7 Ingredients of a good anti-cellulite cream

You’ve probably heard of or have cellulite. This beauty threat has tormented many women as it is almost deemed to be biological and part of the aging process. The search for a cure can’t be said to be successful as most anti-cellulite products or treatments only help temporarily and as such should be renewed.

The internet and aesthetic medical stores are quite saturated with an infinite dose of anti-cellulite products. A collection of these products can be quite overwhelming as most of them seem to make unrealistic promises. You might have probably been a victim of such promises and may find it scary to believe any other.

Well, this article seeks to arm you with some anti-cellulite info as regards knowing the right ingredients a good anti-cellulite cream should contain. You should also bear in mind that no product works like magic or gives an overnight effect. Every cellulite product should be used consistently for desired results.

Well, we are going to list seven ingredients a good anti-cellulite cream should contain; it doesn’t have to contain seven precisely but at least a few.  As earlier stated, treating cellulite requires a lot of patience so you should get your hopes high. Below are seven ingredients a good anti-cellulite product should contain


Caffeine is known for increasing circulation and promoting lipolysis of the fat cells, so endeavor to go for creams that contain caffeine.


Medical experts have postulated it is quite beneficial to the skin. In recent years, clinical researches have shown the effectiveness of retinol to wrinkles on the skin. Retinol, when supplemented with caffeine, produces tremendous results as regards lymphatic circulation and thickening of the dermis.

Vitamin C

As common you may deem this to be, research experts have found that this vitamin is quite rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is also crucial to collagen synthesis.


Peptides are amino acids that work as the block builders for collagen and elastin. These things are what forms and strengthens the connective tissue in the body. A weakened connective tissue causes the appearance of cellulite.


Horsetail extract

This natural extract is a very powerful inflammatory. It is mostly used in cellulite creams and lotions.


This natural amino acid is found in the body. It helps in burning fat and strengthening the skin cells. You take it as an oral supplement.

Fisetin and Framboise

These two ingredients are derived from raspberries and strawberries. They aid in burning fat and are strong anti-oxidants.

You should note that the ingredients used in making cellulite products are many these are just a few.


With the overwhelming effect of many anti-cellulite lotions and creams on the internet we have deemed it fit to save you the stress.