3 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Stretch Marks


3 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Your Stretch Marks in 2021

Most people are familiar with stretch marks, and although these marks occur for different reasons, the basic principle is that when your skin stretches more than it can handle, it tears and this results to the formation of tiny, long visible scars on the surface of the skin.


Some of the common factors that cause a tear in the skin include pregnancy, puberty, rapid weight gain, and bodybuilding. Other factors that cause stretch marks are genetics, stress, and medical conditions.


Stretch marks forms in the dermis; a middle layer of the skin and appear on the epidermis which is the topmost layer of the skin. These marks are usually red, pink, purple or brown color in their early stage and fade into silver or white color as they age.

Few people develop these marks temporarily, and over time the skin repairs itself and the marks disappear. However, many people develop stretch marks permanently and might require an effective treatment to remove the scars or reduce their appearance on the skin.


Stretch marks are harmless and do not pose a health risk to the body. However, they are one of the biggest cosmetic nuisances that affect self-esteem and personality negatively. Here are three reasons why you should get rid of your stretch marks.


1.How you feel about yourself

Stretch marks are a common and natural occurrence that affects almost everyone, as I earlier mentioned, these marks are harmless, but the real problem with stretch marks is emotional and not medical.


These marks negatively affect the self-image of many women; they lose confidence in the way they look and feel about themselves. They become very self-conscious about their body, and this can get them down.


2.Your Outfit

Most women who get emotionally affected by stretch marks, and are self-conscious about their body have issues with the clothes they wear. Women with stretch marks will choose non-revealing clothes for fear of anyone seeing the stretch marks, so they prefer to cover up than reveal their body.


Putting on a beautiful short gown or a bikini is a great inspiration actually to remove stretch marks from your skin.

3.Skin Care and Anti Aging

Often when you get older, your skin starts to age first and when this happens, your stretch marks become even more unsightly especially if these marks are still as deep as it was in their early years.


Starting an anti-aging treatment to remove your stretch marks can be a great confidence booster and can help recapture your youth and help you regain your beauty confidence.


Various treatments such as surgical treatment,non-surgical treatments, and topical treatments are available to remove or reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.


Non-Surgical Treatment

These treatments include laser therapy, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and chemical peels. These treatments are effective and can only alleviate the appearance of these scars. They are costly and might require a few sessions before you see results.


They also come with a certain number of risks and complications, so it is important to discuss with a specialist before you opt for any of these treatments.


Topical Treatment

This treatment involves applying stretch mark cream, lotions or oils on your scars. Stretch mark removal cream is affordable, accessible and effective in reducing the appearance of these marks on the area affected.


Stretch marks and scar defense cream is one of the best treatment for stretch marks with no known risks or side effects, provided you get the best products. It is advisable to search the internet for the top stretch marks cream reviews and the products that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter, and essential oils.


Surgical Treatment


Abdominoplasty is the only known treatment that can completely remove stretch marks on the skin. Also known as a tummy tuck, this surgery removes the extra fats and stretch marks in the abdominal region while giving the waist a fitter and firmer look.


This procedure is costly and comes with a good deal of risks and complications, so it is important to discuss with your doctor to know if you’re medically fit for this surgery.


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