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NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper provides a hydrating lip plumping mega boost that reduces lines and crinkles while still expanding the curve and volume of the lips. This lip plumper manages to produce a fuller look while moisturising lips with a specific peptide and hyaluronic acid combination. This is a natural lip plumper.

The Nourishmax Instant Lip Plumper works by implementing modern Hyaluronic Spheres into the thin and fragile skin of the lips, which extract moisture from the air and fill and enlarge the lips. Instant Lip Plumper also contains a peptide that helps to stretch and improve the softness and volume of the lips over time by promoting collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Each element is used in its most stable way in this formulation, which was chosen intentionally for its ability to yield real results.

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The NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper Review

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is a peptide used in Instant Lip Plumper. This peptide is an amino acid that absorbs the epidermal layer of the skin and influences skin cells. The peptide activates collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin by activating a configure chain.

It's no surprise that lip injections are among the most popular non-surgical treatments demanded by both males and females at the plastic surgeon's office. A puffy lip will make your face look more symmetrical and elegant, in addition to being attractive. However, medical methods can have side effects, and some people may not choose to go under the knife. However, there are other healthy and permitted alternatives, such as using lip plumpers.

Lip plumpers are a quick and inexpensive way to get fuller, sting-free lips. The Nourishmax Instant Lip Plumper greatly increases the volumization, moisturization, and rejuvenation of the lips. It also works to smooth out wrinkles and vertical lines. This Lip Plumper has an ultra-smooth, non-greasy, comfortable texture (without silicones) that melts into the skin and absorbs easily.

From skin lift cream to hyaluronic acid, the Nourishmax has tried to manufacture both anti-aging and anti-wrinkle serums for the Nourishmax consumers with the right ingredients from their favourite brand. Since the NourishMax values their consumers' time, they don't have to waste it looking for the right anti-aging and wrinkle items; the good ones are here already!

The Nourishmax services are both organic and cruelty-free. Paraben, Silicone, Phthalate, Artificial colour and scent, Mineral oil, and other harsh additives are not used in any of the Nourishmax reviews items. As a result, the items are suitable for all skin types.

The NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper reviews

One of the biggest advantages of the NourishMax is that it includes Turmeric Extract, which stimulates skin cells and capillaries while lowering irritation and skin redness. Its antibacterial properties make it an effective treatment for acne, rosacea, and eczema.

To get a better understanding of the Nourishmax goods and to see consumer comments, read actual customers reviews online. You will still look at before and after photos to see the positive changes it has planned for its faithful customers.

Any consumers consider the Nourishmax to be one of the best skin care companies.

The NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper ingredients

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide: This peptide, which is made up of amino and fatty acids, helps the skin's vital collagen and hyaluronic acid. It improves the internal nature of the lips, making them look plump, full, and solid.

Hyaluronic Spheres: Hyaluronic Spheres touch the flesh, absorbing moisture and expanding to increase the thickness of the lips.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps in the reduction of transepidermal water loss. This keeps the skin moist and stable for a lengthy span of time.

The NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper Before and After

You'll notice a difference in your lips, which would be much plumper.

Questions and Answers

Lip plumpers that work well will gently mould and volumize your lips without forcing you seem like you've been punched in the mouth. In the other hand, a bad lip plumper will leave you with red, watery, and painful lips. Even for non-surgical lip plumpers, there is a small chance. In the case of NourishMax's Instant Lip Plumper, though, this is not the case.
The VITAMIN C NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper is available on Amazon. The NourishMax brands are also available for purchase online at
As desired, smooth evenly over the lip region. It can be worn alone or under lipstick.
$21.00 The NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper, in comparison to other brands, has a higher consistency and functions more than any other product. Since the NourishMax Instant Lip Plumper has a positive impact and you can see and feel a difference in a short period of time.
Smooth evenly over lip area as needed. It may be used under lipstick or alone.

Customer Reviews

  • Hera

Fear of surgery and Botox? Worry not, cuz this is for you.

Ever since I was a child, I always wanted my lips to be a little bit fuller and thought they would as the time passes but of course they never did. So, when I came across NourishMax's Instant lip plumper, I had to order it and try it. OMG! It granted my childhood wish true without needing a single injection. Will definitely recommend it.

  • Terry

A MUST have when taking an awesome selfie!

To be honest, I'm a social media addict and post tons of pictures daily. In other words, I seek validation of others and in order to get their validation, I need to keep my social status up. With the help of NourishMax's Instant lip plumper, I've been able to do that and my selfies and pictures look rocking hot with my new lips!

  • Mine

Clubbing is a lot of fun when you have this serum!

My friends and I love going clubbing and I always carry a tube of NourishMax's Instant lip plumper with me. This serum makes my lips really sexy and I love the attention I get from people when I walk into a club looking good because of it.

  • Veronica

Unforgettable kisses with this plumping serum!

I've recently purchased a tube of NourishMax's Instant lip plumper as I've started getting back in the game of dating and all my dates have loved my lips without a doubt. I really owe these unforgettable kisses to this serum.

  • Melani

Leveled up my makeup and makes me look superb!

I've been using NourishMax's Instant lip plumper for two months now and can't even imagine not using it before applying my makeup! This superb serum plumps my lips in a short period of time and makes them really soft to the touch.

  • Jeny.99

Works better than any surgery or Botox injection!

I always wanted to add volume to my lips but also feared the surgical and injection ways of doing it. Fortunately, I read about NourishMax's Instant lip plumper on an article and had my lifelong wish come true!

  • Ashly

Plumper and softer lips without pain and misery!

I'm so happy that NourishMax's Instant lip plumper exists and that I don't have to do a surgery as it does exactly the job a surgery would do.

  • DIna.

Arrived timely!!it works as described.

Makes my lips soft with a natural pink that is just sensual. It keeps lips heavily moisturized for many hours. I really love this stuff, simply the best!Defiantly works!!!

  • Jeyda9

Loved this !!!

I absolutely LOVE this product! It’s so smooth, conditioning and plumping. It really does help with lip lines.Refreshes the lips and visually increases.

  • T.Bob

I recommend

I was really surprised how well this plumps.Nice, thick, moisturizing gloss that doesn't have to be re-applied very often. A definite recommend!it has not disappointed!