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Moon Juice

Moon Juice
overall rating : 8

Moon Juice

overall rating : 8

A glance at your photo album will make you miss the longer and thicker hair you once had. You might try various methods to regain those locks with no avail. Even some beauty methods like dying might wreak havoc on your hair, and make it more brittle. All these issues are exacerbated by the fact that there are thousands of products on the market making it a challenge to find products that really work. As a team of experts, we’ve decided to look for the best brand of hair routine among the various brands available. Moon Juice is the brand that shines among others due to being formulated with the best quality ingredients. Moon Juice reviews are exquisite, and the customers not only have noticed considerable improvements in hair growth but also in their overall health and mood.

We are here to share some useful information about Moon Juice brand to help you with the choice of the best hair supplement. You would be able to make a wise decision after knowing all about Moon Juice company, Moon Juice products, it's before and after results, and Moon Juice reviews by real customers.

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Moon Juice is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and it is one of the subdivisions of the Specialty Food Stores Industry. Hence, by choosing Moon Juice, you will enjoy the benefits of an American brand.
moonjuice is the best source to obtain Moon Juice products due to providing discounts and special offers. You can also order your favourite Moon Juice product through various online retailers. Some of the most well-known online retailers such as Sephora, Nordstrom, and Amazon also sell Moon Juice products. But if you are in LA, the company will send the product to your doorstep with a 10% discount for the first purchase after signing up in their newsletter.
The story of Moon Juice company started in 2011, and the company has produced the best of the wellness market during these years. Moon Juice started from the Bacon’s kitchen, and now it is one of the well-known brands of the market that provides beauty, relaxation, and treatment to its customers all over the world.
None of Moon Juice Reviews show any complaints regarding side-effects, and most of the customers are satisfied with Moon Juice products. Moon Juice is not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration); however, scientific experiments conducted on the products have proven its safety.
Moon Juice plants are subjected to two rounds of clinical experiments to ensure the safety of ingredients. Following that, the firm consults with herbalists and doctors to decide the best sort of extract to use.
Moon Juice products are made from completely natural and non-GMO ingredients, and they provide real results in the shortest time possible.


  • PROS
  • High-quality ingredients contained in all products

  • Reusable packaging

  • Showing effectiveness in a short period of time

  • CONS
  • Unpleasant smell or taste according to some Moon Juice reviews

  •  The price of some products seems to be high




Moon Juice

Moon Juice is among the few brands formulated with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as pumpkin seed powder, vitamin E, and carotenoids that are responsible for hair growth. Moon Juice is a natural soothing supplement that not only maintains hair growth and health but also plays an essential role in regulating insulin and reducing oxidative stress. Hence, you can catch two birds with one stone. The other good news is that Moon Juice is high in fiber and requires a longer period of time for digesting, which is great for those who are looking for weight loss.

Moon Juice Super Hair is your ultimate savior due to providing real results with natural and non-GMO ingredients. This natural calming supplement is second to none because it is vegan-friendly, and vegans can use it with no worries. Moon Juice supplements can thicken hair and increase hair growth by regulating sebum production, which is the main factor that helps keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Moon Juice is an American nourishment and supplement brand with three Los Angeles locations and a line of quality, natural products which range from dried mango slices to ‘sex dust.’ Forest designed their logo and developed a complete visual identity in collaboration with founder Amanda Chantal Bacon at the onset of the company in 2009.

Moon Juice Company / Natural Calming Supplement

Wellness products are among the ones highly sought after, and Moon Juice compay has shown its efficacy in offering wellness products during eleven years. Moon Juice produces natural calming supplements, and this makes customers comfortable with trying different products of the brand to treat their beauty and health concerns. Moon Juice reviews show that some customers cannot return to their previous skin and health-care routine without Moon Juice products. Hence, if you are looking for a brand to give your beauty and health a boost, look for no more than Moon Juice and its great natural calming supplements. Moon Juice company provides 10% discount for the first purchase after signing up on the website. So, do not hesitate and order your first Moon Juice product to have your beauty remodeled. Moon Juice is a well-known brand on the market.

What Do Moon Juice Reviews Reveal About The Brand?

Moon Juice reviews indicate that customers are happy with the wide range of products that Moon Juice company offers. Considering Moon Juice reviews, it is obvious that this brand has helped many add the brand's wellness products to their daily lives. Moon Juice is for all those who want to improve their health and beauty as it is one of the most sought-after brands offering wellness products. What is amazing about the brand is that Moon Juice reviews admit it has been impactful in a short time. The company always offers high quality, potent products that really work.

Moon Juice Before and After

Moon Juice before and after results show a huge difference; they indicate how satisfied customers are. All natural supplements, powders, and skincare products offered by Moon Juice have nourished consumers' hair, skin, or body. Some Moon Juice products have also improved the consumers' mood. According to Moon Juice reviews, each natural supplement offered by this brand has brought about positive results. All in all, Moon Juice before and after results indicate that products, depending on what they really target, have successfully improved customers' mood and focus, controlled their stress-related weight gain, promoted thicker, healthier hair, reduced muscle aches, supported brain function, minimized the appearance of signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, and promoted skin's elasticity. Moon Juice products are many and each of them targets a special issue. While some products help you have younger-looking skin, some others make your hair fuller and stronger, and some others make you feel less stressed and more comfortable. Therefore, you should determine which product you need before ordering. Make sure to check out the reviews and ratings for this brand by customers as they help you see how effective this brand is and how short it takes to work.

Best Moon Juice Products

Moon Juice company offers various products that benefit skin, hair, body, etc. Though they all contain high quality ingredients and work well, we introduce you the best Moon Juice products approved by our experts and admitted through Moon Juice reviews.



This product has a unique antioxidant formula that prevents ageing and promotes collagen production.


Plump Jelly

Including key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, this product keeps the skin hydrated and leads to more elasticity. 



This is a tasty product that tastes like berries and is supposed to enhance a sense of relief and improve mood.



This is a great product applying which results in healthier, thicker, and stronger hair.

Best Hair Supplement Vitamins


Collagen Protect

This is a perfect skincare product that preserves the skin's natural collagen and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Acid Potion

As a great exfoliator, Acid Potion deeply unclogs pores and makes the skin feel softer and smoother.


Moon Juice Customer Service

Moon Juice reviews indicate that not only Moon Juice offers its best products to its customers, but it also offers them Moon Juice customer service to keep them happy and loyal. Moon Juice customer service team is available via email from Sunday to Friday. If you need information about Moon Juice products or have any questions about your orders, you can easily keep in touch with Moon Juice customer service or reach out to them via their chat widget available on their website.

Moon Juice Return Policy

Moon Juice return policy is 100% guaranteed. If customers are unhappy with their purchase, they can return their products within 30 days of delivery. In order to return an item, customers should select the item they want to return, get a refund confirmation, and send it back within 30 days.