Dr ganja CBD PreRoll ReviewS 2021

#2 Dr ganja Dr ganja CBD PreRoll

Overall Rating: 4.6

Capterra Rating: #4.6 .. out of 5 with 11 ratings
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Dr ganja CBD PreRoll Reviews

 Dr ganja CBD PreRoll Reviews

CBD Pre-rolls are available at just about anywhere cannabis is sold, be it physical or online stores including ones that sell CBD edibles. Be wary of companies that don’t require a medical marijuana (MMJ) card or a doctor’s recommendation to purchase pre-rolls. While they may seem convenient, these operations are often scams or deliver sub-par products.

 Dr ganja CBD PreRoll

You may also come across out-of-state or foreign retailers who do their business suspiciously. Don’t be deceived. It always pays to do ample research before clicking that ‘Buy’ button. Purchase only from licensed storefronts or dispensaries and trusted sites. Reputable sources sell lab-tested and approved products to ensure consumer safety.

Dr ganja is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can readDr ganja reviews.

The smooth tasting Dr.Ganja pre-rolled CBD Cone’s are packed with full spectrum CBD rich hemp flower. Each CBD cone is packed with 1 gram of Juicy Fruit CBD hemp flower.

CBD PreRoll

Juicy Fruit is a strain known for it’s sativa, or uplifting and energizing effects, as well as its sweet aroma reminiscent of citrus tropical fruit.

Tested at 15.05% CBD and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.


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  • Carter

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  • Ogden on

I have not had the chance to partake yet, but it smells amazing! I keep coming back to pop the top just so I can smell the flower. I am glad I bought more than one!


  • Asia on

Was not a fan of the smell or taste, won’t be repurchasing


  • Nathan F. on

Was a little broken when I got it but still worked!


  • Jamarice on

Smoked really good, relaxed me well!!


  • Dr.Ganja Customer on

Shipping container was nice but pre toll was of poor quality. The flower was not packed well in the paper and the entire joint seemed to be old and dry. Also no indication of what strain I purchased. This one is not top of my list and probably will not order again.


  • Josèi C. on

Love it !



  • Sarah on

It was just ok.


  • Dr.Ganja Customer on

I love Dr. Ganja so much, especially it’s CBD Flower. However, this particular pre-roll was absolutely awful. The taste was awful, it was stale, and didn’t burn properly. I’ll be sticking with the loose CBD Flower and rolling myself in the future.


  • Cbdqueen on

I don’t like prerolled because they’re not always rolled to my liking, I’m super picky… I hate under packed joints or crazy running papers. These were raw cones packed with good cbd, it didn’t have any seeds in it and it burned well.


  • Jason on

Got a little concerned at first, as it is just like the real thing, only not enough THC to get you “high”! This is perfect, as it has helped me with my chronic pain, considerebly!! Will be ordering more, for sure!!