Pros and cons of using eyelash serums

Pros and cons of using eyelash serums

Pros and cons of using eyelash serums

The days of short, scanty, and dangly looking eyelashes are over. Thanks to eyelash serums, ladies can now look like their favorites celebrities without spending a fortune on beauty therapies.

It is said that having full, long and beautiful eyelashes can have real positive physiological effects on women.

Eyelash growth serum has been proven to be safe for use. In an article published by Derek Jones in the US National Library of Medicine, it showed that the most common side effects associated with bimatoprost (a major component of eyelash serum) use were conjunctival hyperemia, eye pruritus, skin hyperpigmentation, dry eye symptoms, and erythema of the eyelid which occurred in fewer than 4% of patients during clinical trials.

eyelash serum side effects


They give eyelashes length and lustre

Top eyelash serums do not only grow longer eyelashes, but they also add lustre to it. When the eyelashes give out lustre it adds remarkable beauty to our eyes. No matter what, many of us will never have long lashes dues to excessive curling, harsh makeup, and aging. A top eyelash serum can increase the growth of our lashes after three to four weeks of consistent usage.

They prevent excessive breakage of eyelash

One of the benefits of a top eyelash growth serum is the ability to prevent eyelash breakage. While most eyelash serums promise to lengthen our eyelashes, not all of them can prevent excessive fallout of the eyelashes. Some people are prone to losing their eyelashes quickly. Top lash serums contain powerful polypeptide that keeps the eyelashes from breaking and supports the growth of voluminous lashes over time.

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They make eyelashes thicker and darker

Top eyelash growth serums contain many ingredients that function as moisturizers, strengthening agents and conditioners. They help to make our eyelash fuller and darker. Eyelash serums have proven to prevent premature greying of the lashes by darkening it. You can begin to notice a thicker eyelash within a month of applying the eyelash growth serum.

eyelash serum side effects


Eyes irritation

The eyes are very sensitive to any foreign body and getting chemicals close to it can be dangerous. Some women who use eyelash growth serums often complain of irritation of the eyes, leading to the eyes becoming red. However, this side effect is often caused when ladies fail to properly apply the serum as indicated in the instructions. Some ladies apply excessive serum on their eyelash to make it grow fast. Sometimes the serum could enter the eyes and cause irritation and redness of the eye. You should rinse the eyes with fresh tap water when this occurs and see a doctor if persists.

eyelash serum side effects

Skin darkening

Excess application of eyelash serum can cause darkening of the skin around the eyes. This has been reported by a number of users who use eyelash serums. However, this side effect is usually temporary and one can regain normal skin coloration after discontinuation of the product.

Eyes discoloration

Eyelash serums have been proven to be safe for all. The side effect will only occur when ladies do not properly apply the substance, or when they are allergic to some compositions in the eyelash serums. To grow longer, fuller and healthy eyelashes you need a potent eyelash growth serum that works. We ranked the best eyelash growth serum products, click here to see.


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