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HUM Nutrition

HUM Nutrition
overall rating : 6

HUM Nutrition

overall rating : 6

HUM Nutrition works with independent research groups to scientifically validate the effectiveness of its vitamins. They were known for creating inventive mixes that were well evaluated and supported by evidence from science. They use high-quality, well-trusted formulations. It is a reasonably priced brand that prioritizes safety.


HUM Nutrition is a California company based in West Hollywood.
The official website of HUM is where you may discover its items.
Yes. It's great. HUM is a fantastic company. Its items are well-reviewed and have a high percentage of success, based on HUM Nutrition reviews. Delivery is quick and easy. Subscription cancellation is simple and fast, and all its goods are founded on science. To guarantee effectiveness, HUM Nutrition products are made with pure, carefully obtained, and researched components, as per HUM Vitamins reviews.
Indeed, HUM nourishment is a legitimate company. A third-party laboratory tests the firm's products based on HUM Nutrition reviews. The beauty supplements were standardized and confirmed in a company-sponsored placebo-controlled trial to optimize potency and effectiveness. The Federal Regulation of Dietary Supplements (FDA) performs three separate tests on all the components to assure their purity and high quality, as per HUM Nutrition reviews.
Products from HUM Nutrition are safe. This is done to guarantee that all goods meet quality control criteria, that each one includes the ingredients listed on the label, and that customers are satisfied with the outcomes. Its goods are non-GMO and vegan friendly, based on HUM Nutrition reviews.
Absolutely, HUM nourishment exists. The vitamins from HUM Nutrition are unquestionably worthwhile, as per HUM Nutrition reviews. This HUM Nutrition review suggests that all their products are efficient. It offers a large selection of things waiting for you. HUM Nutrition produces all of its products following safety regulations, and each one is potency-tested in a separate laboratory, based on HUM Vitamins reviews.


  • PROS
  • Personalized nutrition plan

  • Products are evidence-based

  • Vegan-friendly

  • No artificial sweeteners 

  • Tested in an independent lab

  • CONS
  • There have been some minor shipment concerns



Remy Sharp
Meg WongWed Mar 16 2022
Meg WongWed Mar 16 2022
Difficult customer service. Loved the product but the subscription experience and overcharging - over it!
Remy Sharp
Yugin VeeWed Mar 16 2022
Yugin VeeWed Mar 16 2022
Not a fan AT ALL. I decided to try them because I saw their digestive enzymes have great reviews. I signed up, got 3 different vitamins and enrolled into their subscription plan. They don't tell you up front that you're paying $64/mo to get a "discount" on their vitamins (and try to pass it off as a deal since you get a supposed "nutritionist"). This makes absolutely no sense. Besides that, their product tore up my stomach. If the product was good I'd at least give them 3 stars, but no, I have NEVER had a vitamin tear up my stomach like HUM vitamins did. Specifically the skin squad and daily cleanse. I gave them a try for a month, hoping maybe it would improve but it was terrible the entire time. To cancel, you have to pay a fee. One of the worst companies I have dealt with and their products are absolutely garbage. Deceptive practices. I threw out all my HUM products and will never touch this company again.


HUM Nutrition

HUM Nutrition is a subscription-based vitamin delivery business. It offers recommendations that are specifically tailored to your needs, interests, and health objectives. The company bases the development of its goods on scientific data, and each product is tested by a third party lab to assure proper efficacy. Additionally, the program provides individualized coaching from a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) to assist you in selecting the best option for you. HUM Nutrition reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

HUM Nutrition Company

HUM Nutrition is a tailored vitamin service that delivers vitamins to your home every month. Walter Faulstoh, a co-founder of the business, was motivated to start it after learning how nutrition helped him overcome his acne problems. Even though HUM Nutrition's initial concentration was on skin and aesthetic goods, it currently provides a wide selection of vitamin and mineral supplements, many of which are made to address specific requirements or issues, based on HUM Nutrition reviews.

In addition to providing you with home delivery of supplements, the firm hopes to personalize its recommendations for you based on the results of a quick online health evaluation that you do, as per HUM Nutrition reviews.

HUM Nutrition Reviews

On the official website, HUM Nutrition has received only good ratings. Most clients appreciate that the items they purchase are tailored to their unique health requirements, based on HUM Nutrition reviews. They said that since it has been successful for them, they wholeheartedly endorse the items to anyone who wants to improve their health. The HUM Nutrition service is a digitalized vitamin subscription and delivery platform, per HUM Vitamins reviews. The business employs a few strategies to guarantee client pleasure. Based on HUM Nutrition reviews, the organization offers a bespoke vitamin regimen designed to cater to each customer's particular requirements. They also own one of the market's Best Hair Gummies!

A 13-question health exam on the HUM Nutrition website was created in collaboration with a number of top university nutrition experts. Clients must complete the health questionnaire while registering, per HUM Nutrition reviews. The survey, which a group of doctors created, sleep specialists, and nutrition researchers, examines the customers' current health and eating habits. Health objectives, among other things, the firm claims. A team of nutritionists at HUM Nutrition evaluates the client's health and gives them the vitamins necessary to address their specific health issues. Registered dietitians (RDs) and registered dietitian nutritionists make up the team (RDN), based on HUM Vitamins reviews. Each customer receives a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who helps them on their health journey and responds to any queries they may have.

HUM Nutrition Before and After Use

Many HUM Nutrition products are created utilizing an evidence-based methodology to ensure quality and efficacy, per HUM Nutrition reviews. This indicates that the business bases its ingredient and dosage choices on the findings of credible scientific research. On its website, HUM Nutrition makes the findings of its own investigation on the efficacy of certain products public, based on HUM Nutrition reviews. To maintain the health of every area of your body, HUM Nutrition products are designed to focus on your gut health. You should be prepared for a strong, healthy physique with their individualized supplement prescription, per HUM Vitamins reviews. You must take the site's quiz to utilize HUM Nutrition. To load the quiz, either click here or the "Get Started" button on any page. Choosing the best supplements for you includes several questions regarding your lifestyle, based on HUM Nutrition reviews.

HUM Nutrition Product Company

Walter Faulstroh developed the renowned digital-only beauty firm HUM Nutrition. In 2012, the business was founded in Los Angeles, California. The concept for the business originated from Walter's skin issues. He noticed that eating patterns and nutrition have a significant impact on skincare as well. HUM Nutrition initially concentrated on skincare and aesthetic items but has since expanded its line of products, as per HUM Nutrition reviews. Body, mood, and hair are the three new categories added to HUM Nutrition. A team of scientists and nutritionists at HUM Nutrition is committed to developing the greatest nutrition plan specifically tailored to your requirements based on HUM Vitamins reviews. Every component in every HUM Nutrition product has been scientifically demonstrated to be beneficial. With subscription services tailored to the client's requirements, the firm ensures that customers get individualized care, as per HUM Nutrition reviews.

Best HUM Nutrition Products

HUM Nutrition Hair Gummies

Co-founder Walter Faulstroh's continuing fight with breakouts led to the creation of the brand, which is founded on the notion that nutrition and health are intrinsically connected (be it skin or otherwise). According to HUM Nutrition reviews, HUM Nutrition Hair Gummies are triple-tested for potency and purity, and each one is driven by bioavailable, organically derived nutrients of scientifically established quality.

HUM Nutrition Customer Service

HUM Nutrition's staff of expert nutritionists and scientists works diligently to study and update their regimens and develop novel methods to enhance the quality of the goods since customer pleasure is their top concern, based on HUM Nutrition reviews. Additionally, HUM Nutrition offers customized vitamin regimens made just for each consumer. Clients connect with nutritionists, facilitating information availability and speeding up the achievement of their health objectives, as per HUM Vitamins reviews. The customer must complete a questionnaire that HUM uses to create a vitamin package plan that is tailored to the client's particular need. HUM provides a quick email response with four steps, based on HUM Nutrition reviews.

HUM Nutrition Return Policy

Hub Nutrition offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products. You may return any of their products if you're dissatisfied with them and obtain a full refund of your money, as per HUM Nutrition reviews.