Does cellulite last forever?

Does cellulite last forever?

Does cellulite last forever?

Cellulite has been referred to as orange peels, cottage cheese and hail damage. This legendary skin defect still tends to throw the sane mind into a state of low-confidence. This low- confidence skin defect has plagued many and is still plaguing. There is a general misconception that cellulite is fat-phobic, but it might shock you to know that even skinny ladies too cry for orange peels.

In spite of the amount of money spent to fill up these unwanted dimples, they don’t seem in a hurry to hit the road. Aesthetic products and surgeons have profited from this stubborn defect as women delve into anti-cellulite treatment procedures after another, from cellulite creams, anti-cellulite creams, cream for cellulite removal, cellulite lotion to laser surgeries and local therapies.

Most products that promise cure only seem to reduce the appearance of the unwanted dimples and as such only for a little while before they pop their lumpy bumps out again. While cellulite isn’t a death threat it is quite detested by many; everyone wants to have smooth skin.

As you might have noticed, women are more prone to cellulite than men and when you hear ‘women’, you should know that the entire female gender, regardless of their age, is being referred to. Women happen to be the major sufferers due to the estrogen that decreases in their approach to menopause. 

Several types of research have postulated that as women approach menopause, the estrogen in them starts to decrease thereby making them lose receptors in blood vessels, hips, thighs and butts; this accounts for decreased circulation which subsequently results to cellulite.

Women are prone to get cellulite around their knees, butts and thighs because they have more than one layer of fat in these areas, precisely three layers, instead of just one. These three layers of fat are quite responsible for weakening the connective tissue that serves as a boundary between the dermal layer and the fat layer. Cellulite appears on the skin after the fats beneath the skin have protruded into the dermal layer.

While there might seemingly be no cure for cellulite, there are quite some ways it can be reduced, not cured, reduced. Cellulite has etched itself as an inevitable part of aging, and this makes people think of it as biological since it isn’t life-threatening. You might be shocked to know that curvy female celebrities are no exception to this beauty threatening defect. Why do you think they are always having a date with needles and suctions?


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There are some machines that help in the reduction of cellulite. Machines like vacuum rollers and radio waves. These machines help in the circulation of blood flow and heat that helps in dissolving fats. The shortcoming to these machines is that they have to be used once a month for several years as this is termed ‘renewal of the skin’.


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