MedAims Reviews in 2021

Discover MedAims’ full-spectrum and broad-spectrum, cold-pressed hemp oil products extracted from hemp plants which are diligently grown and harvested in California. From traditional tinctures to pet products and even CBD-powered skin care, the products of this brand harness the potent properties of organically grown hemp to promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Medaims is a leader in the production of CBD products in various forms. With CBD gummies, easily get rid of insomnia, use CBD salve to relieve pain, and use CBD Tincture to increase sleep quality. Of course, you can take any CBD product you want. The use of all these products is the same, but their taste and method of consumption are quite different.

The CBD-rich hemp starts the lengthy growing process in soil free of potentially harmful pesticides, contaminants, and heavy metals. The plants are tended with care, ensuring the highest-quality hemp is harvested and produced into MedAims products. The extraction process is one of the most advanced methods to date; products are manufatcured by a preferred CO2 extraction method.

Products manufactured by this brand are gluten-free and vegan friendly. It's also worth mentioning that all of the CBD products are third-party tested with easy-to-access lab reports.

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MedAims CBD Oil

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MedAims CBD Night Serum

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MedAims CBD Face Cream

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MedAims CBD Cooling Rub

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MedAims CBD Lavender Salve

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MedAims CBD Gummies

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MedAims CBD Softgel

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MedAims CBD Vape Juice

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MedAims CBD Pet Tincture

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MedAims Body Lotion

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MedAims CBD Mints

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MedAims Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • PYh


I'm really impressed with this product. Contrary to my experience with similar products, Medaims’s light flavor is refreshing and there’s no oily feeling left in my mouth or nasty after taste. Medaims vape juice also has never caused me to cough nor does it leave me with a sore throat.
I find the price of Medaims products to be reasonable. Shipping is super-fast. Customer service has been exceptional!

  • Victoria


I ordered the 1000mg bottle from Medaims brand. The price and product volume are reasonable in my opinion, and I think shipping was adequate. It can be said for sure, this strength and flavor helps with relaxation and falling asleep.

  • JoBer


After using CBD Medaims juice, I think there is a very noticeable difference when vaping CBD than ingesting it. I was restless most of the time and now that I’m all calm and composed. This product has a nice side benefit of helping my cold, sweaty hands become dry, too. Highly recommended :)

  • K.87A

Extremely effective!

The CBD effects are amazing, I fall asleep very easily. It has also greatly reduced my anxiety and restlessness. In my experience this product has the best combination between flavor and CBD doses, I found that the 500mg Medaims vape juice is appropriate for me.



What a tasty and high-quality juice! This product relaxes me and reduces my anxiety. Another positive point I would like to mention is the way the product is delivered in the current special circumstances. This level of customer service is excellent!
For these reasons, Medaims vape juice is going to be one of my favorites from now on.

  • Venda

Finals' stress is nowhere to be found!

MedAims CBD mints is the real deal when it comes down to the stress you get the night before finals. Taking one of these babies calms down your nerves and helps you focus on the subject you're studying. Highly recommended.

  • Ermia86

Depression and anxiety can't bring me down with these!

I'm mentally under a lot of pressure and this pressure is of no help to my current state of mental health. Thankfully, I have MedAims CBD mints with me all the time and they do their best to keep me on my feet. Definitely recommend it to everyone.

  • Oscar

My mouth doesn't feel sore from my braces anymore

My braces usually poke the inside of my mouth making it sore, but MedAims CBD mints kills the pain and puts me at ease. 10/10

  • Pat Zo

Stable mood is achievable with these mints!

I used to have strong mood swings and was bothered by them. MedAims mints rescued me and now I can keep my mood stable with them.

  • Cm.Uy

The pleasure of exercise

My friend and I used to go mountain climbing while we were studying at university. After university, I had an accident in the football field that gave me a horrible pain in my leg. For this reason, I avoided going mountain climbing. I could only go back to the group of friends and continue mountain climbing without any more pain by using Medaims. It meant a repetition of a great life for the second time after that accident.

  • Smithh

Little sleeping sweets! Will purchase again!

I used to struggle with insomnia almost every night of my life and that has been making my life real hard! Keeping up with school and doing what I wanted while dying because of sleep deprivation was something I couldn’t keep doing, so I bought a bottle of MedAims CBD gummies. They blew up my mind! I sleep better than ever!

  • Ba.Xc

After using three other brands; this one worked.

It’s been some time that I’ve been looking for a brand of CBD gummies that would help me deal with my depression, but all the three brands I had used so far didn’t do anything. Finally, I found MedAims’s CBD gummies and they surprisingly worked! I love their taste, and how they lift up my mood is just incredible!

  • Bella Time

My husband liked them and they helped him with anxiety.

My husband had been dealing with anxiety since childhood, but when it comes to his work, his anxiety takes it to the next level. He would even cry sometimes because of how anxious he is due to his job. So, I bought him a bottle of MedAims’s gummies and they worked! Now, he feels way more relaxed than before.

  • Hick.645V

My sore muscles seem to vibe with these gummies

I work in a market and I have to move twenty boxes full of fruits and other goods during the day which leaves me with sore muscles in my arms and back. The pain would make me want to only lie on my bed and do nothing, but MedAims CBD gummies fixed my problem! I only have to take one gummy and there’s no more soreness.

  • Janet

Relieved my migraine and they taste awesome! Win-win!

I don’t take prescribed medication for my migraines as they irritate my stomach, and the pain was killing me the whole time I wasn’t under meds, but now MedAims’s gummies do the meds’ job! Plus they’re tasty.

  • Emilia

The real thing! Puts me to sleep in no time

My insomnia has made my life really bitter and I have been searching for something to help me for so long! Now that I have found MedAims’s CBD gummies, I finally got the life I wanted all this time! These are the real stuff.

  • Noemi.A

Worth every single dollar! Best product ever!

I have been dealing with depression since the time I entered university and I haven’t been able to get rid of it ever since. MedAims CBD gummies helped me get a hold of myself and the depression doesn’t control me anymore!

  • Karen

Worked great on arthritis and the quality is HIGH.

My arthritis has been killing for the past three years, so when MedAims’s gummies helped with the pain, I couldn’t be more grateful.

  • Nelson.A

No pain from broken bone can last with these gummies

I broke my index finger a month ago and the pain was driving me insane, but MedAims’s gummies killed the pain instantly!

  • Roxie.00

Panic attacks are controlled because of these angels!

The panic attacks I used to get were really extreme to the point of blacking out, but thanks to MedAims’s CBD gummies they’re under control.

  • O.Re

A very happy 60 year-old lady! Love them

My back used to hurt like I was hit by a car, but ever since using MedAims CBD gummies I haven’t felt that pain!

  • Jeorjia Zan

No more trouble sleeping. These gummies are SUPERB!

I used to roll a lot and feel uncomfortable in my bed, but after using MedAims’s CBD gummies I started sleeping like a baby!

  • Nin.A

Helped the pain of a broken hip. Amazing gummies!

Some time ago, I had a biking accident and broke one of my hips. Thanks to MedAims CBD gummies I haven’t felt much pain.

  • Selena

Can’t focus at all? Worry no more cause these gummies are for you.

My ADHD would always result in a decrease in my grades, but with MedAims’s gummies I don’t have that problem anymore!

  • C3546

Good advice

I used this product on an advice from a buddy. At first this price seemed too high for this amount of product, but after using it and the amazing effect it had on my toe’s pain, I changed my mind. I am going to order 2000mg Medaims salve next time.

  • Garcia

We are thankful!

Based on our friend’s experience we bought a 500mg Medaims CBD salve and tried it on my husband's back as he often wakes up with pain. His pain improved soon and he asks me every night to apply it. We are really thankful for this product.

  • Aliah

The best

I’m a 51-year-old woman with arthritis in both knees and my neck. I went for a walk but had to stop because of the pain in my knee. It was unbearable. With my yoga instructer’s suggestion I used Medaims and it improved my condition. I’ve already recommended this salve to my friends who suffer from joint pain. To get the relief I’m seeking, I probably should have the 2000 mg salve to deal with my level of ache.

  • Dianne Car


I've used a CBD cream in the past and I saw its effects, but now I was really hurting and thought I'd look for something new. I've used Medaims CBD salve and found that it really works for me. This one's definitely a keeper! Highly recommended!

  • Hilda

High quality

This product is incredible! I have suffered from sciatica pain for the past months and Medaims CBD salve has reduced my symptoms. I will continue to use Medaims. I still need time to choose the dose I want but this CBD salve will be with me for a long time!

  • D.Er5

works well on a painful foot

I read many CBD reviews before choosing to give Medaims a try. The results that others were reporting were interesting to me and I decided to try Medaims salve. In my own experience, I find it to be very helpful on an arthritic foot.

  • Clara Zin

Parent favorite

I bought the 2000 mg bottle for my parents. My father had several accidents, and recently even marijuana has not alleviated his pains My mother, who had joint pain, said that she slept very well during the night when she used Medaims CBD salve. I am very satisfied with this product and it is truly a blessing.

  • Anjel Hel

Fast impact

I have osteoarthritis and my three fingers were broken this season. I had done research on CBD before because of my job. So I decided to give it a try. I got acquainted with Medaims’s products by online searching and ordered CBD salve. I was totally amazed how quickly it worked! After my fingers are healed, I will continue using this CBD salve, this is a miracle. I want to introduce it to my mother who suffers from extreme osteoarthritis, too!

  • Patsy

Helped dealing with my cat’s scratch scars.

I needed something that would help with the itchy feeling I had in the area where my cat has scratched me and MedAims’s cooling rub was the answer.

  • Irma Jo

Good for muscle ache and easy to apply.

Bought MedAims’s CBD cooling rub three months ago for the muscle aches after my gym sessions, and it works pretty well.

  • L.645

Works better than expensive physio sessions.

Some months ago I had a car accident which left me with a dislocated shoulder. Even though some months passed and the injury was healed, I never completely recovered from that accident and still had pain. After using MedAims’s cooling rub, my pain was gone and my shoulder felt better than it was before.

  • Gomez Da

Herniated discs’ pain used to keep me up all night

I have had a couple of herniated discs since I can remember, and they would always make every single task a real pain in the neck, but they would become even worse when I was about to sleep! I couldn’t keep living like that, so I ordered a jar of MedAims’s CBD cooling rub and my pain is gone now!

  • Susan..W

Awful bursitis in my elbows used to drive me insane.

After using MedAims CBD cooling rub, the awful bursitis that I have been dealing with for more than two months started getting better and better each passing day and because of the cooling nice effect of MedAims’s CBD cooling rub, the inflammation started going away! Definitely recommend this to my friends.

  • Natalie

My lifesaver! Gave me back my mobility, Love it!

My arthritis has made me quite limited in mobility these past years and I just couldn’t keep going like this as I had to move a lot during the day, so I searched a bit and found MedAims’s cooling rub. This cooling rub did the unimaginable! It gave me back my mobility and saved me from all the pain I was under.

  • Toniya99

Easy to use and amazingly effective.

Some months ago, I burned myself while I was working in the firework stand of my local carnival. That accident left the biggest, most painful blister I have ever had in my life! I bought a jar of MedAims CBD cooling rub and started using it. This amazing cream cooled down the pain and healed my blister very quickly!

  • Vivian Za

Got back the flexibility of my neck and I’m in no pain.

A month ago, my mom noticed something about my neck was wrong, so she brought out her jar of MedAims’s cooling rub and rubbed it on my neck. I felt better, so I got my own jar and after a while of using my neck is much more flexible!

  • Ida Dob

No strong fragrance and the cooling rub works awesome.

I was afraid MedAims’s CBD cooling rub would have a strong fragrance like my last cooling rub, but fortunately it doesn’t and it works even better than my previous cooling rub! Love it and HIGHLY recommended.

  • Monica

Helps alleviate the pain and is easy to spread.

I use MedAims CBD cooling rub for almost any physical pain that appears to be a problem! This amazing cooling rub instantly fills the area with a cool sensation and helps alleviate the pain quicker than it would usually.

  • Eva D

Prepare to have your muscles feeling cool.

MedAims’s cooling rub seriously diminishes all the soreness and cramps in my muscles! Love the way it makes me feel!

  • Anita Long

Time to relax your body and feel nice.

I wasn’t having a good night sleep for some time because of the stiffness in my body, and MedAims CBD cooling rub fixed it.

  • T.S

My back pain doesn’t irritate me anymore.

My chronic back pain used to make me really frustrated, but after using MedAims’s cooling rub I was good to go.

  • Sparks.Li

Great for a nasty shoulder pain.

I usually carry heavy bags and they put a lot of pressure on my shoulders, so using MedAims’s cooling rub helps ease the pain.

  • Sarah Park

Recommendation of a friend made life better.

My friend suggested using MedAims’s CBD cooling rub on my twisted ankle and it REALLY worked! Life’s so much easier now!

  • Clara.65

In love with this cooling rub! Can’t live without it.

MedAims’s CBD cooling rub has eased my backache, and it even relaxes my stiff body! Love the way it helps me relax!

  • Simon.W

Can’t get enough! Happy I tried!

I bought a jar of MedAims’s cooling rub for my plantar fasciitis and this cooling rub reduced the inflammation a LOT. 

  • Esterada

Obsessed with this serum!

I wasn't able to sleep for weeks. I was always tired during the day. I was suffering from dizziness and painful headaches because of insomnia till I found Medaims tincture. It absolutely changed my life! I can sleep deeply ALL NIGHT. I wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. It's such a great gift.