DIY Butt Enlargement Methods

DIY Butt Enlargement Methods

DIY Butt Enlargement Methods

Let’s face it; the big booty craze isn't going away any time soon, especially not when our favorite celebrities flaunt magnificent too-good-to-be-true butt every time on social media, serving “butt goals” to the “not-so-endowed” population

And now, you’ve had it! You want to know the secret behind those bouncy booties because you finally figured; they couldn’t all have been born with those killer curves.

Way to go! You are finally at the place where you ask the one question many women looking to gain bigger butt ask.



Fact is, while a lot of celebrity booties and other booties you admire may be 100% natural (can’t be too sure, you know?), getting the same round and perky ass is completely achievable with some specific methods once you decide to.

However, you must understand that while most of these methods will fetch you the desired results, some of them cannot be said to be “safe.”

A few others, on the other hand, do nothing other than mask the real deal, e.g., clothing, which may be a good enough option if you’re not looking to splurge a few thousand on some costly procedure or spare a couple of dollars on pills and lotions.

Below, you’ll find some methods to help make your butt bigger or appear bigger. Again, some of the methods listed below are extreme, so ensure you devote some serious thought to the options before going for any.

  • Exercises
  • Diet
  • Injections and supplements
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Creams and massage
  • Choice of clothing

In this article, we’ll be covering DIY butt enlargement methods using exercises, specific diet, and massage. At intervals, however, we’ll mention other butt enlargement methods like the butt lifting cream and butt growth pills.

Exercises to grow bigger butts

If you are out to grow bigger butt through exercises, there are specific exercises targeted mainly at the gluteal muscles.

These, done alongside the right diet and butt supplement would fetch you those prized curves and save you some stacks in money and pain from cosmetic surgery. The best part? You can do all of these at the comfort of your home, you read that right, and that means, complete devotion to butt enhancements routines with zero questions or questioning looks you’d have gotten at the gym.


Ah, good old squats! Who would have thought an exercise technique with weight-lifting origins held so much promise for the butt?

If you’ve never given much thought to squats or maybe believed it was all hype and no benefits, too bad, you’ve been underestimating one vital natural butt enhancement tool that can be used alone or combined with some of the best buttock enhancement pills for a curvier rear.

Squats have remained one of the most effective exercises for rapid butt muscle growth. If done right, regular squats will help build your butt muscles and widen your hips. Talk about getting two for the price of one!

Simple squat technique

Stand with your feet apart at shoulder width. Bend your knees and squat, ensuring your spine stays straight, and your core tightened. Stay in the position for up to five minutes and then change the width of your stance so different parts of your gluteal muscles can feel the pressure. For a more challenging workout, include weights in the routine.

Do this at least thrice daily, and you are on your way a significantly curvier butt in just a few days. For a fast and more chiseled result, you can add a top butt enhancement cream to the mix.

Heel raise routine

The heel raise routine is one of the easiest exercise techniques to enlarge the buttocks naturally. Just like you would with the squats, you may want to include a butt lift cream that works or a butt enhancement supplement with the heel raise routine for optimum result.

Every morning, stand barefoot on your toes and tighten your butt cheeks as hard as you can and then release.

You can do this as many times as possible in a day for rapid results.


Lunges are another proven way to give your butt the curve and firmness it needs to stay sexy. And just like the squats, lunges are easy to do.

Take two 1kg dumbbells and stand erect resting your hands on your sides. With your right leg, take a long step forward while keeping the left one fixed on the ground. Bend both legs at 90 degrees and move your torso forward with the dumbbells in hand.

Stay in this position for about 10 seconds and pull back before repeating with the left leg. Regular lunges routine helps to broaden and sculpt your hip muscles. Combine with a good cream for butt growth for the best result and more beautiful skin.

Diet to grow a bigger butt


Protein works great for butt growth when consumed adequately. If you’re going on a high-protein diet, ensure the protein-rich food you consume contain amino acid constitutions that are similar to that of the body for fast absorption and to directly help in building muscle mass.

Foods with the required protein content include; chicken, fish, eggs, and beans. Include at least one of these in your daily diet along butt-targeting exercises like squats and lunges to grow your butt. You can also include a healthy butt enhancer cream to aid the butt growth process.

Healthy nuts

Nuts are some of the best sources of protein and good fat. Nuts also contain several types of vitamins and minerals to help in overall muscle growth. So, maximize the benefits by including adequate amounts of nuts to your daily diet.

Butt massage

Butt massages are some of the simplest, pain-free and enjoyable ways to increase your butt size. Simply rub some oil, e.g. coconut oil on your butt and thoroughly massage it for increased flow and bigger rump in the long run.

To speed things up, you may want to include a butt enlargement cream together with your regular butt massage oils and the butt growth techniques outlined above.

So there you have it; proven methods to help you grow a bigger butt, add these to your daily routine, and then relax and watch that butt pop.

Know any natural butt enhancement method or tips? We’d love to read them, kindly share with us!

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