What Is CBD Cooling Cream Used For


Useful uses of CBD cooling cream

Cooling creams are designed to cool down hot skin by having a rich and smooth texture. Hot skin can be caused by anything from medical issues such as Rosacea to scarlet fever and from sunburn to normal everyday fevers. But the most common causes of flushing skin are stress, embarrassment, anxiety, or anger. 


Yes, your Mental Health is very directly involved in your skin health. When you get stressed or angry, these emotions cause the body to release different kinds of hormones to react in response to these emotions, to get the body ready for the correct response, this can include fight or flight, or crying. These hormones are necessary to our survival, but also have negative effects on our skin. For example, the fight or flight hormone is called Cortisol, It’s the main cause of stress in our body. Cortisol also shuts down the nonessential systems of your body so you can concentrate on making a decision.  ( Medaims Reviews )

Additionally, it increases sugar in our bloodstream, this is because sugar is the main fuel for your brain, therefore, with more sugar, your decision-making process becomes more enhanced for that short time. It also affects our heart rate by increasing it to allow more blood to be pumped to our brain and muscles, all part of the process. 


But all of that increased blood flow will make your Sebaceous glands produce more sebum, which will make your skin oily and might cause acne. When our skin gets hot, we have to use cooling creams like CBD cooling cream to stop the damage. Cooling creams come in the form of gels and lotions. Lotions are preferred because of their complex structure that is better used in moisturizing creams, and since CBD cooling creams are essentially a nourishing kind of moisturizer, lotions are preferred. 


Other ingredients in cooling creams might include Menthol, the main substance in peppermint, which as you already know, gives a cooling sensation. Aloe Vera extract might also be used in some products for its benefits since almost all cosmetic products are multi-purpose these days and Aloe Vera has certainly proved itself for its anti-inflammatory benefits. 

CBD cooling creams are also used for sore muscles since they cool the skin, which might relieve sore and stiff muscles to free up. One of the main benefits of the CBD cooling lotions is their almost instant response, once applied, it only takes moments to feel its effects. It’s like taking a mint for the skin.


As far as applying it goes, it literally couldn’t be easier. Just rub the lotion or gel to the affected area and keep rubbing until you feel the cooling sensation. You should know that cooling creams were first invented to help athletes with their sore and stiff muscles but were found to be very effective for hot skin as well, and that's why we have cooling creams used for our skincare today.


CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It’s a chemical extract from the cannabis plant. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because you might have heard it alongside the word marijuana. CBDs are one of the many chemicals found in the plant that also produces marijuana but don’t worry, it won’t get you high by applying it to your skin. All CBD products contain less than 0.03 percent of cannabidiol in the product. And that level has been confirmed to be completely safe by multiple different agencies. In this subject, we should also mention that the chemical that is hallucinogenic in the marijuana plant is not cannabidiol, it's tetrahydrocannabinol. The Sativa cannabis plant has more than 130 cannabinoids inside.


But if that doesn't reassure you to use it safely, take this example. The Eucalyptus tree family is poisonous to humans, but it's found in a lot of cosmetic and even medical products and drugs, why is that?


That’s because, Eucalyptus might be poisonous when it’s consumed through chewing on its leaves, but when a chemical extract from the natural plant is used, it's purely beneficial.

Among the many benefits of using cannabidiol in cosmetic products is that its plant is known for pain relief. In fact, cannabidiol has been used to relieve pain since 3000 BC in the form of oils and paste.

And while it may not be applicable to its lotion form, it’s also known to treat anxiety and depression. In fact, in most developed countries, cannabis can be legally prescribed and purchased for its mental health benefits. And as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, less stress means healthier skin.