MedAims CBD Night Serum Full Spectrum Reviews in 2021

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MedAims CBD Night Serum Reviews

MedAims Broad Spectrum CBD Night Serum

Have you ever woken up, finding your skin dull and unusually peeled? Well, that had been the case for me for over two decades. My skin started acting all weird in my mid-teens. At first, I thought it might be because of the products I use to cleanse my face like my soap or my face serum but even after changing them, nothing really differed. It wasn't such a big deal back then but, as I aged, I started caring about little details in my appearance and that's when this state I woke up to every morning started bothering me. 

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MedAims is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read MedAims reviews.

MedAims Broad Spectrum CBD Night Serum

Taking all that into account, I still avoided facing this problem of mine till I was in my late thirties. By then, I also had some wrinkles here and there and wanted to get rid of  them on top of everything. My colleague advised using MedAims CBD night serum claiming wrinkles disappear faster using nightly treatment. Trusting her, I ordered a bottle of the MedAims CBD night serum and started using it a month later when I received my package. Not only did it help me get rid of my wrinkles, but it also fixed my morning problem! Turns out all I needed these whole two decades was a nice nightly skincare routine.


The ingredients used in the product are as important in affectivity as the period of time you use the cosmetic product. In the case of MedAims’s CBD night serum, ingredients used in the formula are of high quality making this night serum all the more worth its price. One ingredient in particular makes MedAims’s CBD night serum pretty special and that's Hemp oil extract. In short, Hemp oil is extracted from cannabis seeds and is legal due to having zero to 0.3% thc. Hemp oil has various health benefits such as being highly moisturizing, antioxidant properties, reducing inflammation and so on; making it a popular ingredient among cosmetic manufacturers. It is used to treat all sorts of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

CBD Night Serum

After that, we have reviews MedAims CBD night serum has received so far that exhibit the feedback given by its consumers. Based on the official website of MedAims, CBD night serum has received a total of 45 reviews which 35 of them are five stars. The average score of 4.67 means a great portion of customers using MedAims’s CBD night serum have experienced favorable results. Most customers have reported experiencing anti-inflammatory effects, moisturizing impact, a noticeable change in the texture of their skin, softening and so much more. No consumer has reported any significant side effect or allergic reaction caused by the MedAims CBD night serum and there have been complaints revolving only around the delivery of the product.

And to wrap it up, I'm going to name a few reasons why you should get your own MedAims CBD night serum. They have free shipping on all orders and a 20% discount on MedAims CBD night serum. Then, there's the 30-day refund policy and the use of non-GMO hemp in the production of this night serum. Lastly, the use of high-quality hemp makes it even more special.

Questions and Answers

It's simple! First, you have to wash your face and dry it before applying any of the product on it. Then, pump enough product to cover your whole face and massage it until it forms an even layer on your face and neck. Use it before bed every night for best results.
To level up your skincare routine and make your skin healthier, click here and order MedAims CBD night serum.
With the help of hemp oil extract, MedAims CBD night serum has brought you various benefits. A few of these benefits are keeping the hydrating in the skin due to omega acids 3, 6 and 9 found in hemp oil extract, drawing moisture to the skin as a result of being a humectant, anti-inflammatory affects aging because of the omega acids, soothing impact thanks to the fatty acids and anti-acne effects as hemp oil is a natural balancer of skin's oil production.
To this day, not a single customer has reported any side effects or allergic reactions to the MedAims CBD night serum. If you've experienced any, make sure to give customer service a call and let them know.

Customer Reviews

  • Lina Candi

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a rather rough skin and none of the products I tried helped me even one bit. After reading some articles about skincare routines, I figured out that a nice night serum could be the answer to my problem. I haven’t tried night serums before so I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but after scrolling through some online shops I settled with MedAims CBD night serum. This serum is otherworldly! Just after a week of use it did what tons of face creams couldn’t do! I will definitely keep using this great serum!

  • Alison Cerr

I never meant to buy MedAims CBD night serum with any previous intentions. One day while I was scrolling through my social media looking for a new eye cream, I happened to come across MedAims night serum. That was when I realized I didn’t have a night serum, so went ahead and bought a bottle. I can’t express the level of my happiness in words! It made my pores smaller! Something that more than ten products were not able to do in the past year! And the softness… OMG! I can’t believe human skin could be this soft!

  • Silva.B

I’m really picky about the products I use on my face, so when I was going to choose a night serum for the new skincare routine I had taken up, I went through some real difficulties. I had to find something that wouldn’t irritate my skin at all as it is acne prone. I tried some brands, but all of them were a little too heavy on my skin and caused breakouts the morning after. When I found MedAims’s CBD night serum, I was a little skeptical, but all my doubts vanished after the first use! I couldn’t believe how healthy and hydrated this serum had made my skin!

  • Viola berry

It’s been a while that I’ve been looking for a night skincare product to use as my daily skincare routine as I don’t really have time in the day to care about my skin. At first, I tried some creams, but turned out creams are too oily for long hours of use. Then I switched to serums, but I just didn’t seem to find the serum I wanted. The serums I used before MedAims’s CBD night serum all had a weird texture that was not favored by me at all. After I found MedAims’s CBD night serum, I finally felt satisfied! This serum is what I have searched for! This works very well!

  • Samantha98

I’ve always had the dryness problem after waking up in the morning and I didn’t know how to fix it. One day when I was talking about it with my friend, she suggested using a night serum. I was a little lost in the matter of choosing a compatible night serum, but finally I made my decision and chose MedAims’s CBD night serum. It’s WORTH it! I’ve never been happier with my purchase!

  • Edna Loi

I have always wanted a smoother and softer skin ever since I can remember, but I never got it. The creams would only make my skin soft temporary, but I was looking for something rather permanent and that led me to MedAims CBD night serum. This serum truly is what I wanted! Now I only have to leave it on my face for a night to wake up to a plump, fresh looking skin!

  • Norma

I have a sensitive skin and it makes choosing cosmetic products hard and boring, so when I wanted to buy a new night serum I was in tears. After searching a bit and reading people’s reviews I was led up to MedAims night serum. It seemed like the one, so I ordered a bottle and I couldn’t have been happier than I am right now! This serum is my skin’s soulmate!

  • Julia wtson

A while ago I noticed a slight dryness in my skin and that was when I realized I had to get rid of my current moisturizer as it was weak. After searching a while and looking through the internet I found MedAims’s CBD night serum, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. It made magic happen! Even though it’s very light, which is a positive point, it’s REALLY moisturizing! I love its consistent texture and the fact that it doesn’t have a scent at all.

  • C.Morris

I have a very stressful job and have to manage up to 20 people in a day to work as they were told to and you can’t imagine how many incidents can happen in a day that could screw all the projects and I have to deal with them all. This has caused me to frown a lot and over the years I have developed some deep wrinkles, but MedAims’s CBD night serum fixed them! The result is unbelievable!

  • Sareen

People judge me for my skincare routine because they think “men” are not supposed to have one, but hear me out bros, MedAims CBD night serum is lit! I used to have very big breakouts every morning and they made me look horrible. When I found this serum, I was as happy as a clam! It makes my skin softer than anything I have ever touched and the amount of all those breakouts has decreased!

  • Karen. Scott

Some months ago, I noticed some spots of hyperpigmentation on the right side of my face that looked rather ugly and I’m really sensitive about symmetricity of my facial features, so I started looking for something that would fix them. After a while I found MedAims CBD night serum and tried it. JESUS! This serum is the BEST! It only took me three weeks of use to get rid of those spots! LOVE IT!

  • Clark

I have a very dry skin and that’s the reason I bought my bottle of MedAims CBD night serum, I don’t have that much time in day time to keep up a daily skincare routine, so I was looking for a way to fix the dryness of my skin and that’s how I found MedAims’s night serum. It’s AMAZING! I could already notice a drastic change in the texture of my skin! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Elena Martin

I was looking for something that would hydrate my skin and be absorbed really fast as I’m really sensitive on cleanliness of my sheets. MedAims night serum is my answer! I love how hydrated my skin looks in the mornings and the fact that my sheets are clean is even better!

  • Rana. Ada

My previous night serum caused a big rash under my chin that wouldn’t go away and I had to do something about it and that’s how I started using MedAims’s CBD night serum. This serum is pure magic! The rash was gone in three days! I can’t believe how great this serum is!

  • Anonymous

Great moisturizing and repair boost for my skin! Skin feels smooth and soft in the morning.