The appearance of stretch marks is a part of the experience that comes with puberty for most boys and girls. Most times as a result of hormonal changes and fat distribution to various parts of the body, a teenager gains weight faster during puberty, and as such may cause the appearance of striated lines on the body ­what we call stretch marks.




Stretch marks are formed by rapid growth and stretching of the skin layers. The skin is made up of elastin and collagen which enhances the elasticity and plump texture of the skin. Once the skin is stretched beyond its capacity, the normal production of elastin and collagen is disrupted, and consequently, stretch marks are formed.




Have you found stretch marks on your body? No need to be worried; you are not alone. Most ladies find stretch marks around their thighs, buttocks, and breasts but it becomes more predominant during pregnancy. Although most women experience stretch marks as they age, males also develop stretch marks as a result of genetics or hormonal imbalance as well as exercises.




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Stretch marks do not only appear in obese people but also people with slim stature, genetics and hormones may be the culprit here. Even people using cosmetics containing hydrocortisone can also be affected as corticosteroids causes thinning of the dermal layers and reduction of collagen and elastin fibers.




Even weight lifters and bodybuilders have their share in developing stretch marks because they develop rapid body changes as a result of the various exercises they partake in.


Initially, stretch marks may show up with as reddish or purplish striated lines that have a different texture from the surrounding skin. Although with time, stretch marks become lighter over time with appropriate treatment.

Avoid sunless self-tanners

Some people find that using home remedies such as moisturizing oils like olive oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil helps to reduce stretch marks and tone up the skin. Also, you may want to avoid sunless self-tanners and sunny environment, as such exposures to the sun may likely encourage stretch marks.




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Conceal your skin

Use makeup products that match the tone of your skin to conceal the affected skin and aid reduction of stretch mark appearance. However, if you will be spending some time in the water, this may not be advisable. Use makeup products that are water resistant to cover up the stretch marks.


Healthy diet

Eat healthy meals and stay hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Also, avoid very tight clothing to reduce itching that is caused by the development of new stretch marks.


Consult a dermatologist

Depending on how old the stretch marks may be, you may need the expertise of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to recommend the best stretch mark treatment option for you. Such treatment may involve laser treatment and microdermabrasion, but you should note that they are expensive.




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