Hammer Nutrition Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 2.4 out of 5 with 48 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
2.4 out of 5 with 48 Votes
Overall Rating :

Hammer Nutrition CBD Softgel

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Hammer Nutrition Reviews

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  • billie

They didn't make me sleepy; instead, they gave me a severe headache.
This CBD softgel simply did not work for me.

  • angela

Note: I love Hammer Gel and some of their other products... excellent company... but I couldn't stand this product. I tried these several times because a member of my family enjoys them. However, every night I tried these, I awoke numerous times to use the restroom - they appear to function as an immediate diuretic for me. If I have to wake up to urinate every hour, I'm not getting a good night's sleep! Well, it's not quite an all-the-time offering, but you get the idea!

  • fiona


This softgel is an excellent dietary supplement. I was initially concerned since I awoke after roughly 6.5 hours of sleep, despite the fact that I generally strive to get 8 hours of sleep. I was getting out of bed because I couldn't sleep any longer. After a few days, I found I was getting 8 hours more sleep than I had in the past. I only use them now that I've realized this on nights when I know I'll only get 6 to 5.6 hours of sleep. This is a fantastic tool, however I only recommend using it when absolutely necessary. Because it is a very addictive substance.

  • kimi

This CBD Softgel appeals to me. It's been 6 months since I started taking it. It does exactly what it says on occasion. If I take this pill with the intention of going to bed, I am asleep one hour later. As a result, I'm not sure what makes the difference. But, for my own peace of mind, I take 1-3 caps after a hard workout or a race, and I sleep much better than when I didn't take it and the tightness in my muscles woke me up. It makes no difference if I take one or three caps. However, if I use this tool and start a movie, I can watch TV for hours without interruption.

  • Vilma Er

One Star

This product is NOT organic.

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