Cellulite happens to most of us at some point in our lives, especially in women. The dreaded cheese-like appearance comes to us all, no matter the age and size. Many have found solace in applying anti-cellulite creams, salves, lotions potions, and other cellulite treatments

Cellulite occurs as a result of toxins deposited in fatty cells within the adipose tissues, hormonal imbalance and harmful lifestyle habits such as poor diet, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption; These degenerates into a thinner skin and reduced skin elasticity, encouraging the appearance of cellulite on the surface of the skin.

However, like the saying, 'you are what you eat,' cellulite may only be effectively managed or enhanced by what goes into our body systems. And what better way to ensure that, than eating healthy fruits and vegetables that will help detoxify our system, promote blood circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and ultimately helps us to get rid of cellulite for good! 

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the popularly brewed beverages across the world; it has been proven to aid weight loss by increasing metabolism of cells, preventing fat absorption and controlling glucose concentration in the body, making it a perfect choice for those looking to lose some weight and improve their overall Health. 

What you should also know is that regularly taking green tea can help reduce cellulite appearance. Green tea contains theobromine which helps to stimulate the release of fat deposits. To get rid of cellulite using green tea, you'll need to take about 4 cups of freshly brewed green tea to achieve your goal.

Whole Grains

Whole grains contain more healthy and nutritious than refined grains. Brown rice and other whole grain foods can promote weight loss and also acts as a source of energy which keeps your stomach full and satisfied for a longer time.

Whole grains are also high in antioxidants which helps to combat toxins which increases cellulite formation, and getting rid of them through the lymphatic drainage system. It is recommended that you eat at least a bowl of whole grains and cereals to notice the effect.


Broccoli contains high nutritional values, with each floret containing a large number of vitamins and minerals with a relatively low concentration of calories. Broccoli contains a very high concentration of alpha lipoic acid which is lacking in most foods.

Alpha lipoic acid is a naturally occurring nutrient that improves the quality of collagen, by preventing it from hardening which leads to cellulite formation. Get your body ready to combat that cheese-like appearance by eating at least three to four slightly steamed portions of broccoli. 


Water is life! It helps to keep your body hydrated and supple while flushing out toxins and other harmful chemicals in the body. For best results, it is recommended you take at least eight glasses of water daily.

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When you're diligent with these foods listed above and of course with proper hydration, you are guaranteed positive results in your fight against cellulite. 


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