Green Roads is an american based CBD company manufacturing and offering natural, high quality hemp-derived CBD products. Green Roads is on a mission to help every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants.

Green Roads is empowering others to live naturally and healthy by concocting the most delicious and high quality applicable CBD products which range from sublingual CBD oil, CBD Edibles, Topical to Capsules which are highly quality lab tested, making the CBD products safe and pure for the users. CBD holds incredible potential of natural alternative sources and rich nutrients of the Hemp plant. Over decades, Green Roads have been have been launching the most innovative, side-effect free and enjoyable CBD products which are low on THC strain, making them devoid of inducing a cerebral high, beneficial afoot. 

These products are enriched by Phytocannabinoid (PCR) making them a harmless and effective natural alternative to the prescribed pain killer, prescribed toxic drugs and over the counter drugs.

Green Roads has aimed its product expansion on two of the most pervasive issues facing consumers today: stress and sleeplessness.

The ingredients in which they use in their products have been selected in a careful manner and it's quite unique. Most CBD brands only use two ingredients to make their oils: MCT oil and CBD. Green Roads uses a custom formula, perfected over several years, that includes vegetable glycerin, sunflower oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and more, 

Make sure to check customer reviews regarding this brand to get a better perspective about it and to see whether it has shown beneficial results or not.

We suggest you take a look at the pages of this product, you will surely be surprised by the Nourishmax Reviews &Potentlift Reviews .

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Green Roads CBD Oil

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Green Roads CBD Softgel

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Green Roads CBD Coffee

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Green Roads CBD Gummies

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Green Roads Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • LM


These gummies were very hard that it caused toothache. One wonders how long have they been produced and probably expired!

  • Chris

It tasted everything but coffee and .....

It tasted everything but coffee and was the most ineffective cbd coffee that i have consumed to date

  • K A

. It's a shame to see i have wasted my time and money.

I ordered this product twice just to be sure and used all of it. I didn't even see the slightest effect .It's a shame to see i have wasted my time and money.

  • Ava

This cream is a big fat joke.

This cream is a big fat joke. My whole face was covered with lots of small and painful pimples. I really don't get what this was.

  • Jack

I was expecting much more from this oil with this....

I was expecting much more from this oil with this price and so many advertisements for it, but it didn't do anything. Wish i could get a refund.

  • Vicki

Not worth the price!

Not happy with this product ! Doesn’t offer relief. Just bad smell. Will not purchase again!

  • Rebeca

Felt no difference at all ..

Felt no difference at all ..
Waiting for the relax effects that never come
Horriable taste

  • Michael

Hand psoriasis

I have been struggling with psoriasis on my hand for as long as I can remember, I'm 60. Although it's too early to make a definite conclusion, the cbd skin relief cream, has immediately lessened the severity of the psoriasis. If it disappears altogether over time, i will be ecstatic and will report it here.

  • Robert

CBD Skin Relief cream

I have been using the skin relief cream for 3 weeks, has a great pleasing smell, use it on my hands arms and neck takes the itch away, been using on my forehead wrinkles everyday and they are not as noticeable, overall I would say a very effective product

  • Alexander

This coffee is incredibly weak

This coffee is incredibly weak. It does help me relax a bit but, overall this is not worth the money.

  • Clara.G

not for me

This product only succeeded in giving me a headache. I didn't experience any pain relief nor help with my sleep. 

  • Wan.Kat

Didn't help with pain

I took for pain relief and better sleep. Did nothing for my chronic pain but might have helped with sleep. 

  • John Buy

Not really notice any pain relive.

Most expensive gummy bears i’ve bought in my life! I’ve had taken 2 a day in the mornings and there is nothing special about this. Certainly not pain killers at all, I’ll finish this bottle and update my review if something really happens. But so far, a can only say they taste good and the bottle says they have some vitamin in them, that’s why I will finish this one.

  • Karol


These were horrible. They were hard to chew and tasted old. I was looking for an expiration date but couldn’t find one. Does nothing for pain either. 

  • N.N

It seems to help others

I haven't really seen a difference after taking this daily. I have finished the bottle. It seems to help others

  • KarolinT

I didn't really notice

I didn't really notice any change to the level of pain. I only took them at night and I still woke up with the same amount of pain. I only ever took 2 at a time, perhaps I should try 3, but after 2 weeks of taking 2 each night and no change, I don't anticipate any miracles

  • David.L

this coffee....

This coffee tastes horrible. If you do feel inclined to purchase (which I will not be again) at least use 1 teaspoon of this mixed into better flavored coffee to get the cbd benefit

  • Sussan Faw

Really disappointed

After researching I discovered that these gummies only have a small percentage of CBD. In order to get a dose that would be beneficial you would have to ingest a large number of gummies. The price point is very high. I had hoped that these would help with pain and anxiety.

  • S.T5

I saw no change when taking this for 6…

I saw no change when taking this for 6 days. I am going to try again but I am going to keep trying but as of right now not a big fan. 

  • Bob Ard

Too weak to peak!

Very weak coffee; and . Will not purchase again. Was truly hoping for the best here. Sorry to say, disappointed.

  • Kim

I do not know

Dunno what the deal is but it didn't do any good for me and I'm really pissed about it

  • Trina S9O

it is expensive

Quick delivery,only been using for about a week and can notice the difference already,bit pricey but it seems to do the trick ,so no complaints.

  • Viola Ada

Arrived on time

Arrived on time, but postage expensive for a small package. Seems like an OK product but still testing. Early results promising.

  • Sherry Neal

Great products

Great products, good service, but comunication via social media is a bit slow. 

  • Peegy 748

Appreciate the prompt delivery

Appreciate the prompt delivery. Can't say much about the product as only just started using it. First impression though is good.

  • L Fisher


Reasonable wait time for delivery. good packaging. Still feels a little expensive, but not as bad as some.

  • Jodie Rios

All round perfect

Great oil, great delivery, great offer. Will definitely be back.

  • Lusya Cohen

This is a wonderful product that allows…

This is a wonderful product that allows pain relief and relaxation in order to sleep. No "high" just relaxation and pain relief. We highly recommend it!

  • Silvia Hansen

Honest and reliable

Honest and reliable. They always have the specific product I am looking for, ship quickly, and have excellent prices. I highly recommend Green Roads!!!.

  • Gibson 19000

Great product

I was advised to try your product and so impressed how it has helped me sleep and how the roll on heat has helped my back and my moms knees. I will continue to use your product and spread the word about how your product has helped thank you

  • Karla Cole

Very good

Good for what ails you. Green Roads is a very consistent product, thank you.

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