With a lot of falsies and fake things, it is difficult to call anything perfect. I remember seeing a girl with long eyelashes, and I would bet that it was false; this was because I didn't believe that it was possible to have such long and thick eyelashes without any attachments.

 But it is possible to have long, thick, curly eyelashes without fixing anything and the first thing to do is to stop doing those things that cause your eyelashes to fall out.


Stop rubbing your eyes: yeah I know it is an unconscious act, but if you care about your eyelashes, you have to stop rubbing your eyelashes. It is sometimes the first thing you do when you wake up, or you feel dust or sand in your eyes, instead of rubbing your eyes simply wash your face. This is because rubbing the eyes damages the lash follicles causing the lashes to fall out.

Stop using mascara: I believe I didn’t mince words on this. You have to stop using mascara; it causes your eyelashes to fall out especially when you use the waterproof or low-quality mascara. I know mascara seems to be an easy way to thicken your eyelashes. But it harms your lash follicles.

Stop fixing your eyelashes: this must be the hardest thing you all have heard all year. You have to stop attaching those false eyelashes or risk being eye bald. The false lashes sometimes need waterproof glue to stick on, and this glue may contain a strong chemical that could harm the eye and also cause eyelash loss. 

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Do you want to get the perfect eyelash?

Then quit using artificial and unhealthy techniques.


However, this is just the beginning of the journey because apart from these falsies many of us are not blessed with naturally long and thick eyelashes and that is why we started fixing in the first place. So if you want to have those perfect eyelashes, an ideal way is to grow them.


You can grow your eyelashes to the eyelashes of your dreams. Growing your eyelashes can only be achieved by using an eyelash growth product like the eyelash growth serum. The eyelash serum is a lash enhancer that is rich with ingredients that are sure to boost your eyelashes. It strengthens conditions, protects and grows your eyelashes.


The best part is that it doesn't require any hectic procedure or regulations, all you need do is apply to your upper eyelid once a day, and in 2-4 weeks, you should have the perfect eyelashes that you dream of. The best eyelash serums are not the once that claim to grow your eyelashes overnight, an eyelash growth serum that works gradually increases your eyelashes.


This means that for the eyelash serum to work for you, you have to be patient and consistent with it. Don’t be quick to discard it when you have not followed due procedure.  Serums for lashes are the safest ways to achieve the perfect eyelashes, so if you are tired of fixing, Click eyelash serum, we ranked the best eyelash growth serum products.


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