Many of us would do anything for a sleek skin as it would give us the opportunity to show our body off like those models we see in TV commercials. However, most of us aren’t this lucky as we are vulnerable to one skin defect or another. In this article, we would be analyzing some causes of stretch marks and how we can prevent them.Do you want to shut the door to stretch marks permanently? We ranked the best stretch mark creams here click to see . 

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are those lines that develop on our skin when our skin’s elasticity can’t keep up with our body’s growth. Both men and women are sufferers of this skin defect. But it plagues women more because their body grows faster than men’s. Stretch marks can develop on our skin via some reasons which we are going to be looking at in the next paragraph.


What causes stretch marks?

As earlier mentioned, stretch mark is birthed by numerous reasons. However, all reasons seem to point towards skin expansion and overstretching the elastic fibers beyond their limit. So what are these factors and how can we prevent them or at most, correct them?

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Weight gain

This is one of the most common causes of stretch marks as it includes adding weight. Weight gain is quite a normal phenomenon as growth is part of living and as such every living thing must grow. But the problem lies in rapidity as the skin adapts slowly to growth and as such may not do well with rapidity. In this regard, we should avoid foods that can blow us up too quickly as such fatness may cause stretch marks.



While staying fit or working out is considered healthy living, there are some downsides to this kind of healthy living. As we discussed earlier, the skin needs time to adjust to your body size when you are gaining weight. Bodybuilding tends to break the elastic fibers if done rapidly. Most of us rely on steroids which serve as bodybuilding boosters.


The skin may find it difficult to keep up with this type of growth as enhancing our bodybuilding with supplements tends to expand our muscular tissues quite faster. You should consider using a stretch marks removal cream as a preventive measure while you work out.



Most people regard this as an inevitable bringer of stretch marks in females. During puberty, the female body undergoes some changes in the aspect of weight gain. The areas of the body susceptible to gaining weight are the butt, thighs, and hips. These body areas are also where stretch marks develop quite easily as they are fat saturated. Most ladies often treat stretch marks in advance via the aid of some stretch marks creams.

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Recommending stretch mark cream

Using stretch mark cream is the cheapest and the safest way to remove your stretch marks, Don't forget to choose a stretch mark cream that contains moisturizing properties that moisten the hard nature of your skin thereby boosting your skin’s collagen and elasticity.