Some Tips To Protect Your Eyelash Serum


How to protect your eyelashes serum

You have probably shelled out $60 to $120 to purchase your recent eyelash serum. This cost you a small fortune, you should take extra steps to protect it from losing its potency or causing damage to others.


Before buying any lash serum ensure you check the expiry date. Expired serums can have an adverse effect on your eyes and skin. Only buy clinically tested serums for maximum effect.


Every serum bottle always comes with a label which may contain instruction on how to protect it from causing damage to yourself or others. In this article, I would cover both general and specific instructions to protect your eyelash serum.


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Put your bottle out of the reach of children:

Children are very curious and there are high tendencies for them to put the mixture into their mouth when found. You should always ensure you cover your eyelash serum properly.


Do not leave your serum bottle open:

Some ladies are fond of leaving their eyelash serum open. This will dry out the serum and reduce the potency. You should always cover your lash bottle immediately after use.


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Always discard your sterile applicator after use:

Your sterile applicator is not for continuous usage, they are disposable and must be discarded after use or after a period of usage. You risk getting infections by repeatedly using the same brush for a long time. You should replace your brushes every 3 to 6 months.


Don’t mix another liquid into your serum:

Some ladies think they are a pharmacist, they love to try out different kinds of ingredients to discover new mixture. Do not add water to increase the content of your serum, you will only end up diluting it. Your lash serum already has in the right proportions the required amount of ingredients needed to grow the lashes. Do not try to alter its constituents by experimenting with other substances. The result may cause unwanted side effects.


Cut back on usage after some time:

It takes between 4 to 8 weeks of regular usage for you to begin to notice the effect of the serum on your lashes. However, after using the serum over a long period of time, it’s ok to skip some days. This will not lead to a drastic change in your eyelashes.


Don’t share your eyelash serum: Sharing is caring but not in this case. We are talking about the eyes, the most sensitive parts of our body. Sharing your serum can lead to the transfer of bacteria. This should be avoided at all cost.


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Don’t be that lady that spends her money on beauty products and later regrets it because of her carelessness. Buying an eyelash serum is an investment in your body that will pay off many times. The overall confidence, joy, and wellbeing you get from your new fuller, darker and longer eyelashes cannot be thrown away. Ensure you do all within your reach to protect your lash serum from damage to yourself and others.


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