CBD Worx CBD Oil and Tincture Reviews in 2021

CBD Worx CBD Oil

Overall Rating: 3.1

Capterra Rating: #3.1 .. out of 5 with 6 ratings
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 CBD Worx CBD Oil And Tincture Review

The new and exciting (THC-free) CBD Isolate from CBDWorx is poised to be your new go-to remedy for all that ails you.  The purification process produces a 99% pure CBD powder which means you can have confidence in a product that is not only natural, but of the highest quality.  The powerful therapeutic outcomes, without those pesky psychotropic side effects, will bowl you over and have you feeling your absolute best.


CBD Worx CBD Oil is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read CBD Worx CBD Oil reviews.

 CBD Worx CBD Oil And Tincture Reviews

0.5oz (300mg of CBD)
Each dropper contains 10mg of CBD.
Each bottle contains 30 droppers.
1.0oz (600mg of CBD)
Each dropper contains 20mg of CBD.
Each bottle contains 30 droppers.

Questions and Answers

Customer Reviews

  • Derek

Best tasting CBD I’ve had.

  • Sk

I would push through the horrible taste if it actually did anything for my pain or my stress levels, but it didn't do anything for either of those.

  • Sam

At first I tried it in orange juice and got no results, so thinking that I may have diluted it to much, the next time I tried it under the tongue, still no results. I felt absolutely no relief.

  • KArol

Havent been on it long enough to speak of its effectiveness, but it was delivered promptly, has no flavour.

  • Tom Ti

 There is no CBD Oil in this product. Actually, who knows what it contains.Every so often you make a bad purchase and I consider this one of them.

  • Anita Ni

 This product seems to be watered down, not like an oil at all. And it did nothing that it claims to help.