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overall rating : 5.8


overall rating : 5.8

Just a quick Google search about hair loss will provide you thousands of products that are all aimed at reducing or even stopping hair loss. These products are mainly introduced as hair growth supplements that can nourish the hair by providing necessary nutrients. However, not all products can achieve what they advertise.


Nutrafol facilities are located in New York and the company was established by three founders in 2014.
You can order Nutrafol through the company website at, or you can obtain from various third-party online retailers like Amazon.
Drugs and artificial additives are not seen in Nutrafol supplements. Furthermore, the products are evaluated for non-existence of heavy metals, pesticides, and other dangerous elements. It should also be noted that the microbiological safety is also checked by a third party. There is no evidence that Nutrafol products are dangerous, and Nutrafol reviews does not show any side-effects resulting from product usage. Hence, Nutrafol can be classified as a good brand with lots of positive feedback.
Nutraful is classified as a supplement by FDA, and it is approved by doctors. However, like all other hair growth supplements, it should be used after consulting with doctor.
Nutrafol products are completely drug-free, and they are tested in various third-party labs. They are safe to use, and you can add them to your wellness routine in order to see visible reductions in hair loss and considerable improvements in hair growth. Furthermore, the products can be used by both men and women with equal efficiency.
The results obtained from Nutrafol are real, and the company is true to its promises in delivering a great hair growth formula without any side-effects.


  • PROS
  • Nutrafol contains 100 percent natural ingredients

  • The supplements sold by Nutrafol have gone through clinical testing with mainly positive results

  • There are pricing plans available for users based on their hair goals and budget

  • CONS
  • If you have advanced hair loss, Nutrafol supplements may not work for you

  • May experience mild side effects

  • It can be pricey



Remy Sharp
Cindy WinstonWed Mar 16 2022
Cindy WinstonWed Mar 16 2022
I have purchased 2 bottles of this and have taken them religiously. I have not seen any improvement to my hair loss. My hair seems to be falling out at a faster rate - it may be partly down to stress of worrying about my hair loss. Ive read about Nutrafol and wanted to believe in their claims but I cannot see any difference. Unless there is something I am doing /not doing that is causing a negative result? I’ve purchased a wig in the meantime as the rate to which my hair is falling out is very concerning. I may look to see if there are any herbal remedies for hair loss.
Remy Sharp
Mark BlaizesWed Mar 16 2022
Mark BlaizesWed Mar 16 2022
Product doesn’t work, it’s just a simple mix of vitamins. Didn’t change anything for me and was a waste of time and money.



Hence, we’ve decided to introduce one of the best hair growth supplements to help you improve hair growth and quality if you are dealing with thinning hair. This great product is Nutrafol, which proves that genetics does not play the only role in hair loss and thinning. Nutrafol reviews prove the efficacy of this great product in reducing hair loss and improving hair growth in both men and women suffering from thinning hair.

Nutrafol is an American nutraceutical supplement brand which offers an integrative approach firmly rooted in pioneering nutraceutical science, with drug-free, highly-concentrated natural products which have been clinically shown to improve the performance of hair growth. This process is done by creating personalized systems that multi-target various environmental, hormonal, and hereditary causes that can compromise hair health.

Nutrafol Products’ Company

Nutrafol makes use of the recent developments in science, nutraceuticals, and biotechnology in order to provide the highest level of efficiency in reducing hair shedding resulting from poor health. Furthermore, the company is founded by three persons who are well-aware of the wellness requirements. The doctors and dermatologists working in Nutrafol always keep themselves updated with the current research and studies on hair growth.

Nutrafol is famous for its drug-free formula that works simultaneously against several factors that cause hair thinning. It is replete with antioxidants, DHT inhibitors, and adaptogens that support healthy hair growth. The ingredients used in the formulation of Nutrafol can decrease the level of stress hormone, which is one of the potent factors of hair loss. They also work against inflammatory molecules to revive the integrity of hair follicles. Nutrafol contains natural moisturizers that unlike the ones included in most products, do not cause greasiness, but they nourish the hair to make them healthier while reducing brittleness.

What Do Nutrafol Reviews Reveal About The Brand?

There are various reviews for you to see about the products of Nutrafol. Nutrafol claims that men may begin to see results within 3 to 6 months, but results vary. In clinical trials, 83 percent of customers have experienced improvement in hair quality, while 72 percent saw improvement in scalp coverage.

Nutrafol Before and After

There are before and after photos regarding this brand which help you realize how effective the products are for various hair types.

4 Best Nutrafol Products

1- Nutrafol Women

Improves hair growth with visibly more thickness and strength


2- Nutrafol Women’s Postpartum

Supports visible thickness, strength, and less shedding


3- Nutrafol Women’s Balance

Improves hair growth peri- and postmenopause

Best Hair Supplement Vitamins


4- Nutrafol Men

Improves visibly thicker hair growth and scalp coverage

Nutrafol Customer Service

If you have questions regarding the Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice, and also about the products, you can contact them via email [email protected] or telephone 1-888-454-3320.

Nutrafol Return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging.