email protected], for anyone in need of assistance so that customers can ease their minds and have access to professional aid for any problems they may encounter. The Pat McGrath Labs reviews are great.

Pat McGrath Labs Return Policy

Unlike many brands that refuse returns on used items, Pat McGrath Labs logically accepts returns on gently used items purchased from the official website,, within 30 days of purchase and is willing to issue a full refund on the returned item. Take note that the following products are on their final sale and are excluded from the previous statement: Mask Majorness 003, Mask Majorness 002, Mask & Lash Duo, Mask Majorness 001, Divine Rose Blushing Eyes Duo, Mask Majorness Trio, and Rose Decadence Radiant Eyes Duo. For additional information about the return process, please refer to the official website at and, based on whether your purchase is domestic or international, follow the correct process for your refund. The Pat McGrath Labs reviews speak for themselves.