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Mission Farms CBD Mints

Mission Farms
2 reviews
overall rating : 8.4

Mission Farms CBD Mints

overall rating : 8.4


Mission Farms CBD reviews indicate that the tasty pure CBD peppermint mints are a convenient way to take CBD. To improve your physical, emotional, and mental health all day, keep the Mission Farms CBD mints in your pocket or handbag.



As a report of Mission Farms CBD reviews, their Mission Farm CBD mints are kept in the best possible condition before being delivered right to your front door. It is a component of their commitment to farm-to-family. By placing an order with them directly on the company’s official website, you can save time and money.

Either a trial-size tin (10 mints) or a full-size tin (30 mints) are available as the Mission Farms CBD mints. Each of the mints has 20 milligrams of CBD. The price is $15.00–$39.00.

The rich, mouthwatering peppermint flavor of one of the Mission Farms CBD mints is among the first features that will catch your attention right away. Do you worry about your breath? It is handled with these peppermint mints. Try to resist the impulse to crunch up and swallow the mint while you slowly savor it. When you have finished the mint, what matters more than how you feel is how you do not feel as much. As explained in Mission Farms CBD reviews, if you were feeling stressed, you might feel less stressed now. If you were suffering from discomfort or inflammation in your body, you might notice a decrease in it. If you take one before bed, you might find that you sleep better and for longer periods of time.


  • PROS
  • Natural hemp

  • No pesticides have been used

  • THC-free

  • Excellent taste

  • CONS
  • Expensive


Remy Sharp
NinaWed Feb 23 2022
NinaWed Feb 23 2022
These mints left a bad "after taste" in my mouth
Remy Sharp
Sarah HhTue Dec 15 2020
Sarah HhTue Dec 15 2020

There is a chemical like taste. I don’t find that it helps my anxiety or help me sleep. It’s just expensive mints sadly.


What Is CBD Mint?

CBD mints are an edible form of CBD that promotes health and wellness by providing a relaxing sensation. Hemp CBD mints are made by combining hemp extract with crunchy mint candy. When selecting a CBD mint, there are various factors to contemplate. The best CBD mints should be made with natural and organic ingredients. They should also be cruelty-free, gluten-free, and chemical-free, as well as vegan, inexpensive, and healthy.

What Are the Mission Farms CBD Mints?

An Oregon-based family-owned business called Mission Farms has its own hemp farms. They do not use pesticides or other chemicals when they grow their hemp outdoors in a natural manner, as explained in Mission Farms CBD reviews. Their entire line has undergone independent lab testing and is THC-free. The peppermint and cinnamon tastes of the CBD mints are manufactured using hemp-derived CBD isolate. Each Mission Farms CBD mint has 10mg of CBD and is available in a 30-count or 10-count sample size tin, as mentioned in Mission Farms CBD reviews.

Mission Farms CBD Mints Ingredients

According to Mission Farms CBD reviews, the ingredients of the Mission Farms CBD mints are as follows:

Dextrose, Hemp Extract, Stearic Acid, Organic Peppermint Oil. It contains non-detectable THC, per third-party lab testing.

It should be noted that the peppermint CBD mints on the label are THC-free. According to Mission Farms CBD reviews, their laboratory testing shows that they are created using CBD Isolate, which has no detectable THC. The mint tin's label reads "Less than 0.3 percent THC," which is required on labels to show that a product is allowed on government property.

What Are the Mission Farms CBD Mints Good For?

Have you ever been in a difficult circumstance where you yearned for a speedy fix to bring about some relief? The Mission Farms CBD mints have the wonderful advantage of being discreet, so you can have a mint and no one will suspect you are getting a short CBD fix.

According to Mission Farms CBD reviews, you can take a CBD Mint prior to a socially stressful event, or keep some in your car for the rush-hour traffic that makes you moody. Take them with you when you go visit the in-laws, go to a business meeting, or even coach your child's sports team.

Mission Farms CBD Mints Side Effects

In addition to getting rid of any earthy aftertaste, our team at Mission Farms spent months developing the wonderful peppermint flavor of our CBD Mints. As a consequence, you now have a wonderful option to take advantage of CBD while simultaneously providing your body with the boost it requires! These peppermint CBD mints contain no THC. Based on Mission Farms CBD reviews, there are no side effects related to these mints.

How to Use the Mission Farms CBD Mints?

Take a CBD Peppermint Mint whenever you want, wherever. According to Mission Farms CBD reviews, two mints of the Mission Farms CBD mints are the recommended dose, but feel free to consume more during the day. Slowly enjoy the mint, fighting the urge to crunch it up and swallow it. The longer you suck on it, the more CBD you will absorb through your soft palate and the more effectively it will work.

The effectiveness of the Mission Farms CBD mints increases with the amount of time you can keep them in your mouth. Try to chew the mint slowly rather than quickly because the CBD is absorbed through the soft palate in your mouth. Enjoy the minty breath that is crisp and pleasant.

The Mission Farms CBD Mints Before and After

There are many positive comments about the efficacy and productivity of the Mission Farms CBD mints. Users are so delighted with these mints. You can check the before and after usage comments to make sure.

The Mission Farms CBD Mints Reviews

On their website, Mission Farms features a sizable review area that gathers information about every CBD product. Mission Farms CBD reviews about the Mission Farms CBD mints discovered that they improved sleep and reduced stress. Many also remarked on how delicious they were. In general, Mission Farms CBD reviews are amazing.

Did You Know Mission Farms?

Mission Farms CBD is a firm founded by a group of families in Bend, Oregon. Each of those families had someone or a loved one who was experiencing health issues, and standard medicine was failing to meet their requirements for a variety of reasons. That led to the formation of their company, which is identical to what we've heard from others. Mission Farms CBD offers organically grown, non-GMO hemp. The MCT coconut oil, essential oils, and flavorings are all certified organic as well. Mission Fields CBD products contain only hemp cultivated on their own farms near Bend, Oregon. According to reviews, through high-quality CBD products made from organic and pesticide-free Oregon hemp, Mission Farms CBD seeks to provide an effective and all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical therapies. The Mission Farms reviews show great satisfaction regarding the quality.