What Do I Do When My Lashes Start To Fall?

What Do I Do When My Lashes Start To Fall?

Is It Normal for Eyelashes to Fall?

You're probably no stranger to attempting every lengthening mascara and every supposed hair-growth "trick" on the internet if you were gifted with losing eyelashes or are battling with eyelashes falling out. Plus, you know, longing for more to sprout in place of each fallen lash. A decent eyelash serum, on the other hand, will be your BFF when it comes to encouraging lash development.

With the best eyelash growth serums, your goal of having longer, fuller, and thicker lashes has finally come true. You no longer will say: My eyelashes are falling out!. Of course, this isn't to say that every lash serum will give you the fluttery lashes of your aspirations (only your DNA and prescription lash-growth treatments can do that). However, lash serums may absolutely assist, but only the best should be used. As a result, we assist you in selecting the optimal formulae for your eyelashes falling out.

Where Do Eyelashes Start To Fall Out?

Eyelashes Falling Out

Mainly having a long eyelash is a desire that most women want and most have tried many ways to get them. An eyelash can endure loss that results from health issues or environmental factors.  

You may be tearing your hair out because well, you are losing your eyelashes and you don’t know what to do to stop it. Agonizing on what you don’t understand is usually not the solution. Many people suffer sudden hair loss. One day they have a head full of hair and healthy eyelashes, the next they are holding strands of fallen hair or lashes. The best eyelash serums approved by customers & specialists can be helpful when this happens.

However, the truth is things happen for a reason, and this saying applies to hair loss too. Something must have triggered hair loss. Could it be genetics (androgenetic alopecia), a deficient diet, bad habit (pulling or plucking lashes), medication, stress, medical conditions (diabetes, cancer) or even age? Also, eyelashes can fall off due to the natural cycle of growth or because they have become weakened and damaged.

What to Do for Falling Eyelashes?

Eyelashes develop in a natural pattern and fall out at a predictable pace. Although this may create anxiety. You need to realize that they usually heal on their own. Although, if you want to accelerate your development and avoid losing eyelashes, there are a few things you can do.


This is an abnormal growth of lashes in areas of the eyelid where you shouldn’t normally expect to find lashes. The condition can cause peeking and extreme irritation that may lead to loss of eyelash. We suggest that you look for the best lash serums to help you with this problem.

Eyelash serums are active agents that strengthen the eyelashes making them thicker and fuller. Eyelash serums also stimulate growth and provide a conditioning effect to your eyelashes making them invulnerable to breaking or falling out.

An eyelash growth serum is the number one solution to stop your lashes from falling out and also has the ability to replenish lost nutrients. Eyelash enhancement serums contain exceptional and effective ingredients that are safe, affordable and reliable.

Knowing the development pattern of lashes is necessary before understanding how eyelash growth serums operate. There are three distinct stages:

• Anagen, Active: The first 4-10 weeks are spent in the active phase. It's the time when the lash is nourished by the hair linked to the dermal papilla (aka blood supply) and grows at a pace of 0.12 to 0.14 millimeters each day. A lash will develop longer if it stays in this phase for a long time.

• Catagen, Transition Phase: This is a critical phase because the hair follicle shrinks and disconnects from the dermal papilla, causing eyelashes to cease growing. The follicle will stay empty until the anagen phase starts again if an eyelash comes out or is pulled off during this phase. This time lasts around two to three weeks.

• Telogen, or Resting Phase: During this phase, new hairs begin to form inside the eyelash follicle, causing old lashes to shed (about 50% at a time). Before returning to the anagen phase, this phase lasts around 3-4 months.

Best Eyelash Serums

Over-the-counter products that promise to help lengthen losing eyelashes are becoming more popular. Although you may not notice immediate effects from these over-the-counter serums, they include nourishing chemicals that strengthen eyelash hairs over time, making them stronger and more resistant to breaking.

Look for the Best Eyelash Serums that incorporate biotin, peptides, or lipids for the greatest results. Biotin is a B vitamin that promotes the creation of new eyelash follicles and helps lashes grow longer and thicker. Lipids hydrate and condition the lashes, while peptides target the skin cells of the lashes to produce a healthier base and increase volume.

Keep in mind that since lash development serums are considered cosmetics, determining how effective all of the components are might be difficult. As a result, check the label carefully to determine whether it includes the substances indicated above, and choose a respected brand like the ones on our top list.

What Do I Do When My Eyelashes Start To Fall Out?

WooLash Eyelash Serum

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Woolash Eyelash Serums are said to enhance the quality of the eyelash follicles and perhaps make them look thicker and curled, making women's eyes more beautiful. The fact is, however, that some serums fall short of expectations for various reasons.

There will always be a vast variety of eyelash serums to pick from, so we've featured WooLash to offer you some insight into one of them.

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