Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet Tincture Reviews in 2021

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Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet Tincture Reviews

 Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet Tincture Review

CBD has gained its reputation through its benefits that have been offered to both humans and animals, especially lovely pets. Using best CBD pet tincture for a variety of problems that our pets may suffer from, like pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seeing how effective it is, we have no other way to be the advocate for it, especially the Lazarus Natural Pet Tincture.
This product is offered and marketed in two main forms: a regular Full-Spectrum and a THC-free, flavorless tincture for sensitive pets. The former is produced by using the entire hemp plant to have a full effect, so it contains cannabinoids, terpenes, aldehydes, and ketones. Some supplements like vitamins, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and trace minerals are added to it. However, the latter is CBD isolate. Both versions are beneficial for pets, especially cats and dogs, although first-time users may seem a little worried about the effects, but there is no need to worry because it is totally safe.
The researchers have been doing a great job of providing us plenty of useful information regarding the benefits of the CBD pet tincture. Let’s clear the mystery up by naming the most remarkable ones.
CBD oil tincture can alleviate anxiety, mitigate and decrease chronic pain and inflammation, manage arthritis and joint pain, promote homeostasis, slow down tumor growth, be anticonvulsant, and decrease epileptic seizures. To elaborate on how much CBD oil tincture is effective, let’s share an experience.

CBD Pet Tincture Reviews

In this guide, we’ll run through our top favorite CBD oils for dogs and provide a buying guide that provides information about CBD which dogs might benefit from, like safety and how to use it. You may find that CBD oil is just what your dog needs to feel like his or her old self again.


Lazarus Naturals is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Lazarus Naturals reviews.

 Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet Tincture Reviews

As mentioned above, CBD oil tincture is anti-inflammatory, which saved my dog’s life. She was suffering from arthritis and had to fight the severe pain. According to her vet’s diagnosis, the main source of that much pain was inflammation and need to be controlled. When Lazarus Naturals Pet Tincture was introduced to me, I couldn’t decide whether to take it or not. 

cbd pet tincture

Having researched, I found out that using CBD can activate CB2 receptors and promote the immune cells. Inflammation causes the immune system to malfunction, and as a result, it attacks the healthy cells. CBD oil tincture lowers inflammation so that pain can be reduced. As it is FDA certified, third-party tested for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals, and the ingredients are carefully selected, so Lazarus Naturals has supported my pet’s health and wellness. Now the question is, “How much CBD tincture brings the desired health?”

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A safe amount is 0.2 mg of CBD per pound, so if your dog is, for example, 25 pounds, 5 mg of CBD is recommended. According to the weight of the dogs, they can be grouped in four:




Bottle size

CBD amount


20 lbs.

75 mg

2.5 mg


21-50 lbs.

150 mg

5 mg


51-75 lbs.

300 mg

10 mg


75 lbs.

600 mg

20 mg

It should be noticed that pet tincture should be kept at room temperature with no moisture, heat, or light. 
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Questions and Answers

The best CBD oil for dogs should be fully-tested by a Certified ISO Lab, derived from non-GMO hemp, solvent-free, be vegan, and gluten-free  
Both pets and humans have an endocannabinoid system that lets them receive the innumerable benefits of cannabinoids like CBD. The ECS consists of two receptors CB1 and CB2, which manage memory, sleep, and immune system. The receptors can interact with endocannabinoids and result in a wide variety of positive responses in the body. So, the answer is definitely yes.
Whether your dog can overdose on CBD oil or not depends mainly on the product. With best CBD for dogs there is nothing to be worried about. If it is THC-Free, it is less likely to overdose. Otherwise, you need to be careful about the dosage. If you see some symptoms like lethargy, impaired balance, urinary incontinence, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to the senses, your dog may overdose, and you need to contact the vet. But no worries, the treatment is simple.
It is so easy to use CBD pet tincture. A dropper is used to measure the amount that should be given to your pet. The best way is sublingual. Just drop the tincture into your pet’s mouth and modulate the dose. Or you can mix it with its food or something tasty. Also, it can be diluted with water, of course, if your pet drinks water frequently. As the owner, you should know what your pet loves. So, you can make them their favorite treat and add CBD to it.   

Customer Reviews

  • Melinda

I see the dosage of 20 drops for an over 65 pound dog, but I don’t see anywhere that it lists over what time period. Is that 20 drops a day, week, month, etc?


  • Chelsea Lowell

About how long would it take to kick in after giving them a dose? I’m looking to give this to my 10mo lab when I bring her to work with me where she is in a kennel area. Whenever she hears someone come in, she will start to go nuts and take a while to calm back down. She will get antsy on car rides as well. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!


  • Andrea Kingsbury

I bought this for a 12 year old Shih Tzu, who had a rough life before I got him, to help him stay calm. I also wanted to give it to my 15 year old German Shepherd to help her old body relax.



My one year old mini Australian Shepherd is very active and is nervous and sometimes reactive! He would not stop barking at every last thing and would jump on people and no amount of training helped. We have one friend he especially reacted to and would NOT stop barking at. The very day I gave him the CBD it was an amazing transformation!!! He is still active which is good but now his brain is calm enough so that he LISTENS and OBEYS rather than REACTS. If he barks, I tell him “quiet” one time and that’s the end of it and no jumping on people. The friend who ALWAYS elicited a crazy hyper response now has no effect on him. I will NEVER be without this wonderful product.


  • Matt

Still researching but I had a question about your dosage. Are you saying per day or per meal as I feed my Dobie twice a day. 8 expect you are saying per day but I want to check. Would you say 1/2 dose each meal? My vet gave the bland policy non-answer of “we haven’t seen enough usages for cbd oil and dogs” .


  • Eileen

My Aussie mix is very scared of storms and fireworks. This product worked great after just one dose before a recent storm my boy Buddy slept soundly. He’s not to happy about the taste so hiding it in a treat is necessary. Thank you so much for your great product


  • Audra P

I am interested in buying CBD for my 120 Goldendoodle. Can CBD help with skin conditions and benign growths?


  • Tracy Grott

Can you please give what the tincture dropper dosages in ML? I’m trying to figure out what a cat a little over 15 lbs needs to anxiety and for a long 12-hour drive in a car.