Stretch mark may not be harmful to health or dangerous to our body function, but as much as we know many women have stretch marks with the possibility of many more and it borders most of us to identify how to remove the stretch mark.


There are many ways to remove stretch marks but in this article, we are going to be discussing the preferable ways of removing stretch marks between using laser treatment or surgery.But here we ranked the best stretch mark cream products according to customer reviews. Click to decide better!


Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a relatively new technology that is available in cosmetology clinic with the aim to remove stretch marks that comes in varying sizes, depth, length and width of the area that will be removed.


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How the laser works

It works with the help of a highly concentrate ultraviolet light that is beamed closely and directly on the affected area, making the skin tissue to become disintegrated and reveal the smooth layer of the skin that lies beneath it.


After the laser is administered on the affected area, the skin becomes red, blistered and tender to touch. However, you need not worry as this condition tends to heal faster.

Is it effective?

Laser treatment is considered to be very effective and also the older or deeper the stretch mark gets will depend on how difficult it can be removed. Despite how difficult it might be, the laser treatment can be quite impossible to remove some stubborn old stretch marks.

Natural Vs. Cosmetic Treatments For Stretch Marks


However, they may not be removed entirely but can reduce its visibility, also it is recommended to seek a professional cosmetologist who would be careful with your skin as laser treatment can be challenging.


Surgical method of removing stretch mark

The use of surgery to treat or remove stretch mark is very effective but highly recommended to be the last resort when removing stretch marks. Surgery treatment for stretch marks can be very effective and delicate but it is able to work perfectly with the aid of exercise and proper diet.


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How it works

Tummy tuck is a common means used in surgical treatment of stretch marks. Tummy tuck is used to pull the stomach muscle together and the abdominal skin is stretched downwards to remove excess skin. The surgery method will both get rid of the stretch marks as well as give you a flat abdomen.

Is it effective?

Surgical removal of stretch marks is very effective but also can be expensive and dangerous with extreme complications in rear cases. Tummy tuck provides both flat tummy and stretch marks removal but it’s recommended to be used as the last resort only.

Are they safe?

The desire to remove stretch mark with the above two methods is not a bad idea but advised to use only as a last resort and in most cases not at all. They both comes with their pros and cons and can be very dangerous when considering the cons.




Luckily, there is a more effective method that doesn’t require the extreme measure of surgery or laser treatment, this involves the use of anti-stretch mark removal cream.

Stretch mark removal cream can be very effective, safe, affordable and reliable in removing stretch marks. It can be used by applying the cream or lotion on the affected area which helps to erase the stretch marks completely and nourish the skin back to life, giving you an even complexion.


Medically, it is best to choose a less complicated and more subtle way to treat your stretch mark removal. We ranked the best stretch mark cream for you to decide better!