Stretch marks do not suddenly appear as pimples do, there are few reasons why you develop stretch marks. Unlike skin outbreaks like pimples and acne, stretch marks do not come due to something you eat or use and go the moment you stop those things. Stretch marks occur because your body increases and your skin stretches beyond its normal state.Click here to see the best stretch mark creams!

This stretching and increase happen for several reasons. They include:

Gaining extra pounds: if you add excess fats, your body will stretch and then leave marks as a sign. Stretch marks occur when the dermis also known as the inner skin is overstretched beyond its limits, making the blood vessels visibly red initially, then purple, or pink later. When stretch marks become older, they turn silver or white because the fat underneath becomes more obvious. 




Pregnancy: pregnancy is another condition that accommodates the appearance of stretch marks especially around the abdomen, breasts and the entire derriere area. Stretch marks can appear during any of the three trimesters of pregnancy and can linger long after delivery has taken place. 

Evolving into adolescence: puberty means rapid growth spurts and changes in the body. A skinny girl can suddenly develop curves while a boy that was all bones and tiny voice can develop a deeper voice and massive biceps. All these come with a price: stretch marks.




Although it is normal for this growth to take place, the rate at which the growth will take place will catch the body by surprise, that’s why the fibers connecting the dermis will tear, leading to stretch marks.

Use of corticosteroids medication: these are pills, creams or lotions that are used to treat some skin diseases but they reduce the level of collagen in the body, and this can lead to skin loosening and stretch marks.




Lifting weights: if you favor lifting weights, you are prone to have stretch marks because a rapid increase in body mass can put stress on the dermis, causing it to tear. Misuse of steroids can also increase your chances of developing stretch marks.


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Underlying medical conditions: there are rare health conditions that can cause hormonal disorder which might, in turn, lead to excess secretion of cortisol. This excess secretion leads to stretch marks. Example of this is Cushing’s syndrome.




Another example is Marfan syndrome, a genetic defect that leads to loose skin and puts affected persons at a higher risk of having stretch marks.




Although stretch marks are permanent scars, reduce them. However, newer stretch marks are likely to fade faster than old ones. To achieve a in stretch marks, you can start by making use of homemade remedies such as cocoa butter, lime juice, sugar mixture, essential oils (castor, olive, and argan oils) and cucumber.




You are not limited to these options because there are many more online and everywhere. If you think your stretch marks require an advanced solution, you may like to try a very good stretch mark removal cream, we have an excellent suggestion for you.