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Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult
overall rating : 8.4

Smith & Cult

overall rating : 8.4

Preparing for a job interview may be stressful. You want to put your best foot forward in both your personal and professional life and for many people, that includes paying attention to every detail, even your fingers. If you're searching for some manicure ideas to make you feel more confident and polished, look no further.


Smith & Cult is a Miami-based firm.
Smith & Cult cosmetics are available for purchase on their website and through online marketplaces.
Smith & Cult cosmetic packages are so beautiful, they double as vanity décor. The uneven border of the metallic cap is so unusual. It's like a sculpture sitting on your vanity! The product itself is fantastic. It's lustrous, moisturizing, and not at all sticky.
The Smith & Cult brand is authentic.
The nail polishes from Smith & Cult are devoid of potentially dangerous substances. Its chip-resistant composition offers long-lasting wear and excellent coverage. Smith & Cult is a vegan brand. No animal testing is done on any of Smith & Cult's components, formulations, or final products.
Yes, Smith & Cult is well aware that you aren't here to fit in. They give you the ability to make your own rules with unique solutions that are an alternative to beauty monotony by matching your pigmentation to your personality. Their high-tech formulations and components promise unequaled performance, from shapeshifting primers to infinite glitter. Smith & Cult cosmetics are created to work with life's ever-changing rhythms. They applaud everyone who creates their own appearance. Making a shambles. Being genuine. Their beauty society feeds on chaos, spontaneity, and glitter, and they're great at it.


  • PROS
  • Exceptionally smooth coverage.

  • Chip-resistant.

  • It's an 8-free formula.

  • A brilliant gleam.

  • Intensely pigmented.

  • CONS
  • Minor shipping issues.



Remy Sharp
TaraTue Mar 08 2022
TaraTue Mar 08 2022
I use their veiled threat foundation, cancelled concealer and their nail polish very regularly because they are pretty awesome products. I love the pigmentation and the vibrant nail polish colors. I also love how well the coverage of the foundation is and how it doesn't look cakey and get sticky towards the end
Remy Sharp
Carissa P.Tue Mar 08 2022
Carissa P.Tue Mar 08 2022
Best nail polish ever! Levels great, dries pretty quickly and lasts for longer than any other nail polish I have used. It is so easy to apply and touch-up the nails. I was very pleasantly surprised and have changed my nail polish color 3 times last 2 weeks because I wanted to try out the other pretty colors.


Smith & Cult

Smith and Cult is a high-end nail polish line featuring a wide range of opulent hues. Their products can be considered the best nail polishes in the market. For most consumers, however, the true measure of a polish's quality is how long it lasts before having to be reapplied. Smith and Cult's B base coat is quite tenacious and helps the polish remain in place. Another important component of a nice manicure is a long-lasting topcoat. The topcoat from Smith and Cult is a high-gloss finish that helps your manicure last longer.

Hazardous compounds such as Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, and Triphenyl Phosphate are not used in Smith & Cult polishes. They have been developed to be cleaner and safer without losing their excellent application, spectacular shine and durability.


The texture of the polish is intriguing as well; it has a jelly-like consistency that makes the application smoother and simpler. You just need one application for opaque coverage, however, you may apply a second coat for a darker hue.

If you care about packaging, Smith & Cult items will wow you with their quality and design. They'll make any vanity or dresser seem beautiful!

Smith & Cult is less expensive than upmarket labels, yet the quality is similar. This is a perfect middle ground if you want something finer than drugstore cosmetics but aren't ready to pay for high-end luxury products. They also produce some of the best CBD lip balms that you can find.

Smith & Cult Company / Makeup and Nail Polish

Because cosmetics are defined as any product used to clean, enhance, or modify the complexion of your skin, hair, nails (finger/toe), or teeth, nail polish is called "makeup." Most of the time, makeup and cosmetics are the same things, in our opinion. Makeup and nail polish change the way you look. And since most cosmetics modify your "outward appearance," nail polish is a kind of makeup.

For your nails, lips, and eyes, Smith & Cult provides a range of high-octane hues and tones, faultless application, and a constant, beautiful shine. These hues are created by beauty veteran Dineh Mohajer, who revolutionized the color cosmetics business in the 1990s. All colors are manufactured using premium components of the greatest quality.

What Do Smith & Cult Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

Smith & Cult is a millennial's dream come true: its packaging is insanely original, immensely Instagrammable, and just plain fun to possess, according to Smith & Cult reviews. Furthermore, everything the brand does is consistently fantastic, which may be a hit-or-miss game for independent items.

You can't go wrong with whichever color you choose. This is how Smith & Cult makes you feel. Based on Smith & Cult reviews, all of them are well-liked by users.

Smith & Cult Before and After

Customers sent images of their nails in their evaluations, claiming that this is without a doubt the greatest polish they've ever used! It goes on so smoothly, and one coat generally suffices.

2 Best Smith & Cult Products

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer

Kundalini Hustle by Smith & Cult features a deeply pigmented, chip-resistant formula that allows you to appreciate your beautiful set of nails even more. This long-wear nail color is designed to give you a beautifully smooth coverage and a high-shine finish, while the 8-free recipe assures the polish is devoid of a raft of potentially dangerous substances.


Smith & Cult Top Coat - Above it All 

“Above It All” by Smith & Cult is an ultra-glossy top coat that adds a layer of protection to your nails while also offering long-lasting brightness and shine.


Smith & Cult Nail Polish

Smith & Cult has some of the best shades in the biz with major payoff. The Smith & Cult Nail Polish goes on smooth and stays super shiny. It's super easy to use the brush to provide full-coverage with every use. Additionally, the formula is free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. And that feels good too, right? As an added bonus, the chic, Instagram worthy packaging will look gorgeous on any vanity or make-up stand. We guarantee that alone will make you want to purchase more than one shade!


Smith & Cult CBD Lip Balm

The Smith & Cult CBD Lip Balm is a great lip balm that contains CBD. This CBD product is made with real hemp and soothes and protects your lips. Also the Coconut (MCT) oil in this lip balm seals in moisture and hydrates your lips.

Smith & Cult Customer Service

Smith & Cult makeup artists and beauty professionals are on hand to assist you. They can assist you with everything from color matching to finding the right skin care plan for you.

Smith & Cult Return Policy

If you are not pleased with your items, they would gladly accept them for a refund within 30 days of receiving them.