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Kiss USA

Kiss USA
overall rating : 9

Kiss USA

overall rating : 9

Nails,  lashes,  hairs and eyebrows,  wouldn't it be great if they would stay in great shape throughout the day?  We know how hard it can be to maintain a good look,  you spend hours of your time,  and money from your pocket to style your hair, to make your lashes, brows and makeup look the way you want them to look. And for doing that, you spend a fortune on beauty salons,  and well, there are usually two possible scenarios about how this experience can go, the best case scenario is that you get, at the very best, fifty percent of the look that you had in mind and the worst case scenario is that not only the style and the look that they gave you is nothing like the look that you had in mind, but that they also damaged your actual hair or your lashes and in that way you have lost the integrity of your beauty features and your money. KISS USA reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.

But hey! You do not have to go through all of that to get the look that you want, you just need to use KISS USA products and bring the salon to your home. KISS USA offers the highest quality of products at the best prices and because it has a great range of different products and because they are all really easy to work with, you can get the exact look you have in mind right in front of the mirror in your own room. For example,  they have a product name root to cover hair thickening spray and it works beautifully at balancing the colors of your hair and making your hair look fuller and thicker. It is one of the best hair thickening products on the market and a lot of KISS USA reviews tell us that. KISS USA reviews show that this brand makes one of the best Eyelash Glues available.

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KISS USA is located in the United States of America.
You can either buy KISS USA products at, or easily purchase them at their own official website
Yes, KISS USA is an excellent brand that produces great quality nail care, hair care, beauty tools, makeup and skin care products.
Yes, KISS USA is a completely legitimate brand.
Yes, every KISS USA product has been carefully tested by beauty professionals, and all products are clinically proven to be safe.
Yes, KISS USA is an experienced brand with millions of international followers.


  • PROS
  • Great quality materials used in the beauty tools

  • Amazing quality despite economic prices

  • Allergy free and skin friendly products

  • Outstanding variety of nail and lash products

  • Organic formulas of skin care products

  • Free shipping on orders over $30

  • Great customer service

  • Really responsive return policy

  • All products are cruelty free

  • One of a kind products that cannot be found in any other brand’s disposal

  • CONS
  • Shipping to some countries may not be available



Remy Sharp
MelanieSun Aug 28 2022
MelanieSun Aug 28 2022

So I decided to use the bleach and toner kit on the bottom half of my hair where I had previously used semi permanent hair color as I loved the color of the bleach and toner kit and I didn’t want to do my whole head of hair so i used a hair color remover and my friend did that for me before bleaching it with the Kiss hair product. I did the strand test first all was well so I went ahead and did the bottom half of my hair and only left it on for 20 mins and washed it out and my hair began to fall out in clumps and continued to do so til today after the last bit fell out & more than a month later I officially have no hair on the bottom half of my head. After the bleach disaster I used a different brand bleach 2x on the top part of my hair in hopes it would help disguise the hair loss on the bottom. The top of my hair is fine no damages nothing. I thought it could be saved I used top of the line hair masks but the damage was done and the hair was all dead at the bottom of my head. Kiss products USA takes no responsibility, the insurance company they used Travelers lied in their response on my denial letter saying I used the bleach on semi permanent hair color which is why I was denied knowing I told them I used a hair color remover prior and have several witnesses to that and they lied and said there’s been no complaints but I’ve found countless dated within the last 6 months from other people that have experienced the same issues with the same product! Another thing my claims adjuster brought up my having a disability in the opening of our conversation as if it had anything to do with what she was about to say which was telling me as much as they would love to help me they can’t because they found nothing wrong with the batch they tested and have no complaints. She was trying to use my disability against me and I refuse to speak to her again! kiss Couldn’t care less that I refuse to except that

Remy Sharp
Nancy HernonTue Mar 08 2022
Nancy HernonTue Mar 08 2022
I placed an order with this company over a month ago and the products have still not shipped. I’ve received zero communication about the status and am now wondering if this was a scam.
Remy Sharp
Celia SwainTue Mar 08 2022
Celia SwainTue Mar 08 2022
I ordered nails in December when they were buy two get one free. I never received the free set. One set I received damaged and it was replaced in February. 2 whole months later! This is a terrible way to do business. After being a loyal customer for years this experience has reminded me that there are other companies with much better customer service .



With renowned brands marketed in over 100 countries, KISS USA is a global leader in professional quality beauty products and treatments. Mr. John Chang invents DIY beauty products that lengthened, strengthened, and adorned women's nails, with results worthy of a salon visit (which saves them time, effort, and money!). This has been the KISS USA WAY since day one. The KISS USA objective is to promote an uncompromising dedication to ethics, integrity, and excellence. To supply consumers with cosmetics of the greatest quality, efficacy, and safety, and to continue to develop cutting-edge technologies that make everyone's day more beautiful. KISS USA reviews will amaze you.

KISS USA Company

KISS USA is an established, highly prominent beauty brand located in the United States. KISS USA uses the best products to create high performing, amazing, high quality beauty tools and makeup products and skincare. It uses the most innovative formulations and designs and a great team of designers, artists and producers to make the most easy to use and user friendly yet effective beauty products and tools, to make the process of makeup and beauty easier for all its users. KISS USA reviews speak for themselves. 

KISS USA produces a product called the Kiss Lash GLUEliner that is one of the most innovative and best combinations of glue and eyeliner for the best experience with false lashes. For a long time, it has been customers’ favorite product according to the many reviews that they gave out. KISS USA is known as one of the best and most popular brands among beauty uses according to many KISS USA reviews. KISS USA reviews will amaze you.

KISS USA Reviews

A huge number of KISS USA customers have also said that after using its beauty tools, they did not see any need to spend hours in different beauty salons, and could easily do their weekly and monthly routines on their own without having to spend time, money and energy in any places other than their homes. What do KISS USA reviews reveal about the brand? KISS USA reviews mostly point out the fact that it is truly one of the best suppliers of artificial nails, lashes, and other beauty tools and products on the market and many of its products are revolutionary and they are still some of the best beauty tools and products on the market. KISS USA reviews indicate that customers enjoy the benefits of all the ingredients used in this product.

KISS USA Before and After

A lot of KISS USA users and customers have reported that they have experienced great improvements in their nail care, hair care, lash care, and beauty routines. They have experienced that their hair, nails, and skin were more hydrated and moisturized and that they have felt a general healthier feeling in their skin. Also, the strength of their hair and nails has improved drastically. KISS USA reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

KISS USA Product Company

KISS USA products are one hundred percent cruelty free and that means they do not test any of their products on any animals. They are using the world's highest quality ingredients and they work with some of the world's best manufacturers and all of their products go through a careful process of testing and redesigning and reformulating to get to a perfect state, so it is suitable for every type of skin and so that it does not cause any irritations or any discomfort on the skin. KISS USA reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy. 

KISS USA products are truly exemplary. They have a great foot and toenail mask sock that moisturizes and hydrates your foot and toenails and it feels really great! It is one of the best foot masks on the market, a lot of KISS USA reviews say that. KISS USA reviews are mostly positive.

The Best KISS USA Products


The KISS USA Eyelash Glue has a felt tip and it can be used as an eyeliner and a lash glue, all at once. It comes in black or colorless. It provides the perfect foundation for placing your false eye lashes and you can be sure that it will look amazing. A lot of KISS USA reviews indicate that it is one of the best and most innovative glue liners on the market.


KISS USA Root True Cover Hair Thickening Fiber Spray

This KISS USA Root True Cover Hair Thickening Fiber Spray uses the great and famous jojoba oil to deeply condition the hair. It perfectly covers the differences in hair colors near the roots and it uses a great setting ingredient that helps the hair to keep its color throughout the day. It is one of the best hair thickening sprays on the market and you can read a lot about this product on a lot of KISS USA reviews. 


KISS USA Foot & Toenail Mask Socks

This economical KISS USA Foot & Toenail Mask comes in the form of socks and contains Shea butter, macadamia oil, and soothing lavender to deeply moisturize and hydrate the sensitive skin of your feet and your beautiful toenails. This KISS USA Foot & Toenail Mask gets its job done only in twenty minutes and is proven to be one of the best foot masks on the market.

KISS USA Customer Service

KISS USA’s active and attentive customer service team is available to respond to your concerns or questions about any of KISS USA products. You can access them during business days, through their email, or call them at 1-844-864-5261 from 9 AM to 5 PM. KISS USA reviews are great.

KISS USA Return Policy

KISS USA has got one of the most efficient return policies out there; you can easily return any products that you are not satisfied with and get a full refund of your purchased price or an exact replacement of your KISS USA product. KISS USA reviews are an indication of its quality.