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Early human records reveal that we have constantly developed methods of improving our appearance. But innovation led to a steady shift from raw materials to processed and packaged materials. What are the costs of innovation in cosmetics and beauty products? What are the effects of cosmetics on the environment as a result?

The environmental effects of the ever-expanding worldwide cosmetics and beauty business range from the procurement of raw materials to production, distribution, and trash produced by end users.

Cosmetics impact our oceans, air quality, and ecosystems that have sustained flora and fauna for thousands of years, in addition to the local landfills that are left with mountains of single-use plastic waste.

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Here Is a Method That Is Helping People With Their Hair Problems

Here Is A Method That Is Helping People With Their Hair Problems

Some people are concerned about their hair loss. Certain habits and therapies may help strengthen or regrow hair, depending on the reason for hair loss. This article offers numerous suggestions for halting hair loss and regrowing hair.

Sun Oct 30 2022