What Is a Stretch Mark?

Stretch marks are random markings on your skin that appear in the form of lines, stripes, or bands. The medical term for stretch marks is striae atrophica or striae.

Lots of people worry about getting stretch marks after losing weight—especially when they lose a large quantity of weight. Are stretch marks permanent? If you're bothered, there are some steps you can take to minimize their appearance while you slim down.

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stretch marks after losing weight

Common Signs and Symptoms

Stretch marks are becoming a widespread concern, especially among women. These marks can be very unsightly and could lead to embarrassment if you put on shorts, a bathing suit, or other clothing items that reveal them.

Stretch marks may seem like discolored streaks or slight indentations on the skin. Fresh stretch marks are usually glossy or red. Eventually, they become whitish and appear more like scars. Stretch marks have a different kind of texture from healthy skin.

While stretch marks can develop anywhere on our bodies, the most common sites are the upper arms, thighs, abdomen, hips, buttocks, and breasts. Stretch marks can develop in both males and females.


Significant and sudden weight changes frequently cause stretch marks. Stretch marks often develop during pregnancy as the skin is stretched to accommodate your growing belly. Also, stretch marks could occur whenever a person grows suddenly and unexpectedly, like the rapid spurts of growth that adolescents experience during puberty.

Are Stretch Marks Permanent?

While most diet enthusiasts are excited whenever they finally attain their target weight, some people are disturbed by the stretch marks remaining on their thighs or bellies. They are left speculating whether their stretch marks will fade away.

Fortunately for us, stretch marks may gradually disappear by themselves after childbirth or weight loss. If your stretch marks do not go away, they might fade and become less prominent.



If those stretch marks don't seem to be fading, there isn't anything else that you can be done by you to get rid of them.

While some scars defense cream products are available without a prescription claim to repair or fade away stretch marks, there is no clinical "treatment" for them, and prevention becomes more critical.

The best way to stop stretch marks in their tracks is by avoiding rapid weight gain.

If you have done your best and still got those bothersome scars, there are a few effective treatment options that could work.

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A plastic surgeon or dermatologist is most qualified to recommend the best treatment options you should consider trying. Laser surgery, chemical peels, and Microdermabrasion may help to limit the stretch marks from developing. However, these treatments are a bit more complicated and expensive and should only be resorted to as your final option when all else fails.

A safer alternative would be the use of stretch mark removal cream. These beautiful products can be applied topically and yield the best results if used immediately after the scarring appear on your skin.

A top stretch mark cream that works usually contains natural active ingredients like panthenol, shea butter, and Avocado oil which all contain vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that soften your skin, enhance its elasticity and heal the skin, which works effectively against the development of stretch marks.

Last Thoughts

Whatever the case may be, there is a stretch mark cream specially made to suit the areas affected. From general scars defense cream to the more localized stretch mark cream for legs, thighs, hips, upper arms, pregnancy, and so on, there is an ideal scar defense cream for everyone.

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Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss might sometimes make you more likely to get stretch marks. But most stretch marks are the result of your weight gain. They thus become more evident as you lose weight. For instance, your skin reacts by rapidly shrinking and stretching as you lose weight. When this occurs, the collagen and elastin in your skin might burst, resulting in stretch marks.

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Do Stretch Marks Go Away After Losing Weight?

No, losing weight won't always make your stretch marks go. In fact, many individuals get stretch marks as a result of losing or gaining weight. It's typical for stretch marks to reappear following weight loss. They are probably neither avoidable nor need treatment. They will, however, diminish with time, much like stretch marks caused during any phase of development in which the skin has stretched.