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Mr. Moxey’s CBD Mints Reviews

Mr. Moxey's CALM 100mg CBD Peppermint Mints
Through childhood, I never experienced trauma. Life was fine and I really didn't understand the meaning of sadness. When I was in middle school, I had a friend called Sarah. We were together all the time; we were inseparable. Sarah lived across the school and had to walk across the street on her own to get to school. One of the days, as I was waiting at the entrance to welcome Sarah, I saw with my very own eyes that a car hit her; she didn’t survive the blow. I was diagnosed with depression a week after that when school had brought a psychiatrist.

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 Mr. Moxey’s CBD Mints Reviews

I used to self-harm and cry almost every day; I just couldn’t come to the terms that Sarah was gone. My mom knew about me self-harming and I had told her many times I've been thinking of suicide. One of the days, my mom gave me a pack of Mr. Moxey's CALM 100mg CBD Peppermint Mints and that did change my life. I started thinking less about negative thoughts and the death of Sarah was finally coming to light. Now, two years after first using Mr. Moxey's CALM 100mg CBD Peppermint Mints, I can say I'm a happy person and don't regret anything at all.

So, what makes Mr. Moxey's CALM 100mg CBD Peppermint Mints so calming and helps people like me to start feeling better? To answer that, all we have to do is take a look at Mr. Moxey's CALM 100mg CBD Peppermint Mints ingredients. The key ingredients of these calming friends of yours are broad spectrum organic hemp extract, hawthorn, ashwagandha and lemon verbena.

Broad spectrum organic hemp extract is one that contains all sorts of natural cannabinoids such as terpenes but without the THC; the substance that results in being high. It's a natural pain relief and helps release the tension stored up in the muscles. Based on some studies, due to the fatty acids hemp extracts contain, they have improved the acne states and cleared the skin.

Next, we have hawthorn. It's effective for strengthening heart contractions which would result in increased blood flow. Hawthorn decreases fatigue and shortness of breath as well as treating restlessness, anxiety and ADHD making it one of the best companions of broad spectrum hemp extract.

After that we have ashwagandha as the next ingredient. Ashwaganda has been listed as an adaptogen which means it could be a great aid for your body when dealing with stress. This amazing herb lowers your blood sugar and cortisol levels and improves your brain's function which in return can be really helpful fighting against anxiety and depression. These aside, ashwagandha boosts your energy levels and provides long lasting concentration for people suffering from jumping from a subject to another and people with ADHD. It also induces apoptosis that would lead to programmed death of cancer cells while preventing future cancer cells' growth.  As mentioned it lowers the levels of cortisol the hormone; known to be stress hormone induced in stressful situations increasing your heart rate and making you ready to make your escape.


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In case of feeling bad as if you're about to be triggered or just want to be relieved from stress, take one or two and pop right into your mouth. They'll dissolve, leaving you feeling relieved and minty.  
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As mentioned before, Mr. Moxey's CALM 100mg CBD Peppermint Mints helps you with depression and negative thoughts as well as anxiety and panic attacks. You can also have the tension you have in your muscles after a long day leave your muscles by taking one of these little minty pals. And above all, this CBD mints help you get rid of your stress and provide you a goodnight sleep.  
The effects last up to eight hours, but depending on each individual and situation results may vary.  

Customer Reviews

  • Cindy Simpson

I only need to take one and about 30 minutes later, I easily go to sleep. I have only had to take two a couple of times. I get great sleep with dream. I have no aftereffects when I wake up. I actually have a lot of energy.. They were recommended to me and I am happy with the product.

  • H.K

Didn't like the taste and smell of it and i had a very high expectation due to its advertisements and its price.

  • s........b

These are great for microdosing, the ginger tastes pretty good, and they are exactly the ratio I would want. The only bad thing I can say is that they are pretty expensive, and if you are intending on doing a lot of microdosing you might not be able to afford to keep up with these.

  • Laurin O.

I’m not sure if it’s psychological or if these really work but I don’t care! They are tasty and great to have in the purse. I take 1-2 before arriving at the in-laws, take a deep breath, ground, center and off I go. I have taken notice on occasion that I am relaxed when I would typically be tense. So, they help me “take a step back” and also freshRead more about I’m not sure if it’s psychological or

en breath! Win-Win!