CBD oil is not marijuana, it does not contain the part of cannabis plant that is responsible for causing a “high”. It is made from a cannabis compound called cannabidiol (CBD) that is found in all cannabis plants. The body has This compound interacts with our body through the endocannabinoid system, which is the system that regulates the bodies normal homeostasis. Some of the common effects of CBD in the body include reduction of pain and inflammation, relaxation enabling sleep, reduction of anxiety, stress, and depression, among other therapeutic effects. The brief explanation above concerns CBD in general, which many marijuana companies produce. 

CBD American Shaman is a CBD brand which produces high quality CBD products. The company manufactures Full spectrum and THC-free CBD oil drops, gummies, capsules, vape liquids and topicals. The products are extracted from industrial hemp grown using organic farming practices.

Vince Sanders, the owner of CBD American Shaman, said he hopes the move will appease law enforcement officials who say that Kansas law dictates zero tolerance for tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC — even the small amounts found in hemp products.

Their products are described as water soluble which means that they can have higher absorption rates than traditional CBD products.

The prices are quite high though, and There is a lack of a proper transparency in the manufacturing of their products. Other drawbacks include an unpredictable dropper and earthy flavor that for many will be an acquired taste.

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CBD American Shaman Face Cream ٍ

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Cloud CO. Farms CBD Oil

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American Shaman CBD Body Lotion

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CBD American Shaman Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Nadine Wells

Great stuff

I was lucky enough to get a free sample from the owner Best I have had and I have been trying a few of these. Sweet dreams is what I have .My bottle is almost gone and I will me a customer love this stuff. Happy Trails.

  • Rena

In my opinion....

In my opinion you should first apply a small amount of it on a small part of your face or hand to try it out, then apply it wholesomely because you might have skin allergies like me.

  • Gabriella

My skin was naturally full of pimples and acne

My skin was naturally full of pimples and acne. My facial skin became irritated worse and along with the pimples that i had, more pimples appeared on my face.

  • Kim

No change

No change after 2 weeks of use. Should i wait more to see the results?

  • Rena

i don't know why!

My skin really showed allergic reactions to this lotion. My skin hasn't had such an issue with other lotions. Seriously i don't know why!

  • Janet

not sure.

I liked it, it wasn't that bad, but i had used better lotions before. I probably continue using this lotion, not sure.

  • L.Lo

This oil was very greasy and didn't work for me....

This oil was very greasy and didn't work for me. I felt a bad feeling after using this product.

  • Linda Ftyy

Did not have any effect

I had no effect. Took as suggested and had no changes. I was disappointed for the price.

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