Alternatives To Eyelash Serums

Alternatives To Eyelash Serums

Home Remedies for Eyelashes

1. Daily lash combing

Although it may seem unusual, eyelashes need the same maintenance as hair. Every day, give your lashes a thorough combing with a clean mascara brush or other eyelash-specific equipment. The natural oils are more evenly distributed when an eyelash brush is used twice a day. To increase blood flow, massage the base of the lashes.


2. Avoid going to bed with mascara

If you use mascara, it's crucial to wash your eyes each night gently. Mascara-covered eyelashes are more fragile and prone to breaking when you're sleeping. It would help if you allowed your eyelashes some time to heal since they need to be able to breathe.


3. Natural oils like castor oil and others

Vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and omega 6 are all abundant in castor oil. Before going to bed, apply castor oil to your lashes. After a few weeks, you'll notice that they are longer and more robust.

You may use other natural oils as well. For longer eyelashes, jojoba, argan, coconut, and almond oil are excellent remedies. Apply some oil on a cotton swab before using it to brush the eyelashes. You'll notice benefits in a few weeks if you do this every day.


4. DIY eyelash serums

As a fantastic substitute for fake eyelashes or other synthetic methods of developing longer lashes, think about using a natural eyelash development serum. The best and easiest way to stimulate eyelash development is by using a serum. The skin surrounding the hair bulbs will be stimulated, and the root of the lashes will be protected.

Good eyelash serum alternatives

Select the Ingredients

To start, you must decide on a few essential components for your lash serum. It's up to you to decide which of the following components you'd like to use since they are all recognized to encourage healthy hair and lashes:

Coconut Oil Coconut oil is an excellent choice for lash serum since it has been shown to support the hair's natural keratin and hair health.

Casting oil Many over-the-counter lash serums include castor oil. This is due to ricinoleic acid, a protein that promotes healthy hair and prevents hair loss.

Aloe vera is another all-natural component that is proven to moisturize eyelashes and give them a fuller, healthier appearance.

Vitamin E liquid. Vitamin E oil strengthens and makes the lashes look thicker, acting as a lash conditioner and breaking-prevention aid.

Vaseline. Vaseline is an occlusive moisturizer that may help condition your lashes by feeding the natural hair connections and preventing premature breaking.

Essential oils The health of your hair and the lashes both benefit significantly from using essential oils. The most refined essential oils for lashes are lavender and eucalyptus.

How to Apply DIY Eyelash Serums?

Make sure you're using a high-quality product and are not allergic to it before applying any DIY eyelash serum. Therefore it's essential to do a patch test first. Apply a few drops on the inside of your elbow or inner arm. No response after 48 hours? Though it's not a guarantee, you ought to be OK. When applying anything near the eye region, you should use caution. Each time you use an applicator, make sure it is clean and disposable.

How Long Is the Shelf Life of DIY Lash Serum?

Six months You should be able to use your homemade lash serum for around six months after making it. You should develop a fresh lash serum every six months.

How Do You Keep DIY Lash Serum?

Your homemade lash serum may be kept in the same place as your regular skincare and cosmetics. It doesn't need to be refrigerated or kept cold.

Before applying, make sure your skin is clean of grime and makeup. Next, softly coat your lash line with an applicator, such as a clean cotton swab. Avoid getting any oil in your eyes, and cleanse your face every morning before putting on any makeup.

Lash Growth Serums

Of course, obtaining a lash treatment at a salon may not be an option, but lash growth serums are the ideal at-home remedy. These serums include active growth-stimulating chemicals and are intended to be used regularly. Then there are lash conditioning serums, which are more like hair conditioners in their operation. While they won't necessarily extend lashes, they will maintain them in good condition by reducing brittleness and breakage, which may, in turn, promote them to grow thicker and longer. Do you like a product with cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true ingredients? Our team has compiled the top lash expander on the market.

The best alternatives to eyelash serum almonds

Babe Lash Serum

Babe Lash Serum, an award-winning advanced eyelash conditioner, was created by ophthalmologists to improve the health, flexibility, and strength of the lashes as well as their appearance and prevent breakage, as per babe lash essential serum reviews. The unique Curl Effect is provided by this vegan-friendly, cruelty-free formula's ground-breaking combination of vitamins and nutrients, fortifying, moisturizing, and beautifying lashes and giving them a natural curl. Babe Lash Serum can enhance your lashes' general health in as little as eight weeks if your lash line has grown sparse and is prone to thinness and breaking, based on best lash serum reviews.