Plus CBD Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 2.7 out of 5 with 136 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
2.7 out of 5 with 136 Votes

PlusCBD oil is a U.S based manufacturing and distributing company for all your CBD needs. CBD works naturally with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) to promote good health. It can treat and alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, and it's great for people who can't have a restful sleep at night. Plus CBD Oil makes full spectrum hemp products in every form of consumables, from CBD Gummies and capsules, to drops and sprays. They consider themselves perfectionists and are always looking for ways to produce high quality products for customers.

Plus CBD is still learning to produce new products. They call it the "evolution" process, where they discover and learn new ways to enhance their products and also educate the consumers to be comfortabe about choosing the right product.

The products are affordable for most customers and are third-party lab tested. They are also ISO-certified, something worth mentioning. Plus CBD offers several discounts and free shipping to orders exceeding $75.

But It's also worth saying that there is lack of information on where their hemp plant is sourced. There may be also CBD concentration inconsistencies. Lack of other types of CBD oil such as broad-spectrum and CBD isolate is another con needed to be mentioned about this brand

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Plus CBD Reviews

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  • Kendal

Smells and tastes like plastic

The smell of plastic is so overwhelming when you open the bottle that you know its going to taste like plastic and yeah, it sure did. I took one and made my mouth feel like I chewed plastic too. Horrible.

  • E.T

taste is not as advertised

I was so excited to try these gummies and was so disappointed with them. The product smells like burned plastic and taste the same. I couldn't tell you if they work because I couldn't stomach getting any down. My husband was the same. I will have to find another product.

  • John

Low quality

These were a squished up, sticky mess. I had to get a heavy duty wooden skewer to try to pry them out of the bottle. The taste was pretty poor compared to other CBD gummies I have purchased.

  • Tom

Seal Broken and Used

Do not buy these!!! The seal was poked through completely and some were taken out!!! I will not use one of these as I’m not touching anything that has been opened and used!!!!

  • Janet


The gummies were sent to me melted down and stuck together. I literally have to stick my fingers into the jar and break pieces off. This was not a good buy.

  • Elvaa

Save your money

Don’t waste your money on these as they did nothing for me. I have given these over 3 weeks and taken one daily but they have not eased any of my pain and discomfort and have not helped me to sleep either. I read all the reviews before purchasing so felt positive that these would help me but they didnt

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  • B. Smith

Great product. Takes forever to get delivered.


  • Willard Moore

It stops my lower back pain, other pain not so good.


  • S M

I purchased the ointment for my step dad who has joint pains and he says it works. I recommended to other family members.


  • MaryJo Ireland

It SMELLS awful!!! Cannot use it because if the horrible odor.


  • Jill Hannam

Shipping over a week from date ordered is a little extreme.


  • Troy Smoak

Product is great

Shipping is extremely slow !

  • Ed Ghiorso

I bought the product because it was a good price for 10mg. When I received the product and tried it, it didn't work as well as the 5mg liquid capsules I had been using. I think changing the product to a powder does something to the natural essence of the product. I went back the the liquid capsules.


  • Nancy Sullivan

I didn't have the opportunity to enter a discount coupon code upon checkout that would have saved me some money. Product is excellent though.


  • D Crosby

PlusCBD Oil was recommended by my neurologist to help with sleep. It’s been a real game changer for my getting to sleep and sleeping through the night. Love this product!


  • Gray

Appears to be a high quality product. I am not sure however if CBD oil for me is worth the cost. I read that the oil affects people differently. It is mildly relaxing at the dosage that I take. I would experiment with it more for timing and dosages but at the high cost I will just use it occasionally for the chamomile tea effects that it has for me.