Coconut oil is a nourishing oil that is readily found in most homes, and it has been proven to have many benefits for health and beauty. It has many benefits such as moisturizing, antibacterial, antifungal and protective properties.

These properties can also be beneficial for the nourishing and growth of the eyelashes. Coconut can benefit the growth of your eyelashes, resulting in thicker and longer lashes that can compete with the results you will get from top brands.

Is coconut oil safe for the eyes?

Human studies have proven over time that virgin cold pressed coconut oil is safe to use around the eyes. Not just to promote eyelash growth but also to nourish the areas around the eyes.

Healthier, stronger lashes:

Coconut oil offers the benefit of protection for the lashes because it contains fatty acids, especially lauric acid which helps coconut oil to be easily absorbed into the shaft of the lash follicles. According to research, this is what promotes stronger and healthier lashes, and ranks it higher among most beauty oils.

As you wash your face daily or while removing your makeup, you deplete the lashes of their protein composition. This leads to brittle and weak lashes. Coconut oil protects tour lashes from such protein loss, maintaining lash health.

Protection against bacteria:

The eyelash is the protective barrier of the eyes. Therefore, it may harbor bacteria as you go about your daily activities. The presence of Lauric acid in coconut oil enhances the antimicrobial and antifungal properties. This protects and enhances lash growth.

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Applying coconut oil to your lashes and around the eyes prevents infections and folliculitis, which is the inflammation of the lash follicles.

Thicker lash lines:

Coconut oil help to stimulate lash follicles to aid improved lash growth and thickness. Unlike most store-bought lash serums, coconut oil is an excellent example of a natural product and will do your lash lines a lot of good. You can apply coconut oil as your Lash growth serum and expect to see amazing results of thicker and longer lashes in a couple of weeks.

How to use coconut oil for the eyelashes?

Just like applying eyelash growth serums, you can also use coconut oil for your lashes by applying it directly to your lash lines. You can use on both the upper and lower lash lines. You can buy disposable mascara wands or eyelash brush from health and beauty stores for applying coconut oil to your lashes.

Also, you can wash your hands, towel dry and apply coconut oil to the tips of your index fingers, close your eyes and gently rub on your lash lines to help boost lash growth. Use a cotton pad to clean off excess oil, to avoid it entering your eyes. Although, if it gets into your eyes, it will only make it blurry for a while, no dangerous side effects unless you’re allergic to coconut.

Many lash growth serums contain nourishing vitamins and minerals that enhance eyelash conditioning, hydrating and stimulation to produce thick and longer lashes. Fortunately, our team has done some researches and ranked the best eyelash growth serum products, Click here to see.

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