Stretch mark is a cosmetic defect that most people associate with pregnancy, puberty or weight gain. Most people may find bodybuilding induced stretch marks quite strange as it isn’t common. But the fact remains that working out can also cause stretch marks. Stretch marks start to develop when the skin can’t keep up with the rapid growth of the body.

The rapid growth of muscle tissues due to working out can cause stretch marks, especially in men. Stretch marks caused by working out often appear on the biceps, thighs and shoulder and other areas of the body that is susceptible to rapid growth. Stretch marks start to appear when the skin has stretched past its elasticity limit.


If I Tone My Stomach, Will My Stretch Marks Disappear?

How to work out without having stretch marks

Most work out routines are very strict and intense and as such require some rigorous sessions that will inevitably stretch the skin. Most bodybuilders are always quite desperate to grow muscular thereby neglecting some stretch marks prevention advice. Most bodybuilding procedures go against the preventive measures of stretch marks.


Most bodybuilders often find it difficult to work out without having stretch marks, but they are some steps you can take while working out that should prevent stretch marks. What are these steps? Well, read on.

Sudden weight gain is a no-no

Building your muscles gradually would afford your skin the time to adapt to your body’s growth. Avoid sudden weight gains as stretch marks start to appear when the skin’s elasticity reaches its limit.


Maintain a nutritious diet

This may appear easy to follow but to get the most out of this; you need to focus on foods that contain the nutrients that aid your skin’s elasticity. Eat foods that contain vitamins, zinc, anti-oxidants. Sticking to a healthy diet aids the texture of your skin making it more resilient against skin breaks.


Moisturize your skin

There are numerous products on the market that help in hydrating and moisturizing your skin. You can find most of these products in cosmetic stores. For moisturizers, you should focus on products that contain ingredients such as Vitamin A and E, Shea butter and cocoa butter. Some stretch mark creams also have moisturizing effects on the skin.

If your body works well with oil, you can opt for natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil, they both contain antioxidants that can reduce the presence of stretch marks on your skin.


Use Stretch mark cream

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Remy Sharp
Ray Watson Tue May 10 2022
Ray Watson Tue May 10 2022

I was suffering from horrible stretch marks after pregnancy then one of my friend suggested me to use stretch mark serum from dermalmd it has amazing result I got rid from stretch marks after using it for three weeks I really love this product