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Overall Customer Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 with 88 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3.9 out of 5 with 88 Votes

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Overall Rating :

Pat McGrath Labs FetishEyes Mascara

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Pat McGrath Reviews

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  • Elaine Didier

The best one!

Best mascara I have ever had!

  • Angela R.

I know this mascara is very pricey and I won’t buy it for that reason but IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!!! Multiple coats without clumping!!! Makes my lashes longer and fuller!!!! And it gives them a little curl too!!!! It’s long lasting!!!! I’ve accidentally slept in it and woke up to perfect lashes still without any smudges!!! I’m sure I will end up buying some eventually because it’s that good!!! In my opinion it would be an INVESTMENT!!!! 

  • Giovanna A.

This is a good Mascara but the scent of this bugged me so much. I had LASIK and ever since my eyes have become very sensitive... I could smell this for a while after application... My eyes felt irritated... Then the product became clumpy quick... It is a thicker consistency.. So it is normal for it to be a bit dryer... But honestly for the price, there are better mascaras out there. Specially for a product that you are supposed to purchase every 3 months.

  • Destiny W.

If you’ve got tiny, dinky or like non-existant lashes, this mascara will surly give you some definition and density. I’ve been begging my boyfriend to buy me more. I’ve got brown eyes and my lashes still look pretty lengthy even against my darker skin with this mascara. I highly recommend this also because of the brush. This brush was truly made for girl with little lashes and separates very well!! Love it!! Don’t mind my low quality photo, it’s all I have!

  • Victoria V.

I have always heard that Pat McGrath had good products and my friends have raves about them so I decided to try their mascara for myself. I have naturally long lashes but they tend to grow downwards as most asian eyes do so I wanted a mascara that not only lifted my lashes but gave it a little bit extra volume too without it being too flashy and this mascara did just that! Also the name of the product “fetish eyes” really sticks and isn’t forgettable as well.

  • Reannah J.

My absolute favourite mascara. I’m a first time user and I will definitely be repurchasing. It lifts my lashes, separates them and coats them in an even layer of mascara that looks full and natural and is super buildable! The brush is soft and easy to use. The only downfall is that a little bit of product builds up on the end of the brush so you have to wipe it off before using it so you don’t end up with more than you need. That said it’s perfect for everyday!

  • Mom of Prince William

 Not worth the money, very light


Bought this after seeing a review of it on instagram, but I was thoroughly disappointed when I used it. It doesn't really clump, but takes forever to build on itself. I spent 10 minutes applying it and it doing pretty much nothing. It also comes off super easy, like if there is wind outside the tips just fly off onto your face. This mascara is NOT worth the money.

  • Genevieve Sicuranza

 Better off with department store popular brand


Very disappointing.

  • fvitale

 As expected

As expected

  • maggie2108

 A bit dry?


I've bought this before and loved it. This one, it seemed a bit dried up. I had to add a lot of water right away and plunge it around to get it going. I. Also ordered one from sephora, it should be here soon. Hopefully this one from Amazon was just old and needed most moisture. Better not get any eye troubles from it!

  • Lisa L. Smith

 Excellent mascara


I absolutely love this product. I was skeptical at first, but I’m sold now. I have very sparse and tightly curled lashes. This mascara wakes up my eyes and everyone can see my lashes.