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Overall Customer Reviews: 3 out of 5 with 80 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3 out of 5 with 80 Votes

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Essie Nail Polish

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Essie Reviews

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  • alania

I was a huge fan of this polish but no longer. I'd rather buy some old Opi or Wet n Wild at the Dollar store. The last two I bought go on streaky and clumpy and take many coats which then take forever to dry. Not worth the $$. Colours were Bikini So Teeny and Candy Apple.

  • LolaDvd

Always the best I love Clambake and Fifth Avenue, they apply evening and don't ever clump!! Chip free for at least 3-5 days then the brush is so easy to touch up the tip of the nail which is usually the part that chips. I also love Mademoiselle for every day, but find Ballet Slippers to be too white when I apply 2-3 coats. I always bring my nail polish to the beauty parlor so I can touch up and let me manicure last for weeks! Good tip!

  • loodi

Good colours dries quickly very thin, requiring at least three coats


  • polishnut

Essie Nail Polishes come in a variety of shades and colors with very cute and creative names. However, that's about the only upside to this nail polish line. I have tried three or four different shades and had the same results with all of them. They go on very streaky with dragging and pulling and require at least three coats to even out color. I love the shape of the bottle, however, the brush was very thin and hard to work with. These polishes, IMO, are highly over-priced (8.50+) for what amounts to a drug store polish result. TBH, I've had better results with some cheaper drug store lines. Therefore, I will not be buying Essie again and would not recommend it. For the price I'd recommend OPI or Zoya.

  • insynity

I love these. Amazing variety of colors and some of the best quality polishes I've used. Will always repurchase.


  • Sporty50

They are overprice, but there are pros/cons of this nail polish, once I put on the baseocat, nailpolish, and the topcoat my nails have lasted 7days without touch-up. But I like ballet slipper, sea level and a few others are nice. But nail polish you have to try on to see what colors works and how it goes on. I do like that Essie has the mini size and if you go to HSN you can get the 4ct mini from $12.99 to $18.00 to try.And Macys carry them too. No polish I don't care how little or how much you spend on them there are pros/cons with all of them. But that being said for me I like Essie and the colors they have.

  • atlanta

This review is for the color and care product. Fail, this is making my nails peel. I have natural nails that I have to trim to keep to an active length. My nails usually do not peel or shred on the side and I type all day, garden, do house work etc. Tip since I bought a glass nail file the condition of my nails has greatly improved. Ulta $10 well spent. I have the pink and purple ones. This polish, I bought the blue lavender color, two coats, very sheer nice tint and a little bit of luminescence. I really like the color. Wear is not so great, edges wore off on second day, by third day two of my nails were peeling. As I really liked the color I gave it another chance next manicure, Sunday night manicure and this time I used a base coat under. More peeling. This is Wednesday and I will be taking this polish off tonight and replacing with Vanity Fairest or similar. Also if you have any ridges in your nails this will not be enough of a filler product to protect your nails.

  • PaulaAnnNelson13

Just okay. Not impressed with how the polish looks once dried nor with its staying power. I’ve bought polishes which are a lot less expensive that give much better results than this one. Can not recommend this and will not be repurchasing it again!

  • Ketrn

I have this in the "angora cardi" shade, which is a beautiful deep burgundy mauve. The brush is not great but I love the shade. Covered nicely in 2 coats and I used my favorite Wet n Wild Megalast hard as ice as a top coat. Nice professional look for winter.

  • rrcarden

Essie is quite expensive and contains the toxic “formaldehyde releases” I did two perfect coats and it chipped in less than 8 hours. Will never buy again.