Weight gain has more haters than lovers as most people, especially females, love to look trim and fit. Asides the negative impression fatness has on people, it isn’t also healthy as you are likely to get vulnerable to some heart-related defects. Before we delve into some other downsides of obesity, let’s consider how it relates to stretch marks.


Stretch mark is a skin defect that appears on the skin when the skin can’t keep up with the body’s growth. The skin has some elastic fibers underneath it that are responsible for sizing up the body as it grows. Once growth becomes rapid, the elastic fibers tend to break and as such stretch marks develop on the skin.


Obesity is one of the fastest bringers of stretch marks as it involves rapid growth which the skin is less likely to keep up with. People get obese for numerous reasons ranging from genetics, lifestyle, reckless dieting and similar sorts. We would be discussing a few of these causes and how we can tackle them.


Obesity can sometimes be genetically related and as such might be inevitable. However, if you discover that obesity resides in your bloodline, then you should ensure you take some precautionary measures. Eating fatty foods may trigger your fat genes, and such may blow you up quicker than you realize. To curtail this, you also consider working out to boost your chances of staying trim.

Reckless dieting

Most of us eat as we breathe which isn’t a healthy way to live. You should strive to keep your diet under serious check and avoid taking too many fatty foods. Replacing those hamburgers and pizzas with veggies would reward you health-wisely. Endeavor to avoid calorie-induced foods and stick to the opposite. As a tip, drink enough water as it aids metabolism.



While many of us may underestimate this, how we live has a critical role to play in our health. How often do you exercise? How often do you jog? Most of us who are obese underestimate the need to take a walk as we deem it as a waste of time. Sitting in a place for too long can harm our body. Exercising isn’t a waste of time; take out time to try out a new sport (within the confines of safety, of course).


Also, we should also consider our allergy status before consuming or using anything. Some of us tend to react adversely to some products and should as such take precaution. Consulting a doctor before opting to use any product could save you some risks.




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