Just CBD Vape Juice Real Reviews [Updated for 2021]

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Just CBD Store Vape Juice Reviews

 Just CBD Store Vape Juice Review

JustCBD was founded on the basis that Cannabidiol is Mother Nature’s secret miracle. JustCBD is a relatively new company, being founded in 2017, but still remains a quality and well-respected name in the industry. Just CBD products are produced in the US. The company practices honesty and transparency, helping consumers make more decisions. They provide a transparent and reliable source of CBD oils and CBD-infused products to aid in overall health and well-being. The company boasts extensive experience both in the manufacturing and distribution of its products.

Just CBD Store is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Just CBD Store reviews.

 Just CBD Store Vape Juice Reviews

JustCBD has eight flavors available. They sent us every flavor in 60 mL bottles containing 250 mg CBD each. I used them in two sub ohm tanks, each with the same 0.4-ohm TFV8-compatible coil head. I also let some of my friends and family try it out.
The effects with 250 mg CBD are subtle but noticeable, especially when using a sub ohm tank. I constantly suffer from work and stress-related headaches. Previously, my first choice of treatment was to use an anvil or Tylenol. After being introduced to Just CBD vape juice, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get my stress levels down. After a few big puffs I suddenly felt more relaxed, and a slight euphoric sensation. Many of the benefits to using cannabidiol are not always noticeable right away. However, people taking CBD for anxiety, pain or more severe conditions like nerve disorders and depression know when they are getting the relief they require. According to independent lab testing, JustCBD full spectrum CBD vape juice contains no THC and the CBD dosage is portrayed accurately, so it’s actually different from CBD vape juices with THC. 

The name of each flavor is inspired by actual cannabis strains, but not necessarily extracted from that particular one. CBD isolate is listed as the source of cannabidiol, so the effects will be pretty consistent. Unless of course you mix them with strain-specific terpene oils. 

Just CBD Store Vape Juice Review

JustCBD ingredients for vape juices are Cannabidiol, USP Grade Propylene Glycol 20%, and USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine 80%. JustCBD Vape Oils is only for use in vaporizers, and not intended for ingestion. Their CBD E-Juices do not contain any tobacco and come in convenient 60mL bottles.
The JustCBD CBD Vape juice comes in 8 delicious flavors: Pineapple Express (Pineapple), OG (Watermelon), Blue Dream (Blueberry), Cookies, Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango Ice, Blue Razz, Pina Colada Ice.
Read justCBD CBD vape juice reviews to see feedbacks related to this product, mostly showing satisfaction from customers.

Questions and Answers

 Anxiety, as a common mental disorder, has some disastrous effects on health. According to WHO, it is ranked sixth among mental disorders. CBD oil's function in the body is promising and is all positive. It affects the receptors, CB1 and CB2, that are responsible for controlling the release of glutamate and dopamine; and the result is a gradual decrease in anxiety. It has been proved that it has antidepressant effects. Just the dosage should be monitored.   
Since it is taken from the hemp plant, it does contain THC, but it doesn't make you high. As mentioned, the amount is zero or less than 0.3%, and in contrast to the traditional THC product, it is not psychoactive.   
As CBD is extracted from hemp, some areas still have some restrictions, like Idaho, Nebraska, and North Dakota. In these states, you need to get a doctor's prescription. As its THC is less than 0.3%, it is FDA certified. So, it has no psychoactive effect and can be used without any worries. So, yes, it is legal.   
How much to use depends on how much the problem is severe, the body weight, and body function. To be safe, you better start with a low dosage, about 1 to 2 milligrams, and gradually increase it to 5 mg. Usually, the next dosage can be taken after six hours. Whenever you see the result you expect, stop increasing the dosage and stick to it. The safe dosage taken every day is 10 to 30 mg. Depending on the severity of the condition, you can increase it up to 1000 mgs per day. There is a direct link between the dosage and weight, which is summarized in the following table:     80 – 150 lbs. 151 – 240 lbs. 240 lbs. Low 12 mg 18 mg 22.5 mg Medium 15 mg 22.5 mg 30 mg High 18 mg 27 mg 45 mg  

Customer Reviews

  • Mercy

These were no longer valid.

  • alex

When I received the product, it was past its expiration date.
I didn't want to deal with the inconvenience of returning it, so I used it anyhow.
It appears to be fine, but the next time may not be so fortunate...

  • Jordan

I tried it in my Juul, but it tasted like cough syrup and was too runny, then I tried it in water and couldn't taste it.

  • Jorj..Op

Ordered bottles came empty, they had leaked in transit. Avoid it at all costs.