Natural Oils That Will Make Your Lashes Grow Despite The Damage

Natural Oils That Will Make Your Lashes Grow Despite The Damage

Eyelash Growth Is Everybody’s Concern

It is good that you are crazy about your lashes and will do all you can to make sure that they look just the way you want them to.

But why put yourself under the constant stress of applying mascara and lash extensions or harassing them with a lash curler? If you want your lashes to grow, there are much simpler ways to achieve that: using natural oils. Best oil for eyelash growth and thickness keeps your lashes healthy and repair all damage previously done to your lashes.

Of course, besides using natural oils for eyelash growth, one of the best options is also using eyelash serums. one of the best eyelash serums is Woolash serum. For more information, you can take a look at our official website.


Here are some best oils for eyelash growth you can try out:

1. Castor oil

Castor oil has been used for lashes and hair for a long time. It is rumored that castor oil was used in ancient Egypt to prevent baldness and was the best oil for eyelash growth and thickness.

It is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and proteins, nourishing your lash follicles and keeping them healthy.

And as we all know, healthy follicles equal healthy lashes.

When you use castor oil for your lashes, you notice them becoming fuller. It locks in moisture within your lashes, which keeps them growing healthy and prevents flouts or breakage.

During a few weeks, there will be changes in your lashes.

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2. Coconut oil

Coconut is good for keeping your lashes hydrated. It is even lighter than castor oil. You would barely feel it on your lashes. 

If you are speaking of the best home remedies for lashes, coconut oil definitely has to be on the list. Not only does it moisturize your lashes, it removes impurities from your lashes which makes your lashes grow healthily.

It is easily absorbed into your lash follicles and easy to wear even during the day. You can use it with or without your mascara to ensure that your lashes stay moisturized all day.

Your Eyelashes Grow Despite the Damage

Do Oils Guarantee Growth or Moisturize Alone?

It is true that oils moisturize and condition your lashes. Though there is no proof that oils can stimulate active growth, if you constantly use oils for an extended period, you will notice changes.

If you want quick and better results, you can use the best oil for eyelash growth while using eyelash serums. There are many options when it comes to eyelash serums, but it is crucial to choose the best eyelash serum; one of the best eyelash serums is WooLash which is natural and vegan. For more information, search on our official website.

What Is the Babe Lash Eyelash Serum?

The Babe Lash Serum will give you thicker, healthier-looking lashes and brows. Babe Lash has a special formula that encourages the illusion of longer, thicker lashes and brows for a stunning, natural look, as per Babe Lash Reviews. The Babe Lash Serum helps to prolong the life of eyelash extensions, making it ideal for usage in between sessions. There's no need to apply layers of heavy makeup to make your lashes and brows seem longer and fuller, as per Babe Lash Serum reviews. With daily use, the 2ml amount will last 12 weeks. Use with the Babe Lash Serum and the rest of the Babe Lash line for optimal results, based on Babe Lash essential serum reviews.


When your lashes are properly moisturized, they stay healthy. This prevents breakage and fallouts. So, in the long run, your lashes look fuller because they are healthy, not breaking or falling out.

What Can I Do to Grow My Lashes Actively?

While you use these natural oils for eyelash growth and thickness, get a lash growth serum. Just as the name implies, a lash growth serum makes your lashes grow longer, thicker, and fuller within a very short period. Sometimes, in a week or two. It stimulates your lash follicles not only to grow new lashes but also to increase the speed of growth of your lashes. So, if you are looking for what to use, then an eyelash growth serum is your answer. When considering a particular eyebrow growth serum like NourishBrow, it's a good idea to read other users' reviews to see how well the product works and whether there are any potential side effects. To do. make. Many of his NourishBrow reviews point out that this serum is rich in nourishing ingredients like biotin, keratin, and peptides that promote brow growth and thickness. However, it is important to remember that individual results may vary and some users may experience allergic reactions or other side effects. As with any skin care product, we recommend consulting a medical professional before using NourishBrow or Eyebrow Growth Serum.

A Method That Grows Your Eyelashes Despite the Damage

How Do Eyelash Serums Work?

When talking about promoting healthy hair growth in any region of the body, the importance of healthy hair follicles is truly what is being emphasized. These tiny, tunnel-like structures in the epidermis are where the hair bulbs, collections of dying cells, grow into strands of hair fibers.

The follicles on the scalp, brows, and eyelashes need a lot of oxygen and nutrients to grow hair normally.

In order to work, lash, and brow serums are applied with a brush or wand, directly delivering vitamins, minerals, and components that encourage hair development to the hair follicles.

Use botanical serums, which contain components derived from plants, to achieve healthier lashes. Because it is difficult to achieve the same lengthening effect from a botanical formulation as you would with other products, these are often used as a natural alternative to prostaglandin or peptide-based products to develop "healthier lashes." 

One of the best eyelash serums you can find is Woolash which is botanical and peptide-based, vegan, and cruelty-free.

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Use it alongside the best oil for eyelash growth and thickness, and you will be shocked at the results.

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