CBD Worx Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 3.2 out of 5 with 208 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3.2 out of 5 with 208 Votes

CBDWorx is a smaller U.S based CBD brand which competes against other cannabidiol stores like CBDistillery, cbdMD, Zamnesia, CBDfx and Feals. This company is built on quality and integrity. This brand offers social media presence, and website security and privacy policies.

CBDWorx offers natural and THC-free products extracted from the hemp plant. All products are plant-based and vegan. Those who are dealing with pain, anxiety, seizures, spasms, psychosis, and insomnia, will definitely see the great benefits this line of products can provide. To name a few, we have the CBD oil and tincture, pet tincture, and softgels.

Read customer reviews to see how well it is received by the CBD community all around the world.

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CBD Worx CBD Oil

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CBD Worx Pet Tincture

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CBD Worx CBD Softgel

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CBD Worx Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • dave williamson

relaxing friday night

softgels go really nice with a cold beverage or two on a friday evening. takes the edge off

  • Tina

Use pet treats for fireworks

4th of July fireworks are bad for my little girl and I use the treats and it really help.

  • Gill

Use it before working

Working at a Steel mill in illinois and this has really helped ease shoulder pain after 27 years on the job.

  • Dr. K

Recommend it to my customers

Great for Dogs and cats. See better results in dogs because of how they display more emotion.

  • Shelley

Great for headaches

Took the softgels after a headache came on and it really help soothe the pain and get me going.

  • Sean

Great after workouts

Starting using them after a workout and really helped with the recovery. Also use the cream.

  • Mere

Great for large dog

Great for a large dog with hip and joint issues.

  • Derek

Great product. Relief after 20 min

Best tasting CBD I’ve had.

  • Kori

Awful product

It didn’t calm my dog at all. It made him worse. I regret purchasing this product and wish I could get my money back.

  • Penny


So I got this product to help my dog and although he eats it, it has not helped him at all. I would send it back but can't so I am stuck with a product that does not help and out money that I really could have used on something that would help. In short, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IT IS A RIP OFF.

  • Milana

I can’t give a fair judgment as to I just received it

The flavor was good but I can’t give a fair judgment as to I just received it

  • Sk

but it didn't do anything for either of those

I would push through the horrible taste if it actually did anything for my pain or my stress levels, but it didn't do anything for either of those.

  • Sam

I felt absolutely no relief

At first I tried it in orange juice and got no results, so thinking that I may have diluted it to much, the next time I tried it under the tongue, still no results. I felt absolutely no relief.

  • KArol

Can't tell yet

Havent been on it long enough to speak of its effectiveness, but it was delivered promptly, has no flavour.

  • Alexx

Did nothing at all

I was hoping this product would help for at least one of my dog's ailments. She's got separation anxiety, allergies and occasional digestive problems.Extremely disappointed. I'm assuming either the ratio of CBD is too low, or of poor grade.

  • SHinny

Didn’t work for me

Product did not work. Went back to the brand I used before. very bad

  • Tom Ti

There is no CBD Oil in this product.

 There is no CBD Oil in this product. Actually, who knows what it contains.Every so often you make a bad purchase and I consider this one of them.

  • Kylie Ri

Hoping that this would help my cat with…

Hoping that this would help my cat with her anxiety but she won’t go anywhere near these treats. She does not like them at all unfortunately.

  • Venda.Rah

my cat hated it!

my cat hated it! Absolutely suprised me.....would not eat them...put drops in his water...would not drink it! 

  • Anita Ni

Don't waste your money

 This product seems to be watered down, not like an oil at all. And it did nothing that it claims to help.

  • Fern As

Made skin greasy

Made my skin very greasy

  • Robert Harper

Outstanding products and great prices.

Outstanding products and great prices, very fast and discreet shipping as well.

  • Tammy Stevens

very good.

very good experience

  • CGD

I think its a great product at a great…

I think its a great product at a great price!! Would recommend.

  • Johnston Hager

Awesome product

Awesome product! Been using since the end of 2019 and have nothing but good things to say about the product. Thanks Jerry!!!!!

  • Bruce Stoliar

very good.

Product packaging and instructions on label very good.