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Dr. Dennis Gross Retinol Serum

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Dr. Dennis Gross Collagen Serum

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Dr. Dennis Gross Reviews

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  • Adam

Really Great All-In One Ingredients

I like the combinational of ingredients in this one product. The mix of Ferulic as an antioxidant, niacinamide for regulation skin function, and retinol for renewal, it's a powerhouse product. It shows in my skin too because never morning I have a renewed dewy glow.

  • Anonymous

improves skin tone

 I use this three times a week and find it to be a gentle retinol serum. I haven't had any adverse reactions using it at this frequency, but I may need to increase my usage to see greater benefits. It seems to even out skin tone and improve texture, but the effects are subtle for the high price tag.

  • natasha

Fairly happy with product

I do like the way this product makes my skin feel. Ive purchased once and will probably purchase again. I am just not sure I like it well enough to make a regular part of my skin care routine.

  • nika

Great serum

 This is a great brightening serum that layers well with other products- but you *have* to use it everyday to see results. I would say its retinol may not be as potent as others out there, but it is a good everyday

  • LovelySkin Customer

Smooth and Non-Drying

This seems to smooth my skin and doesn't irritate or dry it out. Only issue is that I'm not sure it has the added brightening that I've gotten with other serums. Is a nice alternative to standard retinols but not sure what concentration this one is.