Dermalogica Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 3.1 out of 5 with 104 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3.1 out of 5 with 104 Votes

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Overall Rating :

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair

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Dermalogica Reviews

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  • Nikky Gardin

Product does not work.

Product does not work. Will not buy is very shameful and bad

  • Darla..8

Disappointed in this product

This product ruined my facial skin...  It was a waste of my hard earned money. Terribly disappointed...would not recommend to anyone. I followed the instructions and still ended up with rash and still have dark spots.

  • Sophia

You should be very careful with this product

You should be very careful with this product......Retinol can cause toxicity............They should have more stringent warnings on the label.....

  • Angel Uw

Worst product I ever put on my face

Worst product I ever put on my face. Caused itchy redness, breakouts, and soreness. Retinol is no joke and this product is horrible.

  • Christina

It is soft going on, you only need a very little bit. It's gentle but be careful going outside in the sun. It's semi pricey so make sure you like it before you purchase. I would buy it again!


  • Muna

I don't really see this making a difference for me ! It came with a set I purchased from hand and stone ! I love most of my products from them but I haven't seen a difference . It is very lightweight tho


  • Joya O.

Great product for overnight use. Doesn’t feel sticky like other products and can be used right before going to bed. It is a good amount of product for the price and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something new to try out!


  • hannah D.

it wasn’t what i wanted. i thought it would work better & honestly i think i was just disappointed because i have such high expectations for this brand name in the beauty work. it is expensive too as well but maybe i should just keep trying to give it a chance


  • Ashley S.

This overnight retinol repair make your skin feel gentle and soft. It always make your face feel nice and relaxed. I can honestly say that this definitely met my expectations. This product is not too expensive and not to cheap depending on who is buying this product.


  • Justice T.

This is a pretty mild retinol compared to some I have had in the past. It doesn't mean this doesn't work though! I love that it is fairly gentle and it comes with a buffer cream to help get used to the strength! Very user friendly and doesn't tear me up like some. It's just not a big treatment bottle for the price. I'll probably get something else in the future that is a little more active. I love the pairing eye cream though!


  • Micha H.

Love everything that I have tried from Dermalogica. I feel like I get results from all that I have used. I think the line is overpriced. The price keeps me from being a regular user. I only make special considered purchases with gift cards or reward systems in place by retailers, otherwise I would have to pass on these products.


  • Shalyse L.

This odd a really cool product. I love that it comes was the bigger cream so that you can customize to what your skin can tolerate. I Gave it the lower rating bed cause once you are acclimated the retinol isn’t they say powerful. Definitely for the new to retinol customer.


  • Megan M.

Definitely not something to use if not already used to concentrated retinol vit A products. But this is my nightly serum for the most part with breaks here and there. The difference has been quickly noticeable since the regular use of this! Highly recommend for aging skin and some breakouts even.